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  • Constitutional Law
  • Corporate Finance
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Disabilities and the Law
  • Elder Law
  • International Contracting
  • International Criminal Law
  • Law and Language
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Featured Resource List



Walter P. Signorelli. The constable has blundered : the exclusionary rule, crime, and corruption. Carolina Academic Press, c2010.

KF9662.S56 2010


This book explains how the exclusionary rule undermines the purposes of the criminal justice system, increases crime rates, dispenses unequal justice, and encourages police corruption.  While the author argues that the rule should be eliminated or severely restricted in application, he also shows how other remedies may work more effectively to deter police from violating constitutional rights pertaining to search and seizure and interrogation practices. 









Calin Trenkov-Wermuth. United Nations justice : legal and judicial reform in governance operations. United Nations University Press, c2010.

K2100.T745 2010


This book discusses the UNís legal and judicial reform efforts in Kosovo and East Timor and argues that rather than helping to establish a sustainable legal system, the UNís approach detracted from it, as it confused ends with means.  It offers a full account of the UNís endeavors with the administration of justice in governance operations and suggests methods by which these efforts can be improved in the future.


New Titles List



Daniel F. Robinson. Confronting biopiracy : challenges, cases and international debates. Earthscan, 2010.

K1519.B54R63 2010

Constitutional Law

Brannon Padgett Denning. The Glannon guide to constitutional law : governmental structure and powers : learning constitutional law through multiple-choice questions and analysis. Aspen Publishers, c2010.

KF4550.Z9D45 2010

Corporate Finance

Sanjay Anand, Anthony Tarantino. Sarbanes Oxley in leading economies. Prentice Hall, c2010.

KF1446.A3282002A2 2010

Criminal Procedure

William W. Greenhalgh. The Fourth Amendment handbook. 3rd ed. Criminal Justice Section, American Bar Association, c2010.

KF9630.Z9G68 2010

Michael Skerker. An ethics of interrogation. University of Chicago Press, 2010.

K123.S54 2010

Disabilities and the Law

Ruth Colker, Adam A. Milani. Federal disability law in a nutshell. 4th ed. West Group, c2010.

KF480.Z9C65 2010

Elder Law

Ralph C. Brashier. Mastering elder law. Carolina Academic Press, c2010.

KF390.A4B73 2010

International Contracting

Marcel Fontaine, Filip De Ly. Drafting international contracts : an analysis of contract clauses. Martinus Nijhoff Pub., 2009

K1024.F6613 2009

International Criminal Law

Comparative and international policing, justice, and transnational crime / edited by Sesha Kethineni. Carolina Academic Press, c2010.

K3465.C66 2010

Law and Language

Patrick Del Duca. Choosing the language of transnational deals : practicalities, policy, and law reform. American Bar Association, Section of International Law, c2010.

K843.D45 2010

Law and Religion

Dannel McCollum. The Lord was not on trial : the inside story of the Supreme Court's precedent-setting McCollum ruling. Americans for Religious Liberty c2008.

KF4162.A52M33 2008

Monica K. Miller. Religion in criminal justice. LFB Scholarly Pub., 2006.

KF8924.M55 2006

The faith of scientists in their own words / edited by Nancy K. Frankenberry. Princeton University Press, c2008.

BL241.F358 2008

Legal Education


Andrew B. Carrabis, Seth Haimovitch. The art of the law school transfer : a guide to transferring law schools. Fine Print Press, c2010.


KF285.C368 2010







Ronald Benton Brown, Sharon Jacobs Brown. Statutory interpretation : the search for legislative intent. National Institute for Trial Advocacy, c2002.

KF425.B76 2002

New Journal

Faulkner law review. Thomas Goode Jones School of Law.


Tax Law

Jasper L. Cummings, Jr. The Supreme Court's federal tax jurisprudence : an analysis of fact finding methods and statutory interpretation from the Court's tax opinions, 1801-present. American Bar Association, Section on Taxation, c2010.

KF6289.C86 2010


Martha Chamallas, Jennifer B. Wriggins. The measure of injury : race, gender, and tort law. New York University Press, c2010.

KF1257.C43 2010

Women and the Law

Deborah L. Rhode. The beauty bias : the injustice of appearance in life and law. Oxford University Press, 2010.


KF478.R48 2010

New Government Documents List


Hearing on ensuring kidney patients receive safe and appropriate anemia management care : hearing before the Subcommittee on Health of the Committee on Ways and Means, U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Tenth Congress, first session, June 26, 2007

KF27.W344 2007o

Progress of the Making Home Affordable Program : what are the outcomes for homeowners and what are the obstacles to success? : hearing before the Subcommittee on Housing and Community Opportunity of the Committee on Financial Services, U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, first session, September 9, 2009.

KF27.B546 2009s

Review of the use of committee funds in the first session of the 111th Congress : hearing before the Committee on House Administration, U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, second session, held in Washington, DC, January 27, 2010.

KF27.H6 2010

Transparency in accounting : proposed changes to accounting for off-balance-sheet entities : hearing before the Subcommittee on Securities, Insurance, and Investment of the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Tenth Congress, second session ... Thursday, September 18, 2008.

KF26.B3954 2008s

Turmoil in the U.S. credit markets : examining recent regulatory responses : hearing before the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Tenth Congress, second session, on the steps the regulators have taken to implement the Hope for Homeowners Act, which passed as part of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA), and the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP), which was authorized and funded by the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (EESA), both with regards to providing capital and liquidity to the financial system and preventing foreclosures through the exercise of the authorities provided, Thursday, October 23, 2008.

KF26.B39 2008u

The condition of our nation's infrastructure and proposals for needed improvements : hearing before the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Tenth Congress, second session, on additional investment programs that are designed to leverage public and private investment in infrastructure, Tuesday, March 11, 2008.

KF26.B39 2008f

Offshore energy production : hearing before the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, United States Senate, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, first session, to receive testimony on environmental stewardship policies related to offshore energy production, November 19, 2009.

KF26.E55 2009zi

401(k) fee disclosure : helping workers save for retirement : hearing of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, United States Senate, One Hundred Tenth Congress, second session, on examining 401(k) plan fee disclosure, focusing on helping workers save for retirement, September 17, 2008.

KF26.L27 2008p

More than stamps adapting the postal service to a changing world : hearing before the Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, Postal Service, and the District of Columbia of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, House of Representatives, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, first session, November 5, 2009.

KF27.O9425 2009w

Public transportation : a core climate solution : hearing before the Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation, and Community Development of the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, first session, on the impact of clean transportation infrastructure projects and incentivizing sensible land use policies around those projects to adequately address emissions reduction in the transportation sector, July 7, 2009.

KF26.B3945 2009o