October 2023


Leah Fowler, Open Peer Commentary: The Limits of a Voluntary Framework in an Unethical Data Ecosystem, 23 Am. J. Bioethics, no. 11, 2023, at 7-10. (with Anya E.R. Prince & Michael R. Ulrich).
Bret Wells, Revisiting the Interaction of the Interest Expense Deduction and the Foreign Tax Credit, 26 Fla. Tax Rev. 168 (2022).

Short Form and Online

Darren Bush, Breaking Up Amazon in a Way That Minimizes Judicial Oversight, Sling, Oct. 31, 2023 (with Peter Carstensen).

Darren Bush, The Faith of Consumer Welfare and Antitrust Heretics, Sling, Oct. 16, 2023.

Darren Bush, Slingshot Episode 10, Sling, Oct. 10, 2023 (with Hal Singer).

Darren Bush, Recent Comments by Prominent Post Chicago Economists on the New Draft Merger Guidelines Reveal their Fundamental Differences with the New Brandeisian Antitrust Progressives, Institute for New Economics Thinking Blog, Oct. 6, 2023 (with Mark Glick & Gabriel Lozada).

Tracy Hester, Comment Letter on Draft National Strategy to Prevent Plastic Pollution,(Aug. 7, 2023) (with Dr. Jeffrey Seay and Mary Ellen Ternes).

Renee Knake Jefferson, No. 14 - A Legal Ethics Eras Tour, Legal Ethics Roundup, Oct. 30, 2023.

Renee Knake Jefferson, No. 13 - I as Ineffective Assistance of Counsel, Amicus Brief Ethics, Lawyer Guilty Pleas + Apologies, Powell's "Licensed to Lie," Jailhouse Lawyering, Jobs & More, Legal Ethics Roundup, Oct. 23, 2023.

Renee Knake Jefferson, Bonus Content No. 4 - Sidney Powell Pleads Guilty, Legal Ethics Roundup, Oct. 19, 2023.

Renee Knake Jefferson, No. 12 - Judge Resigns Over Romance, South Africa Ethics, Jamie Foxx as Lawyer Willie Gary, Whitehouse Writes (Again), Fake Lawyer?, Fake Opinion, Jobs/Events & More, Legal Ethics Roundup, Oct. 16, 2023.

Renee Knake Jefferson, No. 11 - Do Check the Box, Don't Cut-and-Paste, SCOTUS Ethics Optimism, Thomas Recuses, 3rd Circuit Keeps 8.4(g), Gag Orders & More, Legal Ethics Roundup, Oct. 9, 2023.

Renee Knake Jefferson, No. 10 - SCOTUS Ethics Docket, "Manufacturing" Lawsuits, Judge Celebration Ban (Again), Recusal Denied, Whistleblowers Return, "The World Needs More Lawyers" & More, Legal Ethics Roundup, Oct. 2, 2023.


Our colleagues shared the following offers for publication:

David Crump, Rawls, Game Theory, and the Law, St. Mary’s L.J. (forthcoming 2024).

Leah Fowler, Hormonal Contraceptive Side Effects and Nonhormonal Alternatives on TikTok: A Content Analysis, Health Promotion Prac. (forthcoming 2023) (with Emily Pfender, Stephanie R. Morain & Kate Tsiandoulas).

Bret Wells, US International Taxation: A Matter of Taxpayer Election?, 23 Hou. Bus. & Tax L.J. (forthcoming 2024).

Albertus Accolades

Dean Leonard M. Baynes introduced the PreLaw Pipeline Program’s new director, Mariesha Keys ‘19, to a few of the program’s supporters and alumni at a virtual meeting, on October 4. As a result of that meeting, one UH Law graduate donated a check for $10K towards the PreLaw Pipeline Program. Dean Baynes and Professor Renee Knake Jefferson attended a lunch meeting on October 5 at the UH Hilton featuring Brandeis University Professor Anita Hill, the 2023 Elizabeth D. Rockwell Distinguished Lecture on Ethics and Leadership. On October 6, Dean Baynes delivered welcoming remarks at the LL.M. law firm networking reception hosted by graduates James Ou ’13 and Chen Ying ’20 who are both partners at the Archer & Greiner law firm. The event was held in the Foundation Room. Dean Baynes was a speaker at a workshop for aspiring deans in Chicago on October 12-14. His panel topic was “Exploring the Decanal Interface with Different Constituencies and Stakeholders.” While in Chicago, he attended a networking lunch on October 12 with UH graduates Niraj Rath ’12, Syed Ahmed ’09, Richard Beem ’85, and Khyra Kolidakis ’20 at the Union League Club of Chicago. Lunch was hosted by Richard Beem ’85. On October 17, Dean Baynes hosted a virtual breakfast summit with 22 law firm managing/recruiting partners across Texas. Two firms reached out to CDO immediately following the event to post job opportunities for our students. On October 24, Dean Baynes delivered remarks at an event hosted by CDO and Latham & Watkins titled, “Diverse Leaders Share Insights on Practicing Transactional Law” that highlighted the longstanding and strong partnership between the firm and the Law Center. The virtual Professional Mentoring Program and Kick-Off was held October 26. As in the past, Dean Baynes acknowledged and inspired mentors and students to kick start the event. On October 27, Dean Baynes attended a scholarship donor/recipient gathering to thank donors for their generous contributions that makes law school possible for so many of our students. Approximately 10 donors and 20 scholars attended the event that was hosted by senior director of development, Brena Baumann-Gonzalez ’90 and director of development, Abby Trahan. At the end of the gathering, donors were treated to a student-led tour of the building. That evening, Dean Baynes joined law professors Jessica Bregant, Julian Cardenas, Letitia Leal, Ryan Marquez, Sandra Guerra Thompson, Associate Dean for Alumni and Community Relations Sondra Tennessee, and J.D. Candidates 2024, Deborah Ransom and Santiago Soulayrac at the MABAH Gala, Dia De Los Muertos theme, a Hispanic tradition celebrated annually to honor and remember departed family members and loved ones. The event was held at the Astorian in Houston.
Darren Bush was a panelist for “The Modern Regulator: Agency Power and Challenges in Competition/Regulation: Controlling Corporate Power in the Digital Economy,” at Temple University School of Law on October 19. He was also a panelist for “Mergers in the Age of New Policy Priorities: New Theories,” at the Informa Connect Comp Law Antitrust Texas Conference on October 12. Along with the other members of the Utah Project Team, Professor Bush hosted a symposium on the DOJ/FTC Draft Merger Guidelines.

Dave Fagundes presented "Ownership Intuitions and the Road to Myriad" as part of a panel reflecting on Jorge Contreras' "The Genome Defense," at Texas A&M Law School on October 6, 2023.
Aman Gebru presented on the "Common Denominators for Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge" as part of the panel “Beyond Multilateral Intellectual Property Law” at the American Branch of the International Law Association's annual meeting at Fordham University School of Law.
Valerie Gutmann Koch presented “Legal Updates 2023: Top 10 Legal Developments in Bioethics” at the annual conference of the American Society for Bioethics and the Humanities on October 12. She also moderated a panel on Health Disparities and Health Policy at the MacLean Center Conference on Clinical Medical Ethics on October 27.
Tracy Hester was elected President of the American College of Environmental Lawyers at its annual meeting in Park City, Utah on Oct. 6.  The ACOEL is an honorary group of the top 300 environmental lawyers in the United States.  Professor Hester will serve as President-Elect in 2023-2024 and will assume the presidency in 2024-2025.  On other fronts, Hester will serve as one of the American Bar Association's delegates at the upcoming UN climate conference in Dubai in December 2023.  He was also invited to speak at Cambridge University's Climate Law and Governance workshop in Dubai. 
Douglas Moll spoke on "Shareholder Proposals" as an invited panel participant at Professor Victor Flatt’s Environmental Governance and the Private Sector course.  Professor Moll is also wrapping up his fall semester as a visitor at the University of Wyoming Law School.
Bret Wells was a commentator at the University of Virginia Tax Invitational Conference on October 27-28. He also presented “Mineral Deed Conveyance Ambiguities” at the Oil and Gas Law Conference hosted by the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation on October 19.
Kellen Zale presented “Neighbors Without Notice” for the Conference on Empirical Legal Studies at the University of Chicago Law School on October 13. She also presented “Constitutional and Statutory Barriers to Local Regulation of Short-Term Rentals in Canada and the U.S.” for the State and Local Government Law Works-in-Progress Conference at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law on October 14.

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