New Titles List for the Week of August 14, 2006

These titles were recently acquired by the O'Quinn Law Library.

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List of Subjects

  • Featured Resource List
  • Australian Law
  • Brazilian Law
  • British Law
  • Canadian Law
  • Civil Rights
  • Comparative Law
  • Conflict of Laws
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Tax
  • Criminal Law
  • Dictionaries
  • Disabilities and the Law
  • Economics
  • Energy Law and Policy
  • European Law
  • European Union Law
  • French Law
  • German Law
  • Gun Law
  • Health Care Finance and Policy
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Hong Kong Law
  • Human Rights
  • Insurance
  • International Law
  • International Organizations
  • Internet Law
  • Judicial Process
  • Law and Language
  • Law and Religion
  • Legal Education
  • Legal Profession
  • Library Science
  • Malaysian Law
  • Maritime Law
  • Medical Law
  • Mexican Law
  • Tax Law
  • Torts
  • Water Law
  • Women and the Law
  • New Government Documetns


Featured Resource List


Ronald J. Angel, Laura Lein, Jane Henrici
Poor Families in America's Health Care Crisis
Cambridge University Press, 2006.

RA418.5.P6A58 2006

"Poor Families in America's Health Care Crisis" examines the implications of the fragmented and two-tiered health insurance system in the United States for the health care access of low-income families. For a large fraction of Americans, their jobs do not provide health insurance or other benefits. Although government programs are available for children, adults without private health care coverage have few options. Detailed data from low income neighborhoods in Boston, Chicago, and San Antonio is presented. The book reviews the consequences of the lapses in medical coverage that poor families experience, and the extent of untreated medical conditions, delayed treatment, medical indebtedness, and irregular health care that women and children suffer as a result..


Rufus Yerxa and Bruce Wilson
Key issues in WTO Dispute Settlement: The First Ten Years
Cambridge University Press, 2005

K4610.K49 2005

"Key Issues in WTO Dispute Settlement: The First Ten Years" examines the operation of the WTO dispute settlement system during the first decade of the WTO. It reviews issues that WTO Members have dealt with under the Dispute Settlement Understanding. The book includes contributions from various parties involved in the day-to-day operation of the WTO dispute settlement system, including:

  • Member government representatives
  • Private lawyers who litigate on behalf of Member governments in the system
  • Appellate Body members
  • WTO Secretariat staff.
Insights from several academics that have followed the WTO Dispute Settlement system are also included. The book provides insights into how the WTO Dispute Settlement system has operated, and how the system can be improved

New Titles List

Australian Law

John Carvan, Understanding the Australian Legal System,
Co., 2005.

KU70.C37 2005


Tania Sourdin, Alternative Dispute Resolution
Co., 2005.

KU3755.S66 2005

Brazilian Law   

David Teixeira de Azevedo, Dosimetria da Pena: Causas de Aumento e Diminuicao,
Editores, 1998

KHD5460.A99 1998


Antonio Luiz de Toledo Brazil, Marcia Cristina Vaz dos Santos Windt, and Livia Cespedes, Codigo Civil : e Constituicao Federal, 57a.ed.
Saraiva, 2006

KHD404 2006


Antonio Luiz de Toledo Pinto Brazil Marcia Cristina Vaz dos Santos Windt, and Livia Cespedes, Codigo Comercial e Constituicao Federal, Editora Saraiva, 2006.

KHD1054 2006


Antonio Luiz de Toledo Pinto Brazil, Marcia Cristina Vaz dos Santos Windt, and Livia Cespedes, Codigo de Processo Civil: e Constituicao Federal,
Saraiva, 2006.

KHD2574 2006

Antonio Luiz de Toledo Pinto Brazil, Marcia Cristina Vaz dos Santos Windt, and Livia Cespedes, Codigo de Processo Penal : e Constituicao Federal
Editora Saraiva, 2006.

KHD5814 2006


Antonio Luiz de Toledo Pinto Brasil, Marcia Cristina Vaz dos Santos Windt and Livia Cespedes, Codigo de Transito Brasileiro, 7a. ed.,
Saraiva, 2003.

KHD4183.A311997P56 2003


Antonio Luiz de Toledo Pinto Brazil, Marcia Cristina Vaz dos Santos Windt, and Livia Cespedes, Codigo Tributario Nacional : e Constituicao Federal
Saraiva, 2006.

KHD4597.A28 2006


Antonio Luiz de Toledo Pinto Brazil Marcia Cristina Vaz dos Santos Windt, and Livia Cespedes, Constituicao da Republica Federativa do Brasil : Promulgada em 5 de Putubro de 1988,
Saraiva, 2006.

KHD2914 1988.C66 2006


Antonio Luiz de Toledo Pinto Brazil, Marcia Cristina Vaz dos Santos Windt, and Livia Cespedes, Lei de Responsabilidade Fiscal,
Editora Saraiva, 2005.

KHD4550.A312L45 2005


Rangel Dinamarco Candido, A Instrumentalidade do Processo, 12a. ed,
Editores, 2005

KHD2579.D56 2005


Rangel Dinamarco Candido, Intervencao de Terceiros, 4a. ed., Malheiros Editores, 2006

KHD2599.D56 2006


Fernando Capez, Curso de Processo Penal,13a. ed.,
Saraiva, 2006.

KHD5819.C37 2006


Codigo de Defesa do Consumidor; Codigo de Protecao e Defesa do Consumidor Lei n. 8.078, de 11 de Setembro de 1990.,
Saraiva, 2006.

KHD3734.C64 2006


Fabio Ulhoa Coelho, Comentarios a Nova Lei de Falencias e Recuperacao de Empresas : Lei n. 11.101 de 9-2-2005, 3a. ed.
Saraiva, 2005.

KHD1474.5 2005.C65 2005


Paulo Jose daCosta Junior, Maria Elizabeth Queijo and Charles Marcildes Machado. Crimes do Colarinho Branco, 2a. ed.
Saraiva, 2002.

KHD5730.C67 2002


Manoel Goncalves Ferreira Filho, Curso de Direito Constitucional, 32a. ed.,
Saraiva, 2006.

KHD2921.F47 2006


Carlos Roberto Goncalves, Direito Civil Brasileiro,
Editora Saraiva, 2006.

KHD409.G66 2006


Carlos Jacques Vieira Gomes, Ordem Economica Constitucional e Direito Antitruste,
Editor, 2004.

KHD3750.G66 2004


Jose Francisco Lopes de Miranda Leao. Leasing : o Arrendamento Financeiro,
Editores, 2000

KHD1119.I53L43 2000


Francisco Gerson Marques de Lima, Direito Processual do Trabalho : Teoria, Critica e Pratica,
Editores, 2001

KHD1840.L564 2001


Joao Sidnei Duarte Machado, A Parceria Agricola No Direito brasileiro,
Fabris Editor, 2004.

KHD3846.M336 2004


Rodolfo Tigre Maia, Lavagem de Dinheiro,
Editores, 2004

KHD1166.S42M35 2004


Antonio Carlos Marcato, O Processo Monitorio Brasileiro,
Editores, 2001

KHD2824.M37 2001


Americo Lourenco Masset Lacombe, Principios Constitucionais Tributarios, 2a. ed.,
Editores, 2000

KHD4591.L33 2000


Antonio Lopes Monteiro, Crimes Contra a Previdencia Social : Texto, Comentarios e Aspectos Polemicos 2a. ed.
Saraiva, 2003.

KHD5510.M66 2003


Toshio Mukai, Concessoes, Permissoes e Privatizacoes de Servicos Publicos
Editora Saraiva, 2002.

KHD862.M85 2002


Abrao Nelson and Abrao Carlos Henrique, Direito Bancario,
Saraiva, 2005.

KHD1149.A27 2005


Marcos Francisco Reimann, Cidadania e Contratos Atipicos de Trabalho: As Politicas Sociais e o Ordenamento do Trabalho,
Editor, 2002.

KHD893.R45 2002


Paulo Roberto de Carvalho Rego, Registros Publicos e Notas : Natureza Juridica do Vinculo Laboral de Prepostos e Responsabilidade de Notarios e Registradores,
Fabris Editor, 2004.

KHD272.R44 2004

Arnaldo Rizzardo, Reajustes das Prestacoes do Banco Nacional da Habitacao,
Fabris Editor, 1984.

HD7323.A4R59 1984


Ana Claudia Redecker, Franquia Empress,
Juridica Editora, 2002.

KHD4088.R44 2002


Rubens Requiao, Curso de Direito Falimentar,
Editora Saraiva, 1995

KHD1479.R46 1995


Jose de Albuquerque Rocha, A Lei de Arbitragem,
Editores, 1998

KHD2817.R63 1998

British Law

Peter Birks, English Private Law,
Oxford University Press, 2004.

KD720.E54 2004


Stephen Michael Cretney, Same Sex Relationships: From 'Odious Crime' to 'Gay Marriage',
University Press, 2006.

KD771.C74 2006

Canadian Law

G. W. Alexandrowicz, Dimensions of law : Canadian and International Law in the 21st Century,
Montgomery Publications, 2004.

KE444.D54 2004


Philip C Polster and Lisa Mendlowicz, Ontario Litigation Procedures, 4th ed.
, 2005

KEO1119.P64 2005


Garry D Watson and Michael McGowan, Ontario Civil Practice 2006,
, 2005

KE1119.2.O582 2005

Civil Rights 

Jennifer Friesen, State Constitutional Law : Litigating Individual Rights, Claims, and Defenses, 4th ed.
LexisNexis Matthew Bender, 2006

KF4750.Z95F75 2006

Opinion Consultiva OC-16 de la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos,
de Relaciones Exteriores, 2001.

KDZ574.A52I5816 2001

Comparative Law

Joshua Castellino and Elvira Dominguez Redondo, Minority Rights in Asia : a Comparative Legal Analysis,
Oxford University Press, 2006.

KM558.C37 2006

Conflict of Laws

Maria Helena Diniz, Conflito de Normas,
Saraiva, 2005.

K7021.D56 2005

Corporate Finance

Louis A Mezzullo and Richard L. Lavoie, Valuation of Corporate Stock,
Tax Management, 2006


Corporate Tax

Brian D Lepard, Section 482 Allocations : Judicial Decisions and IRS Practice,
Tax Management Inc., 2006


Anne E. Moran and Gerald A. Kafka, Reasonable Compensation, Tax Management, 2006


Criminal Law 

Penney Lewis, Delayed Prosecution for Childhood Sexual Abuse,
Oxford University Press, 2006.

KF9323.L49 2006

Lawrence Schiller, Cape May Court House, 1st ed., HarperCollins, 2002

HV6534.C283S35 2002


Andrew Delahunty, Sheila Delahunty, and Penny Stock, The Oxford Dictionary of Allusions,
Oxford University Press, 2005.

PN43.D45 2005

Disabilities and the Law

Daniel J Ryan, Job Search Handbook for People with Disabilities,
, 2000.

HV1568.5.R93 2000


John E Roemer, Democracy, Education, and Equality, Cambridge University Press, 2006.

LC71.R64 2006

Energy Law and Policy

Arthur H Westing, Global Resources and International Conflict : Environmental Factors in Strategic Policy and Action,
Oxford University Press, 1986.

UA11.G57 1986

European Law

Tim Taylor, and Nigel Cooper, European Litigation Handbook,
Sweet & Maxwell, 1995.

KJC3795.T39 1995

European Union Law

Bernhard Hofstotter, Non-Compliance of National Courts : Remedies in European Community Law and Beyond,
TMC Asser, 2005.

KJE3795.H64 2005

French Law

Andrew West, The French Legal System, 2nd ed.
, 1998

KJV233.F74 1998

German Law

Nigel G Foster, Satish Sule, German Legal System & Laws,
Oxford University Press, 2002.

KK147.F67 2002


Hannes Unberath, Angus, Johnston and B.S Markesinis , The German Law of Contract : a Comparative Treatise,
Hart Publishing, 2006.

KK1640.M37 2006

Gun Law

Saul Cornell, A Well-Regulated Militia: the Founding Fathers and the Origins of Gun Control in America,
Oxford University Press, 2006.

KF4558.C67 2006

Health Care Finance and Policy

Ronald Angel, Laura Lein, and Jane Henrici, Poor Families in America's Health Care Crisis, Cambridge University Press, 2006.

RA418.5.P6A58 2006

Health Care Professionals

Joy Higgs, Communicating in the Health and Social Sciences, Oxford University Press, 2005.

R118.C64 2005

Hong Kong Law

Camille Cameron and Elsa Kelly, Principles and Practice of Civil Procedure in Hong Kong, Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2001.

KNR353.C36 2001

Johannes Chan Man-mun, and Barthazar A Rwezaura Immigration Law in Hong Kong : an Interdisciplinary Study, Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2004.

KNQ9346.I66 2004


Crispin Rapinet and Allan Leung, Civil Litigation,
Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2002.

KNR353.R37 2002

Human Rights

Marlot Ferreira Caruccio Hubner, O Direito Constitucional do Trabalho nos Paises do Mercosul,
Juridica Editora, 2002.

KH432.H83 2002


Andrew J Williams, EU Human Rights Policies : a Study in Irony,
Oxford University Press., 2004.

KJE5132.W45 2004


Beverly R Budin, Life Insurance,
Management, 2006


International Law  

Donald K Anton, Penelope Mathew and, Wayne Morgan, International Law : Cases and Materials,
Oxford University Press, 2005

KU1985.A96 2005


Anthony Aust, Handbook of international Law, Cambridge University Press, 2005.

KZ3410.A97 2005


Yang Guo, Keli Cui and, Chaoping Di, Legal Exchanges and Attainments : Selected Dissertations From EU-China Legal and Judicial Co-operation Programme,
Law Press, 2005.

KNQ192.L44 2005

BrunoYepes Pereira, Curso de Direito Internacional Publico, Editora Saraiva, 2006.

KZ3410.P47 2006


Thomas J Schoenbaum, International Relations : The Path not Taken : Using International Law to Promote World Peace and Security,
Cambridge University Press, 2006.

KZ1250.S36 2006

International Organizations

Andrew Fenton Cooper, Tests of Global Governance : Canadian Diplomacy and United Nations World Conferences,
United Nations University Press, c2004.

JZ4984.C67 2004


Paul M. Kennedy, The Parliament of Man : the Past, Present, and Future of the United Nations,1st ed.,
Random House, 2006

JZ4984.5.K46 2006


Rufus H Yerxa, and Bruce Wilson, Key Issues in WTO Dispute Settlement : the First Ten Years,
Cambridge University Press, 2005.

K4610.K49 2005

Internet Law

Mark Smith, Managing the Internet Controversy,
Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2001.

Z692.C65M365 2001

Judicial Process

Jeffrey, Rosen The Most Democratic Branch : How the Courts Serve America,
Oxford University Press, 2006

KF5130.R67 2006

Law and Language

Maria Helena Diniz Conceito de Norma Juridica Como Problema de Essencia, 4a. ed.
Saraiva, 2003.

K294.D56 2003

Law and Religion

James A. Serritella Religious Organizations in the United States : a Study of Identity, Liberty, and the Law,
Carolina Academic Press,2005.

KF4865.R45 2005

Legal Education

The Comprehensive Fellowship Guide : the Ultimate Resource for Law Students & Lawyers, 2005-2006.
, 2005.

KF287.C65 2005

Legal Profession

Ida O Abbott The Lawyer's Guide to Mentoring,
National Association for Law Placement, 2000.

KF276.5.A923 2000


Lisa L Abrams, The Official Guide to Legal Specialties : an Insider's Guide to Every Major Practice Area,
Legal & Professional Publications, National Association for Law Placement, 2000.

KF297.A758 2000


Kathleen Brady, Navigating Detours on the Road to Success : a Lawyer's Guide to Career Management,
Press, 2005

KF297.B73 2005


Susan J Feathers, Jacqueline Ortega and Janet E Smith Law School Guide to Public Interest Careers,
National Association for Law Placement, 1998.

KF299.P8L396 1998


Valerie A Fontaine, The Right Moves : Job Search and Career Development Strategies for Lawyers,
NALP, 2006.

KF297.F668 2006

  William D Henslee and Sara Vlajcic Entertainment Law Careers, 2nd ed
American Bar Association, Law Student Division, 1998.
KF299.E57H46 1998

James E. Rogers College of Law. Office of Career Services Government Honors & Internship Handbook,
University of Arizona, 2001



JD preferred : 400+ things you can do with a law degree (other than practice law),
Federal Reports, 1994.

KF297.J39 1994


Gary A, Munneke, William D Henslee and Ellen SWayne Nonlegal Careers for Lawyers,
American Bar Association, 2006.

KF297.M862 2006


Suzanne B O'Neill, Catherine Gerhauser Sparkman From Law School to Law Practice : the New Associate's guide, 2nd ed.,
American Law Institute - American Bar Association Committee on Continuing Professional Education, 1998.

KF300.O56 1998


David A Robinson Practicing Law Without Clients : Making a Living as a Freelance Lawyer,
American Bar Association, Section of Law Practice Management, 1996.

KF300.Z9R62 1996


Katy Schubert The Law Firm Interview : A Guide for Law Students,1st ed.
Steinberger Editions, 2002.

KF297.S38 2002


Janet E Smith, National Association for Law Placement Beyond L.A. Law : Break the Traditional Lawyer Mold,
Harcourt Brace Legal & Professional Publications, 1998.

KF297.A2S65 1998


Heidi McNeil Staudenmaier, Changing Jobs : a Handbook for Lawyers in the New Millennium, 3rd ed,
Law Practice Management Section, American Bar Association, 1999.

KF297.C463 1999


Kimm Alayne Walton Guerrilla Tactics for Getting the Legal Job of Your Dreams,
Group, 1999.

KF297.W348 1999

Library Science Steve Coffman, Going Live : Starting & Running a Virtual Reference Service, American Library Association, 2003 Z711.45.C64 2003

Diane I Hillmann, Elaine L Westbrooks Metadata in Practice,
American Library Association, 2004

Z666.5.M48 2004


Stuart D Lee and Frances Boyle Building an Electronic Resource Collection : a Practical Guide,
Facet, 2004

ZA4080.L44 2004

Malaysian Law

Gopal Sreenevasan, Nahendran Navaratnam Malaysian Litigation Practice Guide,
Sweet & Maxwell Asia, 2005.

KPG3535.S74 2005

Maritime Law

Maritime Delimitation,
Nijhoff, 2006.

KZA1662.M38 2006

Medical Law

Horst H Freyhofer, The Nuremberg Medical Trial : the Holocaust and the Origin of the Nuremberg Medical Code,
P. Lang, 2005

KZ1178.F74 2005

Mexican Law Tello Flores, Francisco Javier Medicina Forense, 2. ed.
Oxford University Press, 1999.
RA1051.T44 1999

Ley de comercio exterior ; Ley comercio exterior 2006 : reglamento ; Ley 22006 comercio exterior,
Fiscales ISEF, 2005.

KGF4066.A311993A4 2005

Kevin J Middlebrook, Party Politics and the Struggle for Democracy in Mexico : National and State-Level Analyses of the Partido Accion Nacional,
Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, University of California, 2001

JL1298.A3P48 2001


Joel Carranco Zuniga, Regimen Juridico del Distrito Federal, Editorial Porrúa, 2000

KGF7637.5.C37 2000

Tax Law

Theodore D Peyser Refund Litigation,
Tax Management, 2006



Margaret C Jasper The Law of Personal Injury, 2nd ed., Oceana Publications, 2000.

KF1257.Z9J37 2000

Water Law National Research Council (U.S.). Water Science and Technology Board Envisioning the Agenda for Water Resources Research in the Twenty-First Century,
National Academy Press, 2001.
TC423.E38 2001

Women and the Law

Silvia Pimentel, Ana Lucia Schritzmeyer, and Valeria Pandjiarjian Estupro : Crime ou Cortesia? : Abordagem Sociojuridica de Genero,
S.A. Fabris Editor, 1998.

HV6569.B6P55 1998



New Government Documents List

There are no new government documents this week