New Titles List for the Week of December 19, 2005

These titles were recently acquired by the O'Quinn Law Library.


List of Subjects

  • Featured Resource List
  • Banking Law
  • Capital Punishment
  • Chinese Law
  • Counseling
  • Constitutional Law
  • Contract Law
  • Domestic Violence
  • English Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Estate Planning
  • European Union
  • Evidence
  • Health Law
  • Human Rights Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Law


  • Islamic Law
  • Law and Language
  • Legal Education
  • Legal Ethics
  • Maritime Law
  • Mexican Law
  • Personal Finance
  • Practice of Law
  • Presidents
  • Real Property
  • Reference Materials
  • Restorative Justice
  • Tax Law
  • Terrorism
  • Texas History
  • Trial Practice
  • United Nations
  • World Trade Organization
  • Government Documents


Featured Resource List


Newton R. Bowles
The Diplomacy Of Hope: The United Nations Since The Cold War, I. B. Tauris, 2004.  

JZ4984.5.B69 2004

Will the United Nations survive the convulsions over the US-led attack on Iraq and its aftermath? How will it respond to the worldwide threat of terrorism? This book shows these crises as the latest chapter in the struggle for peace and stability. Its authoritative and discursive analysis of today's United Nations provides a clear and refreshing insight into what has gone wrong as well as what is right about the organization. While focusing on a post-Soviet world now firmly set in the turbulent twenty-first century, the book traces the genesis of the current major concerns facing the UN back to their origins during the infancy of the UN. It sets out a full yet concise account of UN security (peace-building) doctrine and action; of disarmament strategies (from weapons of mass destruction to small arms); of its criminal jurisdiction; of human rights issues; of globalization and poverty contradictions; and of UN financing worries. The book also explores how the UN works, or does not, and describes how the tension between the elite Security Council and all-inclusive General Assembly can frustrate decisive action.


Paul Marshall, Editor
Radical Islam's Rules: The Worldwide Spread Of Extreme Shari'a Law, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2005.

KMC114.R34 2005

A major feature of the rise of Islamism in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and parts of the West is the current rapid growth of a starkly repressive version of shari'a , Islamic law. In this book, noted human rights activists and scholars trace the growth of such law in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Nigeria, Malaysia, and Indonesia, show its threat to the status of women, religious freedom, and democracy itself, and suggest how we should respond.


New Titles List

Banking Law

Barkley Clark, Barbara Clark

The Law Of Bank Deposits, Collections, And Credit Cards, Rev. edition, A.S. Pratt & Sons, 1999.



Capital Punishment

Michael A. Foley

Arbitrary And Capricious: The Supreme Court, The Constitution, And The Death Penalty, Praeger, 2003.


KF9227.C2F65 2003

Chinese Law

Editor In Chief, Zhang Fusen; Associate Editor, Hu Zejun

China, Outlines Of The Legal System Of The People's Republic Of China, Di 1 ban, Fa lu chu ban she, 2004.


KNQ68.C45 2004


Theodore P. Remley, Barbara Herlihy

Ethical, Legal, And Professional Issues In Counseling, 2nd edition, Merrill Prentice-Hall, 2005.


BF637.C6R45 2005

Constitutional Law

John Durham Peters

Courting The Abyss: Free Speech And The Liberal Tradition, University of Chicago Press, 2005.


JC585.P395 2005


Ronald B. Flowers

That Godless Court?: Supreme Court Decisions On Church-State Relationships, 2nd edition, Westminster John Knox Press, 2005.


KF4865.F57 2005

Contract Law

Ewan Mckendrick

Contract Law, 6th edition, Palgrave Macmillan, 2005.


KD1554.M53 2005

Criminal Law

Ken Anderson

Crime In Texas: Your Complete Guide To The Criminal Justice System, Rev. edition, University of Texas Press, 2005.


HV9955.T4A53 2005


Victor Tadros

Criminal Responsibility, Victor Tadros.


K5064.T33 2005

Domestic Violence

Richard Ward, Roger Bird

Domestic Violence, Crime And Victims Act 2004: A Practitioner's Guide, Jordans, 2005.


KD7973.W37 2005

English Law

David Bedingfield

Advocacy In Family Proceedings: A Practical Guide, Family Law, 2005.


KD750.B43 2005


Jonathan Hill

International Commercial Disputes In English Courts, 3rd edition, Hart, 2005.


KD7645.H54 2005


Robert Stevens

The English Judges: Their Role In The Changing Constitution, Rev. edition, Hart Pub., 2005.


KD4645.S848 2005

Environmental Law

Robert J. Martineau, Jr. & David P. Novello, Editors

The Clean Air Act Handbook, 2nd edition, American Bar Association, 2004.


KF3812.C554 2004

Estate Planning

Charles M. Aulino

Family Trust Planning Guide, 3rd edition, CCH Inc., 2004.


KF750.A8 2004

European Union

Eilis Ferran

Building An EU Securities Market, Cambridge University Press, 2004.


KJE2247.F47 2004


David Mckeever, Jessica Schultz, & Sophia Swithern

Foreign Territory: The Internationalisation Of EU Asylum Policy, Oxfam, 2005.


JV7590.M42 2005


Vincent Kronenberger & Jan Wouters, Editors

The European Union And Conflict Prevention: Policy And Legal Aspects, Cambridge University Press, 2004.


JZ1570.E87 2004


David L. Faigman

Modern Scientific Evidence: The Law And Science Of Expert Testimony, Thomson/West, 2005.




Thomas A. Mauet, Warren D. Wolfson

Trial Evidence, 3rd edition, Aspen Publishers, 2005.


KF8935.M28 2005

Health Law

Bonnie F. Fremgen

Medical Law And Ethics, 2nd edition, Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2006.


KF3821.F74 2006

Human Rights Law

Elizabeth Borgwardt

A New Deal For The World: America's Vision For Human Rights, Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2005.


JZ1480.B64 2005


Office Of The United Nations, High Commissioner For Human Rights

Economic, Social And Cultural Rights: Handbook For National Human Rights Institutions, United Nations, 2005.


JC571.E352 2005

Insurance Law

Barry R. Ostrager, Thomas R. Newman

Handbook On Insurance Coverage Disputes, 12th edition, Aspen Law & Business, 2004.


KF1160.O775 12th

Intellectual Property

Christopher May, Susan K. Sell

Intellectual Property Rights: A Critical History, Lynne Rienners Publishers, 2006.


K1401.M393 2006


Lawrence Rosen

Open Source Licensing: Software Freedom And Intellectual Property Law, Prentice Hall PTR, 2005.


KF3024.C6R67 2005

International Law

Jean-Michel Servais

International Labour Law, Aspen Publishers, 2005.


K1705.I58 2005


Justice M. Mbuh

International Law And Conflicts: Resolving Border And Sovereignty Disputes In Africa, iUniverse, 2004.


KQW2390.M38 2004


Howard M. Hensel, Editor

Sovereignty And The Global Community: The Quest For Order In The International System, Ashgate, 2004.


JZ4034.S68 2004


Duke E. Pollard

The Caribbean Court Of Justice: Closing The Circle Of Independence, Caribbean Law Pub., 2004.


KGL5502.C27P65 2004

Islamic Law

Paul Marshall, Editor

Radical Islam's Rules: The Worldwide Spread Of Extreme Shari'a Law, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2005.


KMC114.R34 2005

Law And Language

John M. Conley & William M. O'Barr

Just Words: Law, Language, And Power, 2nd edition, University of Chicago Press, 2005.


K213.C658 2005

Legal Education

Ruth Ann Mckinney

Reading Like A Lawyer: Time-Saving Strategies For Reading Law Like An Expert, Carolina Academic Press, 2005.


KF283.M398 2005

Legal Ethics

George M. Cohen, Susan P. Koniak, Editors

Foundations Of The Law And Ethics Of Lawyering, Thomson/West, 2004.


KF306.A4F68 2004

Maritime Law

Eric Van Hooydonk (Editor); Herman Boonk

English And Continental Maritime Law: After 115 Years Of Maritime Law Unification, A Search For Differences Between Common Law And Civil Law, Maklu, 2003.


KZA1141.E75 2003


Frederic Rockwell Sanborn

Origins Of The Early English Maritime And Commercial Law, W.S. Hein, 2002.


KD566.S26 2002

Mexican Law

Instituto De Investigaciones Juridicas

Anuario Mexicano De Historia Del Derecho, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 1989.



Personal Finance

Bob Clyatt

Work Less, Live More: The New Way To Retire Early, 1st edition, Nolo, 2005.


HG179.C6518 2005

Practice Of Law

Mary C. Daly, Roger J. Goebel; Editors

Rights, Liability, And Ethics In International Legal Practice, 2nd edition, Juris Pub., 2004.


K120.R54 2004


Arthur G. Greene

The Lawyer's Guide To Increasing Revenue: Unlocking The Profit Potential In Your Firm, American Bar Association, Law Practice Management Section, 2005.


KF316.5.G74 2005


Theodore C. Sorensen; Foreword By John F. Kennedy

Decision-Making In The White House: The Olive Branch Or The Arrows, Columbia University Press, 2005.


JK516.S667 2005

Real Property

Milton R. Friedman

Friedman On Contracts And Conveyances Of Real Property, 7th Edition Edited And Revised By James Charles Smith, Practising Law Institute, 2005.


KF670.F7 2005

Reference Materials

Directory, State And Local Lawyer Assistance Programs, Commission on Impaired Attorneys, American Bar Association, 1989.



Restorative Justice

George Pavlich

Governing Paradoxes Of Restorative Justice, GlassHouse Press, 2005.


HV8688.P38 2005

Tax Law

Sidney Kess & Barbara E. Weltman

Individuals And Small Business Tax Planning Guide, 3rd edition, CCH Inc., 2005.


KF6297.K47 2005


OECD Model Tax Convention On Income And On Capital, 2005: Condensed Version; And Key Features Of Tax Systems & Treaties Of OECD Member Countries, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2005.


K4473.25.O7282 2005a


Rachel Meeropol, Editor, With Reed Brody

America's Disappeared: Detainees, Secret Imprisonment, And The War On Terror, 1st edition, Seven Stories Press, 2005.


HV9471.A484 2005


Doomsday Tech 1 [Videorecording], New Video, 2004.


HV6431.M671 2004


More Doomsday Tech [Videorecording], New Video, 2004.


HV6431.M67 2004

Texas History

Ernest Wallace, David M. Vigness & George B. Ward, Editors

Documents Of Texas History, 2nd edition, Texas State Historical Association, 2002.


F386.D587 2002

Trial Practice

Sherrie Bourg Carter

Children In The Courtroom: Challenges For Lawyers And Judges, National Institute for Trial Advocacy, 2005.


KF9673.B68 2005


Denise Loring, Editor

Model Jury Instructions: Patent Litigation, 1st edition, American Bar Association, 2005.


KF3155.M63 2005


Thomas A. Mauet

Trials: Strategy, Skills, And The New Power Of Persuasion, Aspen Publishers, 2005.


KF8915.M384 2005

United Nations

Newton R. Bowles

The Diplomacy Of Hope: The United Nations Since The Cold War, I. B. Tauris, 2004.


JZ4984.5.B69 2004

World Trade Organization

Nicholas Perdikis, Robert Read, Editors

The WTO And The Regulation Of International Trade: Recent Trade Disputes Between The European Union And The United States, Edward Elgar, 2005.


KJE2045.W76 2005



New Government Documents List

Publications list : for 106th and 107th Congresses / prepared by the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

KF16.E54 2002