New Titles List for the Week of March 19, 2017


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Creativity without law: challenging the assumptions of intellectual property. Kate Darling and Aaron Perzanowski, eds. New York University Press, 2017.

K1401.C735 2017


With topics ranging from tattoo art to French cuisine, the essays in this book examine how markets and social norms can provide incentives for creative work without recourse to intellectual property law. Professor Fagundes has contributed a chapter entitled “Subcultural Change and Dynamic Norms: Revisiting Roller Derby’s Master Roster.”






William Maley. What is a refugee? Oxford University Press, 2016.

JV6346.M35 2016


Over a million refugees and migrants entered Europe in 2015, mostly from war-torn countries in the Middle East. Maley puts this mass migration in historical context while providing a lucid introduction to the legal and political issues surrounding refugees.



New Titles List

Administrative Law

Sabino Cassese. Research handbook on global administrative law. Edward Elgar, 2016.

K3400.R47 2016

Business Organizations

Lynn Stout. The shareholder value myth: how putting shareholders first harms investors, corporations, and the public. Berrett-Koehler, 2012.

HD2744.S76 2012


Tina L. Stark. Drafting contracts: how and why lawyers do what they do. Second edition. Wolters Kluwer, 2014.

KF807.S73 2014

Criminal Law

Wayne R. LaFave. Principles of criminal law. Third edition. West Academic Publishing, 2017.

KF9219.85.L34 2017

Death Penalty

Victor Streib, Sam Kamin, and Justin Marceau. Death penalty in a nutshell. Fifth edition. West Academic Publishing, 2017.

KF9227.C2S772 2017

Federal Courts

Hart and Wechsler's the federal courts and the federal system. Seventh edition. Richard H. Fallon, Jr., John F. Manning, Daniel J. Meltzer, and David L. Shapiro. Foundation Press, 2015.

KF8718.H32 2015

Land Use

Advanced public land law: the continuing challenge of managing for multiple use. Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, 2017.

KF5698.A5A38 2017

Lawyering Skills and Strategies

Lynn Bahrych, Jeanne Merinno, and Beth McLellan. Legal writing and analysis in a nutshell. Fifth edition. West Academic Publishing, 2017.

KF250.B34 2017

Christine Coughlin, Joan Malmud Rocklin, and Sandy Patrick. A lawyer writes: a practical guide to legal analysis. Second edition. Carolina Academic Press, 2013.

KF250.C68 2013

Legal Profession

Sharon D. Nelson, John W. Simek, and Michael C. Maschke. The 2017 solo and small firm legal technology guide: critical decisions made simple. American Bar Association, 2017.

KF320.A9N45 2017


Little Oxford dictionary of proverbs. Second edition. Elizabeth Knowles, ed. Oxford University Press, 2016.

PN6421.L58 2016

Separation of Powers

Daniel P. Gitterman. Calling the shots: the president, executive orders, and public policy. Brookings Institution Press, 2017.

KF5053.G58 2017

Sexual Orientation and the Law

Frederick Hertz and Emily Doskow. A legal guide for lesbian and gay couples. 18th edition. Nolo, 2016.

KF539.C58 2016

Sports Law

Walter T. Champion, Jr. Sports law in a nutshell. Fifth edition. West Academic Publishing, 2017.

KF3989.C475 2017

Tax Law

Douglas A. Kahn, Jeffrey H. Kahn, and Terrence G. Perris. Taxation of S corporations in a nutshell. Second edition. West Academic Publishing, 2017.

KF6491.Z9K34 2017

Trial Advocacy

Stewart Edelstein. How to succeed as a trial lawyer. Second edition. American Bar Association, 2017.

KF8915.E34 2017

Kerri L. Ruttenberg. Images with impact: design and use of winning trial visuals. American Bar Association, 2017.

KF8915.R88 2017

Trusts and Wills

Robert L. Mennell and Sherri L. Burr. Wills and trusts in a nutshell. Fifth edition. West Academic Publishing, 2017.

KF755.Z9M38 2017