July 2003

Darren Bush's article, The Misuse and Abuse of the Tunney Act: The Adverse Consequences of  the "Microsoft Fallacies"  (with John J. Flynn) was published in 34 Loy. U. Chi. L.J. 749 (2003) and with John J. Flynn and Harry First he published on July 1, 2003 Antitrust: Statutes, Treaties, Regulations, Guidelines, and Policies (Foundation Press 2003-2004).

David R. Dow's article, How Many Spouses Does the Constitution Allow One to Have? (with Jose Maldonado) will be published in Constitutional Commentary  and Professor Dow's article Invisible Executions: A Preliminary Analysis of Publication Rates in Death Penalty Cases in Selected Jurisdictions (with Bridget McNeese) will be published in the Texas Forum on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights. His op-ed piece DA Should Step Back from Inquiry (with Jim Marcus) was published in Hous. Chron., June 22, 2003. Professor Dow addressed the Individual Rights section of the State Bar on due process in death penalty appeals, on June 13, 2003 and he argued in the Fifth Circuit on behalf of death row inmate Willie Pondexter. He filed state habeas petitions, obtaining stays of execution, for Gregory Wayne Demery and Gregory Van Allstyne. Professor Dow filed a habeas petition as well as a clemency petition on the grounds of actual innocence on behalf of Josiah Sutton.

Meredith Duncan's article, Criminal Malpractice: A Lawyer's Holiday was published at 37 Ga L. Rev. 1251(Summer 2003). She has agreed to serve on the ethics law board for a proposed project for the National Institutes of Health entitled "Behavioral Genetics and the Criminal Justice System." Professor Duncan will also author an article for the Texas Tech Law Review discussing this year's criminal law decisions issued by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Laura Hermer 's abstract was accepted for presentation in December by the National Conference on Smoking or Health.

Joan Krause was interviewed on June 16, 2003 by the Dallas Morning News regarding Norma McCorvey's request to overturn Roy v. Wade.

Nancy Rapoport spoke to about 250 corporate counsel (including counsel for Universal Studios, Dreamworks, Disney, and Fox) at the House of Blues the week of June 23rd on " Images of Lawyers in Film" - and did NOT get sued for "unfair" use. She spoke on behalf of ACCA's (American Corp. Counsel Assn) Southern California chapter, and she'll be doing a shorter repeat at ACCA's national meeting in San Francisco in October.

Ira B. Shepard spoke on "Recent Developments in Federal Income Tax" to the American Institute on Federal Taxation in Birmingham on June 5th and to the State Bar of New Mexico Tax Symposium in Albuquerque (with Marty McMahon) on June 6th. He attended a meeting of the Council of the Houston Bar Association Tax Section on June 12th, and attended a meeting of the Houston Chapter of Tax Executives Institute to watch three UH Law Students receive $2500 scholarship checks on June 19th. He spoke to the Southwest Regional Board of the American Jewish Committee on the Ninth Circuit's Pledge of Allegiance decision on June 16th; a slightly different viewpoint was ably presented by Annette Lamoreaux, East Texas Regional Director of the ACLU of Texas. He spoke to the Wednesday Tax Forum on "Current Developments in Taxation" on June 17th. He spoke to the Haynes & Boone law firm on "Recent Tax Shelter Developments, including Attorney and Accountant Privilege and the Work Product Doctrine in Tax Cases" on June 26th, and on July 24th, he will make a presentation on "Recent Developments in Federal Income Tax" to the Denver Tax Institute for the 24th consecutive year.