September 2023


Dave Fagundes, Toponomy and Law: Neighborhood Names in Legal Perspective, in Names, Naming, and the Law: Onomastics, Identity, Power, and Policy (I. M. Nick ed., 2023) (with Nestor M. Davidson).


Darren Bush, The Chicago School, the Post-Chicago School, and the New Brandeisian School of Antitrust: Who is Right in Light of Modern Economics?, 30 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 4 (2023) (with Mark Glick).
Nikolas Guggenberger, Moderating Monopolies, 38 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 19 (2023).
James Nelson, Second-Order Decisions in Rights Conflicts, 109 Va. L. Rev. 1095 (2023) (with Micah Schwartzman).
Elizabeth Trujillo, Global Challenges, Local Solutions: An Introduction to New Perspectives to International and Comparative Law, 45 Hous. J. Int'l L. xiii (2023) (with Sabrina Ragone) (symposium).

Short Form and Online

Darren Bush, Postscript: A Further Look at ProMarket’s Economics, Inst. for New Econ. Thinking (Sept. 8, 2023) (with Mark Glick, Gabriel Lozada, and Pavitra Govindan).

Darren Bush, Slingshot Episode 8, Sling (Sept. 9, 2023) (with Hal Singer, interviewing Matt Stoller).

Renee Knake Jefferson, Legal Ethics Roundup No. 6 - Judicial Speech & (Lack of) Diversity, Rule 8.4(g) Upheld in 3rd Circuit, ABA on AI & Ethics, SCOTUS Ethics (Again), Paxton Complaint, Judges Can’t Celebrate (09.04.23), Legal Ethics Roundup (Sept. 4, 2023).

Renee Knake Jefferson, Legal Ethics Roundup No. 7 - Eastman Testifies, Montana AG Ethics Complaint, Wisconsin Justice Impeachment Threat, ABA 8.4(g) (Lack of) Enforcement, Diversity Removed from FL Ethics & More (09.11.23), Legal Ethics Roundup (Sept. 11, 2023).

Renee Knake Jefferson, Legal Ethics Bonus Content No. 2 - Yoo's Testimony Tuesday in Eastman Bar Hearing (09.13.23), Legal Ethics Roundup (Sept. 13, 2023).

Renee Knake Jefferson, Legal Ethics Roundup No. 8 - Paxton Acquitted, Overworked Defenders, Lit Finance in Congress, 1st Amendment & Indicted Lawyers, Yoo Testifies, Ethics in Israel, Will Chutkan Recuse? (09.18.23), Legal Ethics Roundup (Sept. 18, 2023).

Renee Knake Jefferson, Legal Ethics Roundup No. 9 - A New Indictment, Prosecutor Shortage, SCOTUS (Lack of) Ethics, Unpaid Fees, Beauty Filters, Double Binds, Generative AI, Gag Orders & More (09.25.23), Legal Ethics Roundup (Sept. 25, 2023).

Renee Knake Jefferson, Legal Ethics Bonus Content No. 3 - Legal Ethics on the Upcoming SCOTUS Docket (09.28.23), Legal Ethics Roundup (Sept. 28, 2023).


Our colleagues shared the following offers for publication:

Darren Bush, The Horizontal Merger Efficiency Fallacy, Temple L. Rev. (forthcoming 2024) (with Mark Glick, Pavitra Govindan & Gabriel Lozada).

Leah Fowler, Open Peer Commentary: The Limits of a Voluntary Framework in An Unethical Data Ecosystem, Am. J. Bioethics (forthcoming 2023) (with Anya E.R. Prince & Michael R. Ulrich).

Douglas Moll, The Ouster of Kendall and the Role of the Shareholder Oppression Doctrine, DePaul L. Rev. (forthcoming) (symposium).

Kellen Zale, Neighbors Without Notice: The Unequal Treatment of Tenants and Homeowners in Land Use Hearing Procedures, 59 Harv. C.R.-C.L. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2024) (with Sarah Schindler).

Albertus Accolades

Dean Leonard M. Baynes gave welcoming remarks at a law student organization training session on September 1. On September 6, Dean Baynes hosted and provided an overview of the Law Center’s accomplishments at an alumni breakfast reception at the Annual Judicial Education Conference at the Marriott Marquis. On September 7, while they were in Houston for the Conference, the alumni judges came to the John M. O’Quinn Law Building for a tour and reception. Dean Baynes delivered welcoming remarks at the reception. On Sept. 17, John Toomey hosted the Law Center community at his BBQ restaurant called J and M Barbeque for the second year in a row. Dean Baynes provided welcoming remarks. Dean Baynes was an invited guest speaker at the UH Board of Visitors (BOV) meeting on September 21. His talk focused on program highlights of the Law Center, the impacts of a new building, how volunteer voices (board members) have positively impacted the Law Center, and future plans for the Law Center and how the BOV could potentially help. On September 22, the Law Center celebrated its one-year anniversary during an all-day conference showcasing the influence of social justice on art and law. Dean Baynes moderated and participated in several events during the conference where more than 250 alumni, students, faculty, and members of the Houston legal community were in attendance. Law and Social Justice panelists included Texas State Sen. Royce West ‘79, Texas State Rep. Armando Walle ’14, and UH Associate Professor of Political Science Jeronimo Cortina (moderator). The Art and Social Justice panel included Ryan Dennis, Senior Curator and Director of Public Initiatives of Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (moderator), McGovern School of the Arts Professor Rick Lowe, and other prominent artists Kaneem Smith, Adriana Corral, Luis Alvarez Roure, and Vincent Valdez. The luncheon keynote speaker was Carlotta Ramirez ‘92, Museum Counsel at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. The afternoon panel focused on the scholarship of Bates Emeritus Professor Michael Olivas. The panel was moderated by Professor Sandra Guerra Thompson and the panelists included Norma Cantu, Professor of Law and Education at the University of Texas, Cheryl Wade, the Harold F. McNeice Professor of Law of St. John’s School of Law, Professor Rachel Moran of Texas A&M School of Law, and Tom Sainz, President and General Counsel of MALDEF. The evening concluded with three unveilings. First, an unveiling of the Olivas-Reyes portrait in the Olivas-Reyes Reading Room followed by portrait unveilings of two heritage walls of honor: The Royce (J.D. '79) and Carol West African American Law Heritage Classroom and the Ezequiel Reyna Jr. (J.D. '80) and Livia Reyna (M.Ed. '79) Hispanic Heritage Classroom. On September 27, Dean Baynes welcomed alumnus Don Riddle ’66 to the Law Center for a lunch meeting with law professors David Crump, Joe Sanders, and Sandy Guerra Thompson who hold named chairs/professorships held by these three faculty members. The visit also included a tour with stops visiting Blakely Advocacy staff Jim Lawrence and Amy Hawk.

Darren Bush is now on the Steering Committee on The Utah Project, a collaboration among economists and law professors dedicated to the study of progressive antitrust and consumer protection law and policy. He (and Hal Singer) interviewed Matt Stoller (from the American Economic Liberties Project) for the Slingshot Podcast. Matt shared his views on judges who have ruled against antitrust enforcement.
Alyson Drake was an invited speaker for the first panel of the third season of the Integrating Doctrine & Diversity Speaker Series hosted by Roger Williams University School of Law on September 18: “Can the Socratic Method Be Used in an Inclusive Classroom?”
Renee Knake Jefferson's weekly newsletter the Legal Ethics Roundup continues to grow, with more than 1,000 views each week. She was invited to speak at Hofstra University's conference on Accountability for the Supreme Court on September 21 and she presented about judicial ethics and generative artificial intelligence on a plenary panel for the California Judges Association Annual Meeting in San Diego on September 22.
Andrew Michaels moderated the panel “Public Interests and Private Intellectual Property Rights in Vaccines” at the National Vaccine Law Conference in Washington DC.
Douglas Moll and co-author, Robert Ragazzo, submitted updates for the 2023 edition of the Lexis Nexis treatise Closely Held Corporations.

Elizabeth Trujillo published Global Challenges, Local Solutions: An Introduction to New Perspectives to International and Comparative Law, with the Houston Journal of International Law (HJIL) with her co-author Professor Sabrina Ragone.  This piece is part of a HJIL Symposium issue that featured the Global Law and Policy for the Americas Initiative’s webinar series, “Constitutionalism, Trade, Social Justice, & Sustainability in the Americas: Lessons from the 2020 Global Pandemic,” and the follow-up webinar, “Global Challenges, Local Solutions: Supply Chains, Sustainability, and Governance.” Professor Trujillo was also nominated as a finalist for U.S. representative for the Inter-American Juridical Committee under the Organization of American States.

Brett Wells presented a paper entitled “The Enigma of BEPS, the United States, and Global Tax Cooperation to the Tax Research Network" at Cambridge University on September 6.

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