New Titles List for the Week of July 3, 2006

These titles were recently acquired by the O'Quinn Law Library.

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List of Subjects

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  • Contracts
  • Copyright
  • European Union Law
  • Foreign Investments
  • Juvenile Law
  • Legal Education
  • Legal Reference Work
  • Minorities
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Tax Law
  • Texas Law
  • New Government Documents


Featured Resource List


Jennifer Ann Trost
Gateway to Justice: The Juvenile Court and Progressive Child Welfare in a Southern City
University of Georgia Press, 2005.

KFX1838.T76 2005

The Juvenile Court of Memphis, founded in 1910, directed delinquent and dependent children into a variety of private charitable organizations and public correctional facilities. Drawing on the court's case files and other primary sources, this book explains the complex interactions between parents, children, and welfare officials in the urban South.

The book focuses on the people who appeared before the court. Directed for thirty years by chief judge Camille Kelley, the court was at once a traditional house of justice, a social services provider, an agent of state control, and a community-based mediator. The court saw boys and girls, blacks and whites, native Memphians and newly arrived residents with rural backgrounds. The book reviews the court experience of the groups, and examines the attitudes that each group held toward issues of class, race, gender, and justice.


Prakash Shah
Legal Pluralism in Conflict: Coping with Cultural Diversity in Law
Glass House Press, 2005

K236.S53 2005

The presence of ethnic minority communities in Britain has created a variety of issues for the British legal system. In "Legal Pluralism in Conflict", Prakash Shah analyzes the relationship between ethnic minority legal traditions and the official British legal system. The author discusses the case for a 'legal pluralism' that views ethnic minority legal traditions in conjunction with the British laws. A series of case studies examine why and how the current state laws marginalize ethnic minority legal traditions. Topics include an examination of the differences between the English and South Asian approaches to homicide laws, attitudes towards polygamy in English law, and Bangladeshi legal pluralism.

New Titles List

Contracts Claude D. Rohwer, Anthony M. Skrocki
Contracts In A Nutshell
, 6th Edition, Thomson/West, 2006.
KF801.Z9R62 2006
Copyright Robin Myers, Michael Harris, & Giles Mandelbrote; Editors
Against The Law: Crime, Sharp Practice, And The Control Of Print
, British Library, 2004.
Z278.A33 2004
European Union Law Philipp Kiiver
The National Parliaments In The European Union: A Critical View On EU Constitution Building
, Kluwer Law International, 2006.
KJE5390.N35 2006
Foreign Investments Thomas A. O'Donnell & Ozzie A. Schindler
, 2nd Edition, Tax Management, 2006.
  Lowell D. Yoder & Larry R. Kemm CFCs -- Sections 959-965 And 1248, 2nd Edition, Tax Management, 2006.
Juvenile Law Jennifer Trost
Gateway To Justice: The Juvenile Court And Progressive Child Welfare In A Southern City
, University of Georgia Press, 2005.
KFX1838.T76 2005
Legal Education Susan P. Dalessandro, Lisa A. Stilwell, Lynda M. Reese
LSAT Performance With Regional, Gender, And Racial/Ethnic Breakdowns: 1997-1998 Through 2003-2004 Testing Years
, Law School Admission Council, 2005.
KF285.T47 2005
Legal Reference Work Mary Miles Prince
Prince's Dictionary Of Legal Citations: A Reference Guide For Attorneys, Legal Secretaries, Paralegals, And Law Students
, 7th Edition, William S. Hein, 2006.
KF246.P73 2006
Minorities Prakash Shah; Foreword, Roger Cotterrell
Legal Pluralism In Conflict: Coping With Cultural Diversity In Law
, Glass House Press, 2005.
K236.S53 2005
Real Estate Transactions Barlow Burke
Real Estate Transactions: Examples And Explanations
, 4th Edition, Aspen Publishers, 2006.
KF665.Z9B865 2006
Tax Law Slaughter And May
Business Operations In The United Kingdom
, Tax Management Inc., 2006.
Texas Law TexasBarCLE; Kay Fletcher, Course Director 
West Texas General Practice Symposium
, State Bar of Texas, 2006.
KF300.A2W47 2006



New Government Documents List

Extension Of The Internet Tax Moratorium: Hearing Before The Committee On Commerce, Science, And Transportation, United States Senate, One Hundred Seventh Congress, First Session, March 14, 2001.
KF26.C69 2001k
Roundtable Discussion: When Terror Strikes--Preparing An Effective And Immediate Public Health Response: Hearing Of The Committee On Health, Education, Labor, And Pensions, United States Senate, One Hundred Ninth Congress, First Session, On Examining An Effective And Immediate Public Health Response In The Aftermath Of A Terrorism Attack, July 14, 2005.
KF26.H27 2005j
U.S. Postal Service: What Is Needed To Ensure Its Future Viability?: Hearing Before The Committee On Homeland Security And Governmental Affairs, United States Senate, One Hundred Ninth Congress, First Session, April 14, 2005.
KF26.H63 2005e
A Review Of The Administration's Fiscal Year 2006 Health Care Priorities: Hearing Before The Committee On Energy And Commerce, House Of Representatives, One Hundred Ninth Congress, First Session, February 17, 2005.
KF27.E55 2005d
Promoting Democracy Through Diplomacy: Hearing Before The Committee On International Relations, House Of Representatives, One Hundred Ninth Congress, First Session, May 5, 2005.
KF27.I549 2005p