New Titles List for the Week of May 22, 2006

These titles were recently acquired by the O'Quinn Law Library.

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  • Administrative Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • British Law
  • Business Organizations
  • Computer Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Employment Law
  • European Law
  • Evidence
  • Family Law
  • Federal Income Tax
  • Foreign Investments
  • Freedom of Information
  • Human Rights
  • Immigration Law
  • International Criminal Law
  • International Law
  • International Law and the Use of Force
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Featured Resource List


Jeffrey A. Helewitz

Cyberlaw: Legal Principles of Emerging Technologies

Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2005

KF390.5.C6C927 2005

Cyberlaw has developed rapidly in response to the creation of new technology and the internet. This text presents the various legal issues, legislative and judicial responses, that apply to the operation and development of computer technology. It provides students with a comprehensive coverage of e-business divided into three distinct sections: contract formation, financing, and tax issues. It also supplies explanations of key terms, chapter overviews and reviews, relevant key cases, and a list of related websites that provide additional and advanced information.




James C. Hathaway
The Rights of Refugees Under International Law

Cambridge, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2005

K3230.R45H38 2005

In one volume, this book covers national and international court decisions on refugee law and lays the foundation for a comprehensive analysis of the human rights of refugees as set by the UN Refugee Convention. Professor Hathaway has been described as the “intellectual architect of contemporary refugee law” and is respected in the international legal community for his interesting and provocative scholarship. In this study of the rights of refugees, he provides analysis of difficult protection challenges and guidance beyond the refugee definitions set by Article 1 of the Convention. Maintaining the object and purpose of the text of the Convention he interprets the primary requirements of international human rights law and clearly presents the rights owed to refugees and asylum seekers at all stages in the search for protection. This is a major resource for judges, attorneys, policymakers and students of international and human rights law.

New Titles List

Administrative Law Richard K. Berg, Stephen H. Klitzman, Gary J. Edles
An Interpretive Guide To The Government In The Sunshine Act
, 2nd Edition, ABA, Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice, 2005.
KF5105.5.B4 2005
Bankruptcy David Milman
Personal Insolvency Law, Regulation And Policy
, Ashgate Pub. Co., 2005.
KD2139.M55 2005
British Law Trevor Buck, David Bonner, Roy Sainsbury
Making Social Security Law: The Role And Work Of The Social Security And Child Support Commissioners
, Ashgate, 2005.
KD3199.B83 2005
Business Organizations Ilene K. Gotts, Editor
The Merger Review Process: A Step-By-Step Guide To U.S. And Foreign Merger Review
, 3rd Edition, Section of Antitrust Law, ABA, 2006.
KF1655.M468 2006
Computer Law Jeffrey A. Helewitz, Consulting Editor Cyberlaw: Legal Principles Of Emerging Technologies, Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2005.
KF390.5.C6C927 2005
Copyright Law H. Ward Classen
A Practical Guide To Software Licensing For Licensees And Licensors Analyses And Model Forms: Analyses And Model Forms
,1st Edition, American Bar Association, Section of Business Law, 2005.
KF3024.C6C56 2005
  Keith Aoki, James Boyle, Jennifer Jenkins
Bound By Law?: Tales From The Public Domain
, Duke University Center for the Study of the Public Domain, 2006.
KF3050.A54 2006
Employment Law Hamid Azari-Rad, Peter Philips, & Mark J. Prus
The Economics Of Prevailing Wage Laws
, 1st Edition, Ashgate, 2005.
KF3505.C65A993 2005
European Law Anthony Musson, Editor
Boundaries Of The Law: Geography, Gender, And Jurisdiction In Medieval And Early Modern Europe
, Ashgate, 2005.
KJ147.B68 2005
  Martijn W. Hesselink, Editor
The Politics Of A European Civil Code
, Kluwer Law International, 2006.
KJC985.P655 2006
Evidence Ronald L. Carlson
A Student's Guide To Elements Of Proof
, Thomson/West, 2004.
KF8950.C37 2004
Family Law Alison Diduck, Felicity Kaganas
Family Law, Gender And The State: Text, Cases And Materials
, 2nd Edition, Hart, 2006.
KD750.D53 2006
Federal Income Tax Beth M. Benko & Nancy J. Glover Section 199: Deduction Relating To Income Attributable To Domestic Production Activities, Tax Management Inc., 2006.
Foreign Investments Carlos Correa & Nagesh Kumar Protecting Foreign Investment: Implications Of A WTO Regime And Policy Options, Palgrave, 2003.
HG5993.C677 2003
Freedom of Information P. Stephen Gidiere III
The Federal Information Manual: How The Government Collects, Manages, And Discloses Information Under FOIA And Other Statutes
, American Bar Association, 2006.
KF5753.G53 2006
Human Rights Roger Brownsword, Editor
Human Rights
, Hart, 2004.
K3240.4.B76 2004a
Immigration Law James C. Hathaway
The Rights Of Refugees Under International Law
, Cambridge University Press, 2005.
K3230.R45H38 2005
International Criminal Law Sterling Johnson
Peace Without Justice: Hegemonic Instability Or International Criminal Law?
, Ashgate, 2003.
KZ6310.J64 2003
  Geert-Jan Alexander Knoops
The Prosecution And Defense Of Peacekeepers Under International Criminal Law
, Transnational Publishers, 2004.
KZ6314.K58 2004
International Law Geoff Leane & Barbara von Tigerstrom, Editors
International Law Issues In The South Pacific
, Ashgate, 2005.
KVC553.5.I58 2005
  Oona A. Hathaway, Harold Hongju Koh
Foundations Of International Law And Politics
, Thomson West, 2005.
KZ3410.H38 2005
  Malcolm N. Shaw, Editor
Title To Territory
, Ashgate/Dartmouth, 2005.
KZ3670.T58 2005
  Math Noortmann
Enforcing International Law: From Self-Help To Self-Contained Regimes
, Ashgate, 2005.
KZ6010.N66 2005
International Law and the Use of Force Jackson Nyamuya Maogoto
Battling Terrorism: Legal Perspectives On The Use Of Force And The War On Terror
, Ashgate Pub. Co., 2005.
KZ6374.M36 2005
International Organizations Bahram Ghazi
The IMF, The World Bank Group, And The Question Of Human Rights
, Gazelle Drake Academic [distributor], 2005.
HG3881.G46 2005
International Trade Roeland Bertrams
Bank Guarantees In International Trade: The Law And Practice Of Independent (First Demand) Guarantees And Standby Letters Of Credit In Civil Law And Common Law Jurisdictions
, 3rd Rev. Edition, Aspen Publishers, 2004.
K1098.B47 2004
Juvenile Law Barry C. Feld, Editor
Readings In Juvenile Justice Administration
, Oxford University Press, 1999.
KF9779.A2R43 1999
Law and Language Julio Romanach, Jr.
Dictionary Of Legal Terms: Spanish-English, English-Spanish
, Lawyers Edition, Jura Division, Lawrence Pub. Co., 2005.
K52.S6R66 2005
Legal Research Nancy P. Johnson, Susan T. Phillips Legal Research Exercises Following The Bluebook: A Uniform System Of Citation, 9th Edition, Thomson West, 2005.
KF240.J631 2005
Library Science Michael D. Kathman, Jane McGurn Kathman; Eds
Managing Student Workers In College Librarie
s, College Library Information Packet Committee, College Libraries Section, Association of College and Research Libraries, 1986.
Z682.4.S89K38 1986
New Journal Hastings Business Law Journal, University of California, Hastings College of The Law, 2005.



New Government Documents List

North Korea : status report on nuclear program, humanitarian issues, and economic reforms : a staff trip report to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, One Hundred Eighth Congress, second session, February 2004.
DS932.U65 2004
The federal response to Hurricane Katrina : lessons learned.
HV636 2005.G87F43 2006
History of the federal parole system / U.S. Department of Justice, United States Parole Commission.
HV9304.H57 2004
State of the union : address to the 108th Congress, second session / President George W. Bush.
J82.E84 2004
United States Government policy and supporting positions : Committee on Government Reform, United States House of Representatives, 108th Congress, 2d session.
JK661.U65 2004
Palestinian Legislative Council elections : challenges of Hamas' victory : staff trip report to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, One Hundred Ninth Congress, second session.
KF31.F6 2006
Haitian elections : setting the foundation for democracy : staff trip report to the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, One Hundred Ninth Congress, second session.
KF31.F6 2006c
Automated systems for child support enforcement : a guide for automating case closure.
KF549.A98 2004
Reference guide for Medicare physician & supplier billers : helping front office personnel navigate Medicare rules for Part B claims processing.
RA412.3.R445 2004
Concept of operations (ConOps V1.0) for the future digital system : final.
ZA5180.U65 2004