Faculty Focus is a monthly publication documenting the activities, accomplishments, and honors of the University of Houston Law Center Faculty.

August, 2005


Gidi presented a paper about Latin American Law with Steve Zamora at the American Association of Law Libraries on July 18th.  He also taught Comparative Civil Procedure at the Pennsylvania State University summer program in Strasburg and Vienna, Austria.


Craig Joyce taught U.S. Copyright Law at Franklin Pierce Law Center in Concord, New Hampshire.


Joan Krause was interviewed by KUHF radio regarding the Merck Vioxx trial in Angleton on July 6th.  She also served as guest faculty in the Grand Rounds Lecture Series at the UT Medical School Department of Orthopedic Surgery on July 21st, where she spoke on "Medicare Fraud."


Douglas Moll's article, Shareholder Oppression & Dividend Policy in the Close Corporation, 60 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 841-924 (2003), was solicited for republication (and was recently republished) in 46 Corp. Prac. Commentator 355-440 (2004-05).  The Corporate Practice Commentator is a periodical, now in its 45th year, that is "designed to bring to corporate lawyers and business executives reliable information on recent developments and new thinking in the field of corporation law and practice."." Most of the subscribers are large law firms and corporate law departments around the country.


Tom Oldham drafted a California bar exam question for summer 2005, presented two papers, and moderated a panel at the International Society of Family Law Conference in July, 2005.


Michael A. Olivas edited a special issue of the UCLA Chicano-Latino Law Review, Vol. 25 (Spring, 2005), which contains the papers from the recent UHLC Hernandez at 50 conference. The special issue includes eight articles, including the Foreword he wrote and The Non-Discrimination Ideal of Hernandez v. Texas Confronts a "Culture" of Discrimination: The Amazing Story of Miller-El v. Texas by Sandra Guerra Thompson. The volume is available in fine bookstores everywhere, and is soon to be a major motion picture. Jimmy Smits will play Professor Olivas in the film version, due to the obvious resemblance.


Laura Oren's article "Safari Into the Snake Pit: The State-Created Danger Doctrine," was published in 13 Wm.& Mary Bill Rts. J. 1139  (2005).


Robert Schuwerk sent his proposed corrections and updates to the fourth edition (2005) of his co-authored treatise, HANDBOOK of Texas Lawyer and Judicial Ethics to the publisher.  The new edition should be out some time in November or December.  He urges one and all to buy multiple copies.


Ira  B. Shepard  (with Professor Martin J. McMahon, Jr. of the University of Florida Law School) had their article, Privilege and the Work Product Doctrine in Tax Cases, published at 57 Tax Lawyer 405 (2005). He also spoke on "Recent Developments in Federal Income Taxation" at the Denver Tax Institute on July 21st; he has made this presentation at the Denver Tax Institute each year since 1980.


Spencer Simons gave a presentation "Health Law in Cyberspace", on July 20th at the 2005 American Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting and Conference in San Antonio, Texas.


Sandra Guerra Thompson completed work on forming the advisory board of the Criminal Justice Institute.  She has also finalized plans for a major symposium on the federal sentencing guidelines to be sponsored by the Criminal Justice Institute and the Houston Law Review on November18th.  The Institute has also joined forces with the Houston Police Department's "Men Against Family Violence" campaign.  A community forum including representatives of the entire University of Houston system is being planned for the spring of 2006.


Steve Zamora lectured for two days on "International Litigation in U.S. Courts" to the Academy of American and International Law of the Center for American and International Law in Dallas for the 16th consecutive year.  Seventy lawyers from thirty-nine countries attended this year's five week program.