Faculty Focus is a monthly publication documenting the activities, accomplishments,
and honors of the University of Houston Law Center Faculty

September 2009

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Seth Chandler's work, "Modeling Long Term Care Insurance" has been accepted for presentation at the International Mathematica User Conference in October, 2009. He has published four new Demonstrations: Correlated Binary Decision Rules (http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/CorrelatedBinaryDecisionRules/); A Parameterized Multistate Life Table (http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/AParameterizedMultistateLifeTable/); Magic Number Bidding (http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/MagicNumberBidding/); and Life Transitions (http://demonstrations.wolfram.com/LifeTransitions/).


Gavin Clarkson published “Accredited Indians: Increasing the Flow of Private Equity into Indian Country as a Domestic Emerging Market,” 80 Colorado L Rev. 285 (2009). Dr. Clarkson, along with Lada Adamic and others, published “The Impact of Boundary Spanning Scholarly Publications and Patents” in PLoS One, a peer-reviewed journal published by the Public Library of Science. Dr. Clarkson and David DeKorte had an article accepted in the Illinois Law Review. The article, “Unguarded Indians: The Complete Failure of the Post-Oliphant Guardian and the Dual-Edged Nature of Parens Patriae,” discusses the rampant problem of non-Indian on Indian crime prevalent throughout Indian Country and makes the argument to return full criminal jurisdiction to tribal governments. Dr. Clarkson and P.K. Toh had an article accepted by the Strategic Management Journal. The article, “’Keep Out’ Signs: The Role of Deterrence in the Competition for Resources,” examines the use of the patent reexamination process as an element of corporate IP strategy. The SMJ is one of the premier peer-reviewed journals for business schools.


Adam Gershowitz’s co-authored article, “Imputed Liability for Supervising Prosecutors: Applying the Military Doctrine of Command Responsibility to Reduce Prosecutorial Misconduct” has been accepted for publication by the Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law.


Gidi published a book on Comparative Law from Foundation Press.  He also presented papers at the International Association of Civil Procedure in Toronto, at the Pan American Institute of Civil Procedure in Goias, and at the Institute for International and Comparative Law in Dallas.


Jim Hawkins’ article “Doctors As Bankers: Evidence from Fertility Markets” was accepted for publication in the Tulane Law Review.


Craig Joyce published “William Cranch,” “Richard Peters, Jr.,” and “Henry Wheaton” in the new Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law, as well as the 2009 Cumulative Supplement to the Seventh Edition of his Copyright Law casebook.


Malikah Marrus was nominated to be Field Instructor of the Year from UH’s Graduate College of Social Work.


Douglas Moll and Robert Ragazzo’s The Law of Closely Held Corporations has been published by Aspen Publishing. It is now available in fine bookstores everywhere.


Gerry Moohr’s article, “The Balance Among Corporate Criminal Liability, Private Civil Suits, and Regulatory Enforcement,” will be published this autumn in the American Criminal Law Review. She is contributing a chapter on intellectual property crimes for a six-volume work, Cybercrime: Issues, Cases and Responses, edited by Sam McQuade and to be published next summer. Also, she has been invited to present a paper on corporate criminal liability at next summer’s SEALS conference.


Tom Oldham published an article in the Texas Family Law Section Newsletter in September about the abolition of “economic contribution” and its effect on Texas family law cases.


Michael A. Olivas spoke at the Suffolk University Law School on his book on Hernandez v. Texas. In August, he convened a working group of scholars and archivists at the New Mexico State Records and Archives Collection, in Santa Fe, to discuss digitizing and placing in the public domain all the legal and religious books published by the 19th century NM cleric, Padre Jose A. Martinez, who served as the first publisher and operated the first printing press west of the Mississippi in what is now the United States. He has been reappointed to the AAUP Litigation Committee, which advises the Association on filing amicus briefs in cases involving faculty whose academic freedom and tenure have been threatened for their beliefs. He appeared on NPR’s Marketplace, discussing recent developments in Section 529 college savings plans.


Jordan Paust was a member of a panel addressing “Accountability for the Torture Memos” during a conference at Case Western University Law Center on September 11th. His article, “Civil Liability of Bush, Cheney, et al. for Torture, Cruel, Inhumane, and Degrading Treatment and Forced Disappearance,” will be published in the Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law (Dec. 2009).  On September 18th, Professor Paust will participate on a panel addressing presidential powers and international law under the U.S. Constitution during Constitution Day at Rice University. His essay, “Boumediene and Fundamental Principles of Constitutional Power,” was published in 21 Regent University Law Review 351-61 (2009), along with remarks made during a symposium last year.


Ira B. Shepard spoke on “Recent Developments in Federal Income Taxation” to the Dallas Bar Association Tax Section, the Tax Alliance in Plano, and the American Institute on Federal Taxation in Birmingham in June; to the Denver Tax Institute – for the thirtieth consecutive year – in July; to the State Bar of Texas Advanced Tax Law Course in August; and to the Houston Tax Roundtable in September. The 2008 annual version of the outline on “Recent Developments” he compiles with Marty McMahon of Florida and Dan Simmons of UC Davis was published by the Florida Tax Review in July; it reached number 2 on the Top 5 Recent Tax Paper Downloads on SSRN before it aged out of the list.


Sandra Guerra Thompson discussed immigration law enforcement policy on the television show "Viva Houston" on Channel 2, which aired on August 30th.


Greg Vetter moderated the panel “Evaluating Copyright’s Role in Educating Society” for the Second Annual Conference in Innovation and Communication Law program held on August 21-22 at the University of Louisville School of Law.  In late July 2009, he presented “The Law and Economics of Intellectual Property” for the Master of Business Law Program at Friends University. On September 9th, he presented to the Law Center Intellectual Property Student Organization as its lunch speaker.

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