New Titles List for the Week of November 22, 2015


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Laura I. Appleman. Defending the jury: crime, community, and the Constitution. Cambridge University Press, 2015.

KF9680.A97 2015


Using the Sixth Amendment right to a jury trial as a foundation, Appleman argues for a more community-oriented approach to criminal justice, with public involvement at every stage of the process.





Tyina L. Steptoe. Houston bound: culture and color in a Jim Crow city. University of California Press, 2016.

F394.H89A27 2016


This book examines Houstonís complex social and cultural history from the period immediately following World War I to the present, showing how converging waves of migration shaped ideas of race and ethnicity in the city. 

New Titles List


Lawrence A. Sullivan, Warren S. Grimes, and Christopher L. Sagers. The law of antitrust: an integrated handbook. Third edition. West Academic Publishing, 2016.

KF1649.S92 2016

Education Law

Shaping the futures of young Europeans: education governance in eight European countries. Marcelo Parreira do Amaral, Roger Dale, and Patricia Loncle, eds. Symposium Books, 2015.

LA622.S53 2015

Estate Planning

Joan M. Burda. Estate planning for same-sex couples. Third edition. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF750.B87 2015

European Union Law

Nigel Foster. Foster on EU law. Oxford University Press, 2015.

KJE947.F67 2015

Health Law

Monica Navarro and J. Marc Vezina. What is... qui tam? American Bar Association, 2015.

KF849.N37 2015

Intellectual Property

Stephen McJohn and Lorie Graham. Fundamentals of intellectual property law. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF2980.M425 2015

Land Use

Peter W. Salsich Jr., and Timothy J. Tryniecki. Land use regulation: a legal analysis and practical application of land use law. Third edition. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF5698.S243 2015

Law and Politics

Greed, corruption, and the modern state: essays in political economy. Susan Rose-Ackerman and Paul Lagunes, eds. Edward Elgar, 2015.

JF1081.G74 2015

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions: understanding the antitrust issues. Fourth edition. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF1655.M474 2015

Tax Law

John K. McNulty and Grayson M.P. McCouch. Federal estate and gift taxation in a nutshell. Eighth edition. West Academic Publishing, 2016.

KF6572.Z9M3 2016

W. Patrick Cantrell. Federal tax procedures for attorneys. Second edition. American Bar Association, 2015.

KF6320.C36 2015