Faculty Focus is a monthly publication documenting the activities, accomplishments, and honors of  the University of Houston Law Center Faculty.

September 2004

Darren Bush spoke on “When Marketing, Pricing, and The Sherman Act Collide: Recent Antitrust Stories” at the C.T. Bauer College of Business’ Department of Marketing & Entrepreneurship on September 3rd. In addition, Professor Bush has sent the 2005-2006 edition of Antitrust: Statutes, Treaties, Regulations, Guidelines, And Policies (with John J. Flynn and Harry First, coauthors) to Foundation Press for publication. He notes that, “The authors would like to thank UHLC students Shelby L. Boseman and Jeff A. Burke for invaluable research and technical assistance. The statutory supplement will also have a website companion, where antitrust practitioners, scholars and students can turn to find links to useful antitrust websites.”

Leslie Griffin submitted the chapter, The Ethics of Partners: Bohatch v. Butler & Binion in Ethics Stories ( Deborah Rhode and David Luban, eds.) part of the Foundation Press Stories series. She will present the chapter to the University of Alabama faculty on September 13th. Professor Griffin will speak on conflicts of interest to the Medical Compliance Officers at Methodist Hospital (in Houston) on September 10th.

Craig Joyce taught U.S. Copyright Law at the Intellectual Property Summer Institute in Concord, New Hampshire, published the annual supplement to his copyright casebook, and completed a piece on two hundred years of U.S. Supreme Court reporting for the Green Bag Press (a revival of the 19th Century journal named in honor of the satchels traditionally used by lawyers to carry their papers).  Professor Joyce has also arranged for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to speak to the Law Center Community and other members of the Houston Bar at a dinner on March 10, 2005 (details to be announced later on the UHLC website).


Joan Krause's article, Regulating, Guiding, and Enforcing Health Care Fraud, 60 N.Y.U. Ann. Surv. Am. L. 241 (2004), made the SSRN top ten download list for “Health Insurance (Topic) All-Time Hits,” as well as the "Health Insurance (Topic) Recent Hits” lists; the "Health Care Delivery & Financing" Recent and All-Time Hits lists; the "Health Insurance Reform (Topic)" Recent and All-Time Hits lists, and the "University of Houston Law Center, Public Law & Legal Theory" Recent and All-Time Hits lists. Also Professor Krause has been named to the American Health Lawyers Association 2004-05 “Links With Academia” Task Force.


Chenglin Liu’s book Chinese Law on SARS was published in July and his article Regulating SARS in China: Law as an Antidote?  will appear in the Wash. U. School of Law Global Studies L. R., Fall issue. The article deals with the most recent developments in SARS legislation. He will also give a talk on September 10th on SARS to the Faculty of St. Mary’s School of Law.


Laura Oren’s article, Civil Rights (42 U.S.C. sec. 1983) has been published in 35 Tex.Tech L. R. 621 (2004). Also forthcoming in 2004 Professor Oren has an article entitled, The Paradox of Unmarried Fathers and the Constitution: Biology “Plus” Defines Relationships; Biology Alone Safeguards the Public Fisc in 11 Wm & Mary J. of Women and L.


Jordan Paust was a panelist on a Houston-PBS show on August 31 addressing U.S. foreign policy and whether it makes us safer.  His article Post-9/11 Overreaction and Fallacies Regarding War and Defense, Guantanamo, the Status of Persons, Treatment, Judicial Review of Detention, and Due Process in Military Commissions, was published in 79 Notre Dame L. R. 1335 (2004).


Nancy Rapoport attended the Southwest Conference of the American Bankruptcy Institute to talk with the steering committee about a nationwide study of bankruptcy fees in chapter 11. She is one of two people- remember Bob Lawless who is now at UNLV? – who will be advising Stephen Lubben of Seton Hall on the design and interpretation of the study (if the ABI can afford to do it!).


Ira Shepard and Richard Husseini of Baker Botts spoke on “Maintaining Attorney Client Privilege in the New Transparent World” to the (Houston) Energy Forum’s CLE Ethics Breakfast on August 25th. Their presentation was accompanied by spirited registrant participation. (Note that Dean Rapoport is scheduled to speak at the next Energy Forum CLE Ethics Breakfast in December.) Professor Shepard will moderate a presentation to be made by Juan Vasquez, Jr. of Chamberlain Hrdlicka and Peter Lowy of Shell, on “How To Avoid Waiving Privilege and Work Product Protection in the Current Age of Transparency” at the Houston Bar Association Tax Section meeting on September 15th. He is also scheduled to speak on “Recent Developments in Federal Income Taxation” at the State Bar Advanced Tax Course in San Antonio on September 10th, and to make a presentation on the same topic to the Southern Federal Tax Institute (with Professor Martin J. McMahon, Jr. of the University of Florida law faculty) on September 27th in Atlanta.


Sandra Guerra Thompson was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article on August 28th about the extradition and federal trial of Robert Angleton and in the Victoria Advocate on August 31st on the Texas RICO statute. She also co-authored an article with Ellen Marrus summarizing the criminal procedure opinions of the Fifth Circuit for 2002-2003 published in the Spring 2004 issue of the Texas Law Review.


Ronald Turner will, by invitation of New York University School of Law’s Institute of Judicial Administration, discuss employment law issues and developments with federal and state judges from all over  the United States at the Institute’s November 2004 conference.   


Joseph Vail served on the planning committee for the 2004 University of Texas Annual Conference on Immigration and Nationality Law to be held in San Antonio on October 13-15, 2004. He also served as a moderator and speaker for national teleconference on asylum law sponsored by “Immigration Daily” (ILW.COM) on August 31, 2004. Also on that day, he hosted a delegation of lawmakers and law enforcement personnel from Armenia and Georgia sponsored by the U.S. State Department who were learning about human trafficking. In addition, he traveled to Austin to testify at state hearings on the use and benefit of IOLTA and Crime Victims funds to the UHLC Immigration Clinic on September 8, 2004 and he will assist with a Department of Homeland Security citizenship workshop and training in Houston on September 25, 2004.