New Titles List for the Week of June 5, 2006

These titles were recently acquired by the O'Quinn Law Library.

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List of Subjects

  • Featured Resource List
  • Accounting in Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Aviation Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business Organizations
  • Chinese Law
  • Civil Rights
  • Commercial Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Contracts
  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Death Penalty
  • Disabilities and the Law
  • Education Law
  • Energy Law and Policy
  • Environmental Law and Policy
  • European Union Law
  • Family Law
  • Food and Drug Law
  • Freedom of Information
  • Human Rights
  • Immigration Law
  • Intellectual Property law
  • International Criminal Law
  • International Law
  • Judicial 
  • Judicial Process
  • Jurisprudence
  • Juvenile Law
  • Land Use and Finance
  • Latin American Law
  • Law and Economics
  • Law and Religion
  • Law Firms
  • Law of the Sea
  • Legal Education
  • Legal Writing
  • Library Science
  • Minorities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Nigerian Law
  • Oil and Gas
  • Patent Law
  • Politics
  • Products Liability
  • Race Theory and the Law
  • Russian Law
  • Securities Regulation
  • Sexual Orientation and the Law
  • Suicide
  • Supreme Courts
  • Tax Law
  • Terrorism
  • Trusts and Wills
  • War and International Law
  • Water Law
  • Women and the Law
  • Government Documents


Featured Resource List


Artemus Ward and David L. Weiden
Sorcerers' apprentices: 100 years of law clerks at the United States Supreme Court
New York: New York University Press, 2006

KF8771.W37 2006

Based on Supreme Court archives, the personal papers of justices and other figures at the Supreme Court, and interviews and written surveys with 150 former clerks, Sorcerersí Apprentices provides a rare look at the life of a law clerk, and how it has evolved since its nineteenth-century beginnings. The authors reveal that throughout history, clerks have not only written briefs, but made significant decisions about cases that are often unseen by those outside of justices' chambers.





Whittaker, Simon
Liability for Products: English Law, French Law, and European Harmonization
UK: Oxford University Press, 2005

KJC1688.W47 2005

The EU has been active in attempting to harmonize the laws of product liability and sale of goods to consumers, with the aim of promoting fair competition, developing the internal market, and protecting consumers. This comparative study considers the French and English laws governing all those who may be liable for products: their producers, their suppliers, their users and their regulators. It examines in each system the private law of tort and contract and aspects of the civil process which are important in determining liability; the administrative law concerning failures to regulate or control product safety; and the liability for products of suppliers of public services, such as water or healthcare. It then considers how the substantive criminal offences affecting product safety, whether particular to products or under more general law, relate to civil liability or to compensation.

New Titles List

Accounting in Law James E. Connor, et al.
Accounting Methods -- Adoption And Changes
, Tax Management Inc., 2006.
Administrative Law Yong S. Lee, David H. Rosenbloom; foreword by Rosemary O'Leary
A Reasonable Public Servant: Constitutional Foundations Of Administrative Conduct In The United States
, M.E. Sharpe, Inc., 2005.
KF5340.L44 2005
Aviation Law Paul B. Larsen, Joseph C. Sweeney, John E. Gillick
Aviation Law: Cases, Laws And Related Sources
, Transnational Publishers, 2006.
KF2400.L37 2006
Bankruptcy Study Of Financial Privacy And Bankruptcy, William S. Hein, 2001.
KF1524.S78 2001
  Elizabeth Lee Thompson
The Reconstruction Of Southern Debtors: Bankruptcy After The Civil War
, University of Georgia Press, 2004.
KF1524.T48 2004
Business Organizations Alan R. Palmiter
Corporations: Examples And Explanations
, 5th Edition, Aspen Publishers, Inc., 2006.
KF1414.3.S658 2006
  United States Sentencing Commission Report To The Congress: Increased Penalties Under The Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002: (As Required By Section 1104(a)(3) Of The Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002, Public Law 107-204), W.S. Hein & Co., 2004.
KF9351.R47 2004
Chinese Law China Company Law Guide, 1st Edition, Kluwer Law International; Sold and distributed in North, Central and South America by Aspen, 2005.
KNQ1040.C49 2005
  Wei Luo
Chinese Law And Legal Research
, W.S. Hein, 2005.
KNQ47.L86 2005
Civil Rights John A. Salmond; foreword by John David Smith
Southern Struggles: The Southern Labor Movement And The Civil Rights Struggle
, University Press of Florida, 2004.
HD6515.T4S25 2004
Commercial Law Thomas C. Baxter, Jr., Stephanie A. Heller The ABCs Of The UCC. Article 4A, Funds Transfers, 2nd Edition, American Bar Association, 2006.
KF1030.E4B39 2006
Consumer Law Geraint G. Howells, Stephen Weatherill Consumer Protection Law, 2nd Edition, Ashgate, 2005.
KD2204.H69 2005
Contracts Stefan Grundmann & Jules Stuyck, Editors
An Academic Green Paper On European Contract Law
, Kluwer Law International, 2002.
KJE1640.A923 2002
Criminal Justice Katheryn Russell-Brown
Underground Codes: Race, Crime, And Related Fires
, New York University Press, 2004.
HV9950.R873 2004
Criminal Law A New Homicide Act For England And Wales?: A Consultation Paper,  TSO, 2006.
KD654.A84 2006
Criminal Procedure Mark E. Cammack, Norman M. Garland Advanced Criminal Procedure In A Nutshell, 2nd Edition, Thomson/West , 2006.
KF9619.3.C36 2006
  Phillip A. Hubbart
Making Sense Of Search And Seizure Law: A Fourth Amendment Handbook
, Carolina Academic Press, 2005.
KZ6310.H46 2005
Death Penalty Harry Henderson
Capital Punishment
, 3rd Edition, Facts on File, 2006.
KF9227.C2F53 2006
  U.S. Department of Justice
The Federal Death Penalty System: A Statistical Survey (1988-2000)
, W.S. Hein, 2001.
KF9227.C2U55 2001
Disabilities and the Law Wayne Thomas Oakes
Perspectives On Disability, Discrimination, Accommodations, And Law: A Comparison Of The Canadian And American Experience
, LFB Scholarly Pub., 2005.
KDZ2049.O25 2005
Education Law Charles Russo, Editor
Key Legal Issues For Schools: The Ultimate Resource For School Business Officials
, Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2006.
KF4119.K49 2006
Energy Law and Policy United States Congress, Senate, Committee on Governmental Affairs Committee Staff Investigation Of The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Oversight Of Enron Corp: Staff Memorandum, W.S. Hein, 2004.
KF2120.1.U55 2004
Environmental Law and Policy Civilan Federal Agency Task Force Guide On Evaluating Environmental Liability For Property Transfers, W.S. Hein & Co., 2003.
KF1298.G85 2003
  Richard Macrory, Editor
Reflections On 30 Years Of EU Environmental Law: A High Level Of Protection?
, Europa Law, 2006.
KJE6242.R44 2006
European Union Law Glyn Morgan
The Idea Of A European Superstate: Public Justification And European Integration
, Princeton University Press, 2005.
JN30.M676 2005
  Ugo Mattei
The European Codification Process: Cut And Paste
, Kluwer Law International, 2003.
KJE980.M38 2003
Family Law Anita Bernstein, Editor
Marriage Proposals: Questioning A Legal Status
, New York University Press, 2006.
KF510.M37 2006
  Penelope Eileen Bryan
Constructive Divorce: Procedural Justice And Sociological Reform
, American Psychological Association, 2005.
KF535.B79 2005
Food and Drug Law Patricia A. Curtis
Guide To Food Laws And Regulations
, 1st Edition, Blackwell Pub., 2005.
KF224.S2R47 2005
Freedom of Information Obtaining Information From The Government: Disclosure Statutes, Tax Management Inc., 2006.
Human Rights Anthony R. Jones
AR 15-6 Investigation Of The Abu Ghraib Prison And 205th Military Intelligence Brigade, Also Includes AR 15-6 Investigation Of The Abu Ghraib Detention Facility And 205th Military Intelligence Brigade by George R. Fay
, William S. Hein, 2005.
DS79.76.A7 2005
  Michael Ignatieff, Editor
American Exceptionalism And Human Rights
, Princeton University Press, 2005.
JC599.U5A494 2005
Immigration Law Brandt Goldstein
Storming The Court: How A Band Of Yale Law Students Sued The President-- And Won
, Scribner, 2005.
KF228.U5G65 2005
Intellectual Property law Bryan Harris
Intellectual Property Law In The European Union
, W.S. Hein, 2005.
KJE2636.H37 2005
International Criminal Law Ralph Henham
Punishment And Process In International Criminal Trials
, Ashgate, 2005.
KZ6310.H46 2005
International Law Charles H. Stockton Outlines Of International Law, William S. Hein, 2005. JZ1391.S76 2005
  Hugo Grotius; Richard Tuck; Editor
De Jure Belli Ac Pacis Libri Tres. English; The Rights Of War And Peace
, Jean Barbeyrac Edition, Liberty Fund, 2005.
KZ2093.A3J8813 2005
Judicial  National Commission On Judicial Discipline & Removal, William S. Hein, 2005.
KF8779.N374 2005
Judicial Process Artemus Ward & David L. Weiden Sorcerers' Apprentices: 100 Years Of Law Clerks At The United States Supreme Court, New York University Press, 2006.
KF8771.W37 2006
Jurisprudence Robert E. Rodes, Jr.
Classic Problems Of Jurisprudence
, Carolina Academic Press, 2005.
K230.R6215A33 2005
Juvenile Law David L. Myers
Boys Among Men: Trying And Sentencing Juveniles As Adults
, Praeger Publishers, 2005.
HV9104.M94 2005
Land Use and Finance John R. Nolon, Editor
Compendium Of Land Use Laws For Sustainable Development
, Cambridge University Press, 2006.
K3534.A48 2006
Latin American Law Sueann Caulfield, Sarah C. Chambers & Lara Putnam; Editors
Honor, Status, And Law In Modern Latin America
, Duke University Press, 2005.
KG99.H66 2005
Law and Economics Martha M. Ertman & Joan C. Williams, Editors
Rethinking Commodification: Cases And Readings In Law And Culture
, New York University Press, 2005.
K487.C8A52 2005
Law and Religion Peter Radan, Denise Meyerson & Rosalind F. Croucher
Law And Religion: God, The State And The Common Law
, Routledge, 2005.
BL65.L33R33 2005
  Jeffrey A. Brauch
Is Higher Law Common Law?: Readings On The Influence Of Christian Thought In Anglo-American Law
, F.B. Rothman, 1999.
KF380.B62 1999
  Robert O'Brien
The Stasi Report: The Report Of The Committee Of Reflection On The Application Of The Principle Of Secularity In The Republic
, Hein & Co., 2005.
KJV5434.A23 2005
Law Firms Vault Guide To Law Firm Diversity Programs, 2006 Edition, Vault Inc., 2005.
KF299.M56 2006
  Brian Dalton & Staff of Vault
Vault Guide To The Top 100 Law Firms
, 2006 Edition, Vault Inc., 2005.
KF300.V38 2005
  Vault Guide To Law Firm Pro Bono Programs, 2006 Edition, Vault, 2005.
KF336.V38 2005
Law of the Sea Anastasia Strati, Maria Gavouneli & Nikolaos Skourtos; Editors
Unresolved Issues And New Challenges To The Law Of The Sea: Time Before And Time After
, Nijhoff, 2006.
KZA1145.U68 2006
Legal Education The Paper Chase, Houghton Mifflin, 1971.
PS3565.S38 1971
Legal Writing Edward D. Re & Joseph R. Re
Brief Writing & Oral Argument
, 9th Edition, Oceana Publications, 2005.
KF251.R4 2005
Library Science Loyita Worley, Editor
BIALL Handbook Of Legal Information Management
, Ashgate, 2006.
Z675.L2B52 2006
  David Armond
Survey On Commercial Document Delivery Practice
, W.S. Hein & Co., 2005.
Z711.95.A76 2005
Minorities Jerome H. Delamater & Mary Anne Trasciatti; Editors
Representing Sacco And Vanzetti
, 1st Edition, Palgrave Macmillan, 2005.
KF224.S2R47 2005
Mutual Funds Task Force on Fund Director's Guidebook, Federal Regulation of Securities Committee
Fund Director's Guidebook
, 3rd Edition, ABA Section of Business Law, 2006.
KF1078.F86 2006
Nigerian Law Charles Mwalimu
The Nigerian Legal System
,  P. Lang, 2005.
KTA68.M86 2005
Oil and Gas Bennett Jones Verchere & Nigel Bankes, Editors
Canadian Oil And Gas, 2nd Edition, Butterworths, 1991.
Patent Law Irwin M. Aisenberg
Modern Patent Law Precedent: Dictionary Of Key Terms And Concepts
, 7th Edition, Glasser LegalWorks, 2006.
KF3112.A37 2006
  Jerome Rosenstock
Patent Interference Practice Handbook
, Aspen Law & Business, 1998.
Politics George Lakoff
Moral Politics: How Liberals And Conservatives Think
, 2nd Edition, University of Chicago Press, 2002.
HN90.M6L34 2002
Products Liability Simon Whittaker
Liability For Products: English Law, French Law, And European Harmonization
, Oxford University Press, 2005.
KJC1688.W47 2005
Race Theory and the Law Richard Delgado & Jean Stefancic, Editors
The Derrick Bell Reader
, New York University Press, 2005.
KF4755.B45 2005
Russian Law Jane Burbank
Russian Peasants Go To Court: Legal Culture In The Countryside, 1905-1917
, Indiana University Press, 2004.
KLA1572.B87 2004
Securities Regulation U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Report On The Role And Function Of Credit Rating Agencies In The Operation Of The Securities Markets: As Required By Section 702(b) Of The Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002, W. S. Hein, 2004.
HG3751.7.U57 2004
Sexual Orientation and the Law Gilbert Paul Carrasco
Sexuality And Discrimination: A Rights And Liberties Perspective
, Carolina Academic Press, 2005.
KF4758.A7C368 2005
Suicide James Selkin
Suicide And The Law: Cases, Theories, And Strategies For Prevention
, W.S. Hein, 2005.
RA1136.S45 2005
Supreme Courts Christopher Tomlins, Editor; developed in cooperation between Houghton Mifflin Company and the American Bar Foundation
The United States Supreme Court: The Pursuit Of Justice
, Houghton Mifflin, 2005.
KF8742.U55 2005
Tax Law Barbara H. Karlin
Tax Research
, 3rd Edition, Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2006.
KF241.T38K37 2006
  Donald T. Williamson
The Investment Credit And Cost Segregation
, Tax Management Inc., 2006.
Terrorism Office of the Inspector General,
The September 11 Detainees: A Review Of The Treatment Of Aliens Held On Immigration Charges In Connection With The Investigation Of The September 11 Attacks
, W.S. Hein, 2004.
HV8079.T47U65 2004
Trusts and Wills Austin Wakeman Scott, William Franklin Fratcher, Mark L. Ascher
Scott And Ascher On Trusts
, 5th Edition, Aspen Publishers, 2006.
KF730.S3 2006
War and International Law Brian J. Bill, Editor; Contributing Authors, Brian J. Bill, et al.
Law Of War Workshop Deskbook
, W.S. Hein, 2004.
KZ6385.L388 2004
  Stephen C. Neff
War And The Law Of Nations: A General History
, Cambridge University Press, 2005.
KZ6385.N44 2005
Water Law Ken Conca
Governing Water: Contentious Transnational Politics And Global Institution Building
, MIT Press, 2006.
TD345.C6563 2006
Women and the Law Elisabeth M. Tetlow
Women, Crime, And Punishment In Ancient Law And Society
, Continuum, 2004.
KL147.T38 2004



New Government Documents List

Beyond boundaries : working together for our common good / National Spatial Data Infrastructure.
G70.212.B49 2004
Sodium hydrosulfide : preventing harm.
HD9660.S6S63 2004
Customer service standards of the National Archives and Records Administration.
HF5415.5.U65 2003
Project ChildSafe.
HV7436.P76 2004
Citizen Corps.
HV7936.C83 2004
Project Safe Neighborhoods : America's network against gun violence.
HV7936.P76 2004
Leadership & public service.
JF1601.L43 2004
White House fellowship application.
JK718.W45 2004
Medicare basics : a guide for caregivers.
KF3608.A4A3 2004
Can zhang quan li fa zhi nan = A guide to disability rights laws.
KF480.Z9C36 2004
Una guia a para las leyes de los derechos de las personas con discapacidades = A guide to disability rights laws.
KF480.Z9G85 2004
Rules of procedure.
EFF research principle : a purposeful and transparent approach to teaching and learning / Marilyn K. Gillespie.
LC149.7.G55 2002
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.
Z733.R4R42 2004