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June 2013


Geoffrey Hoffman spoke at the 10th annual Federal Bar Association Immigration Law conference in Memphis, Tennessee, on federal courts and immigration litigation. He provided the opening remarks at the Joseph A. Vail workshop and then spoke on burdens of proof in asylum, withholding and Convention Against Torture cases. He also spoke on defensive asylum procedures in the immigration courts.


Sapna Kumar organized and ran the IPIL's annual symposium. This year's symposium was titled "Intellectual Property and Information Law in the Administrative State;" it included eight top scholars writing in patent law and telecommunication.


Peter Linzer posted a comment on the ContractsProfBlog as part of an on-line symposium on Margaret Jane Radin’s book, BOILERPLATE.  He and Professor Nicole Casarez have begun writing the manuscript of their casebook for Carolina Academic Press, THE FIRST AMENDMENT AND BEYOND: SPEECH AND PRESS IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY.  He is also writing an article on contracts of adhesion for LAW AND SOCIAL INQUIRY, a peer-edited publication of the American Bar Foundation.  Its title is “But It Isn’t Contract.” Ordinary People, Form Contracts and the Charge of the Light Brigade. 


Jacqueline Lipton presented "Open and Closed Generic TLDs under ICANN's new gTLD Process" at the 5th Annual Conference on Innovation and Telecommunications Law in Glen Arbor, Michigan, on May 15, 2013.  On May 30 she presented the following papers at the Law and Society Annual Meeting in Boston: "The Hidden Social Costs of ICANN's new gTLD Process" (with M. Wong) and "Online Gripesites and ICANN's new gTLD Program" (with M. Wong).


Jessica Mantel presented her article "The Myth of the Independent Physician:  Implications for Health Law, Policy, and Ethics" at the Law and Society Association's annual meeting in Boston on June 1st, and at the American Society of Law and Medicine's Health Law Professors Conference at Seton Hall Law School on June 8th.


Gerry Moohr spoke on April 21, 2013, at Christ the King Lutheran Church as part of the evaluation of the Social Statement prepared by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Her topic was “Two or Three Things I Know About Federal Criminal Law” (with apologies to Godard).  Its purpose was to invite discussion as to whether there are “too many crimes and too much punishment,” as Bill Stuntz suggested.


Thomas Oldham’s book review of MARRIAGE AT THE CROSSROADS (by Elizabeth Scott and Marsha Garrison) has been accepted by the FAMILY LAW QUARTERLY for the Fall 2013 issue.


Michael A. Olivas hosted the 14th Houston Higher Education Roundtable, which invited 5 junior faculty to present papers for critique to a group of three national faculty. This year feature Higher Education Law, while in alternating years, the focus is on Higher Education Finance. He published Ask Not For Whom the Law School Bell Tolls: Professor Tamanaha, Failing Law Schools, and (Mis)Diagnosing the Problem, 41 WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY (St. Louis) JOURNAL OF LAW & POLICY 101-130 (2013). He also briefed more than a dozen reporters on the Fisher v. UT case and also on comprehensive immigration reform


Jordan Paust prepared an essay entitled Obama’s New “War” and Drone Targeting: The Wrong Paradigm and the Wrong Test for Self-Defence.  It was requested by editors of the AMSTERDAM LAW FORUM and will be published in the on line journal later this year.  He also prepared a book chapter at the request of the editor: Armed Opposition Groups, in THE OXFORD HANDBOOK ON NON-STATE ACTORS IN INTERNATIONAL LAW (Math Noortmann ed. 2014).  His essay Use of Military Force in Syria by Turkey, NATO, and the United States has been published at 34 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LAW  431-446 (2013).


Susan Sakmar was interviewed for GL Noble Denton’s research report on the impact of US regulatory reform on the oil and gas industry and was quoted in the report, Reinventing Regulation: The impact of US reform on the oil and gas industry, (http://www2.gl-nobledenton.com/reinventing-regulation), which provides a snapshot of industry sentiment towards the new regulation being introduced in the US.  The report explores the national and global impact of the reform on the oil and gas sector, with particular focus on how it is affecting companies’ attitudes to risk, cost and compliance, as well as their investment plans.  She also gave a presentation on “Shale Gas and the Social License to Operate” at a conference jointly organized by the French-American Chamber of Commerce and the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce, “The Shale Market: Challenges and Possibilities,” held at the Petroleum Club of Houston, May 30, 2013, http://www.nacchouston.org/events/theshalemarket2013.   


Spencer Simons attended an OCLC Game Changers meeting in Dublin, Ohio in May.  OCLC, the worldwide library cooperative, invited thirty leaders of law, medical, and corporate libraries to discuss the challenges facing special libraries.


Barbara Stalder was elected chair-elect of the HBA Animal Law section.


Sandra Guerra Thompson presented a chapter from her forthcoming book, “Killing Crime Labs:  Why Law Enforcement Has No Business Running Scientific Labs,” at the Law & Society Annual Meeting in Boston on May 30th.  She also gave a pedagogy presentation at the AALS Mid-Year Meeting of the Criminal Justice Section in San Diego on teaching criminal law on June 11th.  On June 16th, Professor Thompson was quoted on the Daily Cougar’s website discussing the Jodi Arias trial.  On June 17th and 18th, she was interviewed on KUHF radio regarding a recent Supreme Court decision regarding an application of the Miranda rule. 


Jacqueline Weaver reports that her coauthored book INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM EXPLORATION AND EXPLOITATION AGREEMENTS has been translated into Mongolian.


Kellen Zale participated in a panel on "Citizen Involvement in Environmental Review and Regulation" at the Law and Society Annual Meeting in Boston in May 2013.  She spoke on how the voter initiative can be better integrated with environmental review of land use decisions.