April 2002

Annual Law Center Gala: The  University of Houston Law Center’s 26th Annual Auction-Gala,  “Building on the Best” (March 23rd),  at the  George R. Brown Convention Center  was covered in the  Houston Chronicle  on March 27th, noting the gala’s record  $770,000  gross revenues (mistakenly reported as $634,000) and several principals, among them,  UHLC Alumna  Patricia J. Lasher (‘86),  Alumnus  Charles Parker (‘74),  Alumnus  Tommy Fibich (‘74),  Alumnus  Robert Sussman (‘74).

Kudos & Congratulations ...

Professor  Mary Anne Bobinski  was named a  John & Rebecca Moores Professor - a University of Houston Honor acknowledging her scholarly performance & contribution; and

Professor  Lonny S. Hoffman  has been approved for candidacy on the  Fulbright Senior Specialists Roster,  a list of approved candidates eligible to be matched with incoming program requests from overseas academic institutions for Fulbright Senior Specialists; and

Professor John Jay Douglass  shall, this coming June, celebrate 50 years’ service  as a licensed attorney.  Congratulations indeed!

2002  Student Achievement Awards

Judge Mary Bacon Scholarship  awarded to Regan Armstrong

National Association of Women Lawyers   (Annual Membership) awarded to  Whitney Blair

Corrine Buchanan Scholarship  awarded to Joey Maldonado

Irving J. Wiener Memorial Scholarship   (Legal Aid)  awarded to Mary Irvine

Carothers Prize   (I/P)  awarded to LaVar Oldham

Jim Witherell Award  awarded to Shannon Kahl

Baker Botts Award   (I/P) awarded to  Desiree Blankfeld   &   Thomas Sherer

Joseph E. Henley Memorial Award   (Legal Aid)  awarded to Laura Maupin

Class of ‘89 Awarding   (Outstanding Service to Law Center) awarded to Barbara Stalder

Tax Executives Institute Scholarship  (Tax)  awarded to Huong Nguyen,   Kenneth Odom   &   Stewart Patton

Barksdale Stevens Award  awarded to Lisa Woods

Caroline Hirsch (Vanik) Beers Award   (Professional Commitment)  awarded to Rebecca Renfro

James E. Crowther Scholarship   (Public Interest)   awarded to   Eva Howe   &   Virginia Klaren

Professor Daniel Rotenberg Memorial Scholarship   (Public Interest) awarded to D’Anna Harrison

2002  Student Competitive Honors

American Bar Association National Appellate Advocacy Competition, held February 28th through March 3rd (Regionals) and April 4th through April 6th (Finals):

Coached by Ms. Michelle PectorMs. Deanna Freeman,  &  Mr. John Ramsey ...

In the  Regionals,  two (2) first-place teams,  Law Center Students:

Team:  Lori TwomeyGeorge May,  &  Melanie Francis;  &

Team:  Daniel GoldbergTodd Harlow,  &  Danny Davis;  &

In the Finals,  two (2) Quarter-Finalist Teams;  Individual Awards,

Daniel Goldberg - 4th Place Oralist

George May - 6th Place Oralist

Todd Harlow - 7th Place Oralist

John Marshall Law School International Moot Court Competition,  on Information Technology & Privacy Law,  held October 11th through 13th:

Coached by  Blakeley Advocacy Institute Adjunct  Professor  Robert Dubose  &  Mr. Sean Cox


Finalist Team: Lori TwomeyChristy Martin,  &  Danny Davis

Lori Twomey - 2nd Place Speaker

Saint John’s University School of Law & American Bankruptcy Institute’s

Judge Conrad B. Duberstein National Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition,  held March 15th through March 18th;

Coached by Blakeley Advocacy Institute Adjunct Professor Jim Lawrence  &  Mr. John Smith

Runner-Up Brief

2nd Place Team: John Farrell,  Summer Shelton,  &  Michael Gallagher

Maritime Law Association of the United States, in Association with the  University of Texas - Austin, Competition,  held March 21st through March 23rd:

Judge John R. Brown Admiralty Moot Court Competition,

Coached by  Adjunct Professor  Gus SchillThe Honorable Judge  Jeff Brown  (55th Texas District Court),  &  Messrs. Colin Marks  &  Sean O’Neil ...

Best Brief Overall, Law Center Students  

Chad Newton  &  Joshua Wolfshohl

Best Petitioner’s Brief, Runner-Up,    Law Center Students

Simon Garfield,  Barbara Stalder,  &  Bret Larson-Hendricks

Federal Bar Association Competition,  held March 14th - 15th:

Thurgood Marshal Constitutional Law Competition

Coached by Blakeley Advocacy Institute Adjunct Professor  Robert Dubose  &  Mr. Sean Cox

Best Brief

1st Place Competition Speaker   -   Cynthia (“Sandy”) Taleghany

2nd Place Team Carrie Fouse   &   Cynthia (“Sandy”) Taleghany

Pace Law School Competition,  held February 21st through 23rd:

National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition,

Coached by Blakeley Advocacy Institute Adjunct Professor  Ed Sullivan  &  Mr. Mark Cohen

Quarter Finals: Rebecca Kilgore,  Todd Foss,  &  Lee McIntyre

Stetson University  &  American Bar Association Environment, Energy  &  Resources Section Competition  held November 1st through 3rd:

International Environmental Moot Court Competition,

Coached by Mr. Geoff Casavante  &  Ms. Lauren Simpson

Quarter Finals: Chris TurneyDeanna White,  &  Tracey McCormick

Honorable Mention: The Honorable Dean  Nancy B. Rapoport  was interviewed March 27th on local NBC Channel 2's  Morning Business Report  about the resignation of  Arthur Anderson’s  CEO and prospects for the company in bankruptcy, and was also quoted in the March 28th  Houston Press  article,  “Living in a House of Cards,”  regarding the Enron bankruptcy, and again in a  Houston Chronicle  article about the former Enron employees’ committee’s  position in that bankruptcy, and again in the  Chronicle  on April 4th regarding moving the Enron-Dynergy suit.  The  Law Center  was also mentioned on March 28th in the  Houston Chronicle,  announcing the  Honorable Professor  Richard Alderman’s  April 13th  “People’s Law School.”

On March 28th, the  Honorable Professor  David Crump  was quoted in the  Daily News  (New York),  commenting on accused-murderer David Durst’s (Galveston) self-defense claim.   Also on March 28th, the  Honorable Clinical Professor  Joseph Vail  was quoted in the  Houston Chronicle  regarding the  Supreme Court’s  recent Jose Castro (v. NLRB) decision.  The  Honorable Professor  Douglas Moll  was quoted in the  March 29th  Houston Chronicle  about Walter Hewlett’s challenge to  Hewlett Packard’s  method of obtaining shareholder votes favoring acquisition of Houston’s  Compaq Computer Corporation.

Reference was made in the April issue of  International Enforcement Law Reporter  to the  Honorable Professor  Jordan Paust’s  casebook,  International Criminal Law, Cases & Materials  (2nd ed., 2000).    On April 1st, the  Honorable Professor  David R. Dow  and the  Honorable Associate Dean  Sandra Guerra Thompson  were quoted in a  Houston Chronicle  article regarding defense claim in a recent drug case where drug-sniffing dogs were used outside, but on, private premises and whether that constitutes an unlawful warrantless search, and Dean Thompson was interviewed about a recent Supreme Court case concerning bus passenger searches.

The  Honorable Professor  Robert Schuwerk  was quoted in the April 1st issue of the  Texas Lawyer  regarding referral fees for law firm associates’ referrals to firms other than their employers.  The Honorable Health Law Research Professor  Ronald L. Scott  was interviewed April 1st by  local Houston radio KTRH 740  about  physician assisted suicide and euthanasia, including the new Dutch law.

The  Honorable Professor  Raymond T. Nimmer  was quoted April 5th in  Lou Dobb’s Moneyline  regarding possible Congressional reaction to exemptions for Enron executives, should they file in bankruptcy, and interviewed by  CNN,  again concerning the Enron bankruptcy.   The  Honorable Professor  Douglas Moll  and the  Honorable Professor  Richard Alderman  were both quoted in the  Houston Chronicle  on April 8th regarding suits against Enron officers' and protections of their considerable exempt property.

The  Honorable Professor  Joan Krause  was interviewed April 10th on local ABC Channel 13's 6:00p.m. news  about the likelihood of convicted child-murderer Andrea Yates’ physician being indicted.   Prof. Krause was also quoted March 27th by  Mental Health Weekly  regarding efforts to change Texas’ insanity defense.   The  Honorable Dean  Nancy B. Rapoport  was quoted in the Dallas Observer  regarding the Enron collapse and role of lower-level employees.  The  Honorable Clinical Professor Joseph Vail  was interviewed on April 11th by the  Legal Times  on changes in immigration law and procedure after September 11, 2001.  The  Honorable Professor  William Winslade was quoted April 11th regard the President’s position on cloning used for research.  The  Honorable Professor  David R. Dow  was quoted April 12th in the  Houston Chronicle about the third Penry mental competency review.

The  Honorable Professor  Peter Hoffman  was quoted in a  Houston Chronicle  article April 13th concerning hostilities between Enron and Dynergy.  The  Honorable Associate Dean  Sandra Guerra Thompson  was quoted April 14th in the Houston Chronicle  concerning warrantless searches.  The  Honorable Professor  Ira Shepard  was interviewed April 15th on  local station KTRH - 740 AM  about paying federal income taxes by credit card.  The  Honorable Professor  Ellen Marrus  was quoted April 20th in the  Dallas Morning News  concerning siblings, ages 15 and 10 years, who allegedly killed their 6 year old sibling; specifically, whether the 15 year old should be tried as an adult.

The  Honorable Professor  David R. Dow  was quoted in the  Dallas Morning News  on April 14th regarding the Victor Saldano matter, a dispute between Attorney General Cornyn and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, and on April 18th  regarding the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals denial of Napoleon Beazley’s petition for stay of execution, and again on April 22nd in  American Lawyer Media.  Also on April 22nd in  American Lawyer Media,  the  Honorable Professor  Robert Schuwerk  was quoted to the effect that an outright ban on sexual  quid pro quo attorney-client arrangements would be beneficial.  The  Honorable Professor  Michael Olivas’  Keynote address  at an awards ceremony in San Antonio was noted April 17th in the  San Antonio Star.

The  Honorable Dean  Nancy B. Rapoport  was quoted April 22nd in the  Houston Chronicle  regarding the merger or dissolution of mid-sized law firms.

By keeping an eye on the TV when the Jack Roach Ford ads come on, one is bound to see and hear our own  Jim Lawrence  in a lead television role.

Noteworthy ... Professor Richard Alderman,  renowned as  “The People’s Lawyer,”  also has regular columns in the Houston Chronicle - Thursdays in the  “This Week”  section - and three other newspapers, first appearing in 1980 and weekly since 1990.   Prof. Alderman has also done local  PBS (Channel 8)  shows for the past 8 years, a Spring and a Fall show, each running for two weeks, where lawyer-volunteers answer call-in questions and  Law Center faculty and local practitioners sometimes participate in the on-air telephone question answering.  Finally, Prof. Alderman recently completed his 600th  “It’s the Law”  show, sponsored by the  State Bar of Texas’  Young Lawyers Association  and  syndicated weekly - Monday mornings - on  local ABC Channel 13  and thirteen other Texas television stations, “... enough to get you 50 to 100 emails a day,” Prof. Alderman noted.

Professor David R. Dow   sponsors and coordinates local  Innocence Network  activities,  in which many  Law Center  students participate.   For instance,  Mr. Kevin McAlpin  was featured on local  NBC Channel 2  for his work on the  Bud Sawyer matter,  who was convicted of a murder he did not commit, and  Ms. Cathy Helenhouse  appeared on  Fox TV affiliates  in Houston (Channel 26) & Dallas, and has been quoted in AP and other wire service reports in connection with the  James Byrd matter,  who was imprisoned for a robbery committed by his brother.   Some 200 guests attended an  Innocence Network Fundraiser  hosted by and at the home of  Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mithoff.

Health Law Research Professor  Ronald L. Scott  publishes a quarterly column called  “Health Law Report”  in  Internal Medicine World Report,  a publication for internal medicine physicians.    Recent topics include   “HIPAA Compliance in a Small Practice,”   “Patient Friendly Billing,”  and other timely health law and policy topics.  Prof. Scott also teaches a course for foreign LLMs on the  American Legal System  as an Adjunct Professor.

Professor Richard Alderman  received the “Community Builder Award” from the  Masons’ Grand Lodge of Texas  in  "recognition of his unselfish commitment to the community,"  the Masons’ highest award to non-Masons, and designed to recognize people who have “distinguished themselves through their service to the community, the local state or national government, to their church or synagogue, or to humanity.”   Recent recipients include  President George Bush,  Mayor Bob Lanier,  Jim “Mattress Mac” McIngvale,  Dr. Joe Aegris  &  Randy Tabor.   Prof. Alderman also gave talks recently to the  Dickinson 55+ Club,   Bellaire Presbyterian Seniors,   S.C.O.R.E,  &  to Friends of the Deer Park Library.

Professor  Mary Anne Bobinski  will deliver a  “Medical Liability”  speech to the University of Houston  Optometry Continuing Education Program  May 5th, and on May 15th, a discussion of  “Insurance & Viatical Settlements”  Houston Bar Association Section on AIDS CLE  May 15th, and a  “Bioethics Update”  at the  26th Annual Health Law Teachers Conference  of the  American Society of Law, Medicine, & Ethics in Indianapolis on June 8th.  On March 6th, Prof. Bobinski spoke on  “Ethical & Legal Issues in Gene Therapy” to the  Methodist Grand Rounds/Clinical Pharmacology Seminar  at the  Texas Medical Center and, in April, on “Dealing with Your Doctor and HMO”  at Professor Alderman’s  People’s Law School.

Rod Borlase  posted a new essay,  “Writing vrs. The Writing Habit”  (http://www.law.uh.edu/guides/WritingHabit.html)  to his research and writing website,  Law Library & Legal Research Guides  (http://www.law.uh.edu/guides/).

Professor  Johnny Rex Buckles'  article,  “The Case for the Taxpaying Good Samaritan: Deducting Earmarked Transfers to Charity under Federal Income Tax Law, Theory & Policy,”  appeared in the  Fordham Law Review  (March 2002).

Professor  David R. Dow’s  article,  “The End of Religion,”  appeared at  16 Journal of Law & Religion 877  (2001),  and his review of the anthology,  Human Rights in Judaism,  will appear in that journal’s next volume (2002).

Professor  Meredith Duncan  will moderate a panel on the use of genetic information in criminal law at the  National Institute of Health  Meeting  in Washington this summer.

Professor   Sanford Gaines  moderated a panel on trade-environment issues at the  3rd Annual Global Conference on Environmental Taxation,  held April 12-13th at the  Vermont Law School  and, the following weekend spoke on "NAFTA & Cross-Border Sales of Water"  at the annual  Canada-U.S. Law Institute  at  Case Western Reserve School of Law.    Prof. Gaines’ contribution to the book,  Linking Trade, Environment, and Social Cohesion,  edited by  University of Toronto  Professors  John Kirton  and  Virginia Maclaren,  "The Masked Ball of Chapter 11,"  is now published, and he will be contributing another analysis of NAFTA Chapter 11,  "Protecting Investors, Protecting the Environment: The Unexpected Story of NAFTA Chapter 11,"  for a book on NAFTA and the environment to be published in late 2002 or early 2003 by Stanford University Press.  Finally, Prof. Gaines has been invited back to participate in the 2002 session of the  Nordic Research Association's  Annual Advanced Seminar  on environmental law to be held near Stockholm in August.

Clinical Professor  Janet Heppard  spoke on  “Family Law Enforcement: Habeas Corpus & Right to Possession”  at the  2nd Annual University of Texas Family Law on the Front Lines Conference  in Galveston on April 11-12th.   In June, Prof. Heppard will be a panelist, along with  Judge Philip Caroom   (Annapolis, Maryland)  and  Ms. Ayn Crawley  (Director of the Maryland Legal Assistance Network, Baltimore) at the  39th Annual Association of Family & Conciliation Courts Conference  in Hawaii.  The panelists’ topic is  “Helping Pro Se Litigants Help Themselves.”

Adjunct Professor  Kathy Hile  spoke on April 11th to the  Texas Motor Transportation Association's  Annual Meeting  in Austin about  fraudulent insurance claims and how to reduce workers' compensation claims.

Professor  Lonny Hoffman  was retained by the  State of Texas  to write a  amicus Brief  to the  United States Supreme Court  in  Syngenta Crop Protection v. Henson  (No. 01-757),  to be argued later this year - After filing, the brief will be available on Prof. Hoffman’s website.

Professor  Peter Hoffman  successfully negotiated the Law Center’s participation in the  American Bar Association’s  Central & East European Law Initiative  (ABA/CEELI),  supported by the U.S. Department of State’s  Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs, whereby mutual two-week student exchanges between the  Law Center  and Serbian law schools will occur over the next two years.  Prof. Hoffman recently visited Serbia as an  ABA/CEELI  participant.   Also, Prof. Hoffman was on the faculty of a  National Institute for Trial Advocacy-sponsored trial training program for Legal Services attorneys held at  Drake University Law School  on April 3rd -7th.

Professor  Paul Janicke’s  article on the history of the  United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s creation,  “To Be or Not To Be:  The Long Gestation of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit  (1867-1982),”  was published as the lead piece in the March symposium

Professor  Craig Joyce  received the  2001-2002 Ethel M. Baker Award  for Outstanding Service to the Law Center.  Prof. Joyce is this award’s first two-time winner.  In addition, adoptions of Prof. Joyce’s text,  Copyright Law,  increased from 48 to 68 during the past year.

Blakeley Advocacy Institute Adjunct Professor  Jim Lawrence  moderated a Plenary Session April 17-20th, entitled  "The Art of Depositions: Law, Strategy, Techniques & Effective Use"  at the  American Bar Association’s  Family Law Section's  Spring Meeting.  Prof. Lawrence also serves on the Section’s  Litigation Skills Committee.

Professor  Peter LinzerAmerican Association of Law Schools’  Contracts Section  Chairman,  is preparing the Section's  2003 Annual Meeting Program.   Also, Prof. Linzer will be teaching Contracts transactionally  and seeks suggestions for speakers.

Profesor  Ellen Marrus,  along with Frank Birchak and students from the  Criminal Prosecution  and  Defense Clinics,  helped Social Work graduate students learn  how to testify as expert witnesses,  how to handle depositions, and  how social workers and attorneys can work together.

Professor  Geraldine S. Moohr  will present a paper, tentatively titled "The Relation Between Property and Theft"  to the Law & Society Conference in Vancouver next June, and her article, “The Problematic Role of Criminal Law in Regulating Use of Information: The Case of the Economic Espionage Act,”   has been published by the  North Carolina Law Review.    Also, Prof. Moohr was cited by the  United State Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit  in  U.S. v. Handakas  (2002 WL 449536) for the proposition that the honest services provision of the mail fraud statute is void for vagueness as applied.

Adjunct Professor  Kent Newsome  spoke on  “Due Diligence in Real Estate Transactions”  at the  University of Houston Law Foundation  Seminar entitled  Real Estate Documents, Workouts  &  Closings,  in Dallas on March 28-29th and Houston on April 4-5th.   Prof. Newsome also spoke April 12th at the  Brazoria County Bar Association  in Angelton on the topic,  “Legal & Ethical Issues in the Acquisition & Development of Real Property.”   Prof. Newsome will speak on  “Artist Management Contracts”  at  South Texas College of Law's  Sports  &  Entertainment Law Conference  on April 26th.

Professor  Raymond T. Nimmer’s  article, “Licensing in the Contemporary Information Society,” was published in 2002 Washington University Journal of Law & Policy 1 (2002).   Prof. Nimmer also  Chaired  a  Practising Law Institute  program in New York April 18-19th on  “Internet Law & Electronic Contracting,”  and  Co-Chaired  a program on  “Digital Commerce” March 4-5th  in Frankfurt, Germany, sponsored by the publication  Computer und Recht.  Prof. Nimmer delivered the  Keynote Luncheon Address  March 8th at the  Georgetown University School of Law  program in Washington on Computer Law,  and on March 15th, spoke on  “Digital Property Rights”  at the  National Association of Information Science’s  Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

Professor  Michael A. Olivas  delivered the  Keynote Address  at the  University of Houston’s  Research & Scholarship Day  (“Why Do Faculty Do the Things They Do?”).   Prof. Olivas also lectured at  Cornell University's Higher Education Research Institute  (“Faculty & the Law of the Classroom”),  and presented the  Keynote Address  at the  St. Mary's University Law Alumni  dinner (“The Life of the Law”).   Prof. Olivas was recently nominated for re-election as an  At-Large Council Member  of the  American Bar Association’s Legal Education & Admissions to the Bar Section,  and Dean Rapoport also named Prof. Olivas to serve as the  Law Center's  Associate Dean for Student Development,  which begins in September.

Professor Laura Oren  was a planner/organizer, along with  Professor Thomas OldhamHistory Professor Steven Mintz  and  Education Professor Augustina Reyes, and with planning assistance from  Professor Ellen Marrus,  of the April 19th  2002 Tenneco Lecture Series  Community SymposiumFamilies in Crisis - Meeting Unmet Needs:  Strategies for Helping Children, Families & Schools.  This Symposium is also sponsored by various  University of Houston  Colleges, Departments & Programs, including the  Law CenterEducation DepartmentUrban Principals  &  American Cultures  Programs.

Professor  Jordan Paust’s  article,  “Antiterrorism Military Commissions: Courting Illegality,”  was published in  23 Michigan Journal of International Law 1 (2002).   A follow-up essay, “Antiterrorism Military Commissions: Commentary on Ad Hoc DOD Rules of Procedure,”  will appear in  23 Michigan Journal of  International Law, no. 3 (2002).   Prof. Paust was a featured speaker at  Penn State Dickinson School of Law  on March 28th about the  proposed military commissions, prisoner of war status, and problematic rules of evidence.

Dean  Nancy B. Rapoport  spoke in Kansas City on  “Creating a Winning Team,”  at the Annual N.A.L.P. Meeting  and also on  “Images of Lawyers in Film”  in Atlanta for the  Atlanta Bar Association.   Dean Rapoport also has some talks on Enron scheduled.  Media relations regarding Enron take a lot of the Dean’s time right now.  Dean Rapoport’s belated article for the  Hofstra Law Review, “The Intractable Problem of Bankruptcy Ethics:  Square Peg, Round Hole,”  just finished page proofs.

Dean  Nancy B. Rapoport,   Professor David R. Dow,  &  Energy, Law & Enterprise Institute Executive Director  Michelle Michot Foss  spoke on April 3rd to the  University of Houston’s  Honors College  Annual Event,  The Great Conversation.”

Adjunct Professor  Gus Schill  will speak May 4th to the  Trans-Pecos Bar Association   in Fort Davis on  “Contemporary Legal Ethics.”

Professor  Jon S. Schultz  and others made a sabbatical accreditation visit to the  University of California - Los Angeles Law School  on behalf of the  American Bar Association  and the  Association of American Law Schools,  and completed a report to those organizations.

Professor  Ira B. Shepard  spoke on  “Recent Tax Developments”  to the  Exxon Mobil Upstream Tax Attorneys  on April 4th in Houston, and was asked to give a humorous after-dinner speech, but managed to get in a plug for the  Law Center's  LL.M. Program in Taxation.   Prof. Shepard spoke on  “Real Estate Tax Update”  at the University of Houston Law Foundation Course on  Real Estate Documents, Workouts and Closings  on April 5th in Houston, and on April 8th, on  “Current Developments in Federal Taxation”  to the Wednesday Tax Forum.   Prof. Shepard participated on Professor Richard Alderman's Channel 8 (PBS) program on April 15th, along with Law Center Professor  Johnny Rex Buckles  to answer federal income tax questions.  Prof. Shepard will speak to the  American Petroleum Tax Institute  on  “Recent Developments in Federal Income Taxation”  on April 23rd and, on the following day, Prof. Shepard and  Adjunct Professor   Dan Leightman   (VP - Taxes of Cooper Industries)  will speak at that  Institute  on  “Ethics for the Tax Professional, with an Emphasis on the Enron Situation.”    Finally, on April  25th, Prof. Shepard, along with  Professor Martin J. McMahon  (University of Florida Law School)  will speak on  “Recent Developments in Federal Income Taxation”  to the  University of North Carolina Tax Institute  in Chapel Hill.

Professor  William P. Streng,  this semester Visiting Professor at  The University of Texas - Austin  teaching Federal  &  International Income Taxation,  published a  tri-annual update 2002-1  to  Bittker, Emory & Streng’s  Federal Income Taxation of Corporations & Shareholders, (with Forms)  (4th ed, Warren, Gorham & Lamont/RIAG, 2 vols),  and has delivered  2002-2  for publication.   Supplement Release  33   for  Streng & Salacuse’s  International Business Planning: Law & Taxation; United States  (Matthew Bender, 6 vols) was published, and Supplement 34 has been delivered for publication.  Prof. Streng’s 3rd edition of  Retirement Planning - Tax & Financial Strategies,  (Warren Gorham & Lamont (RIAG),  prepared with  Adjunct Professor Mickey Davis  as co-author, will be published shortly and will replace the Second Edition (2001).   In May, Prof. Streng will participate in meetings of  The International Academy of Estate & Trust Law  (Academie Internationale du Droit des Successions, des Trusts, et des Fiducies)  in Rome and, in June, will participate in the   Annual Meeting  of the  European Association of Tax Law Professors  in Lausanne.

Associate Dean  Sandra Guerra Thompson  was a panelist/participant on local ABC Channel 13's  ˇViva Houston!  broadcast on April 14th, regarding alleged excessive force in a recent incident involving  Baytown Police.

Professor  Ronald Turner’s  2000 Emory Law Journal  article on labor and employment arbitration was cited and quoted by  Federal District Court Judge Sargus  in  Hess v. Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc., 2002 WL 483564 (S.D. Ohio Mar. 27, 2002).   The court's opinion, setting forth Prof. Turner's position on the  enforceability of pre-dispute waivers of an employee's statutory rights,  also notes that Prof. Turner teaches at the  University of Houston Law Center.

Clinical Professor  Joseph Vail  presented a paper March 22nd to the  American Immigration Lawyers Association  in New Orleans on the impact of recent Supreme Court decisions in the immigration law area.   In May, Prof. Vail will give a presentation to the  Federal Bar Association  on  ethics in the practice of immigration law  and, in June,  on political asylum in the U.S. to the  American Immigration Lawyers Association’s  National Conference  in San Francisco.

Professor  Jacqueline Weaver  was invited to a week-long judges’ and academics’ conference next August on  "Energy, Terrorism, & Technology"  in Bozeman, Montana, sponsored by the  Foundation for Economics & the Environment.  Other conference participants include  Professors  Philip Heymann  &  Thomas Schelling  of Harvard,  Cato Institute  speakers, and chief economists and strategic planners from multi-national energy companies.  On April 18th, Prof. Weaver, along with  Energy, Law & Enterprise Institute Executive Director Michelle Michot Foss  were featured participants at the annual  Chapa-O’Quinn Lectures  on  “International Energy for the 21st Century.”

Professor  Stephen Zamora  will speak April 29th, comparing United States and Mexican judicial systems, at the  Border Law Enforcement Conference  in San Antonio, organized by and including  Texas Attorney General John Cornyn,  and also including the  Attorney General of Mexico  and other United States and Mexican law enforcement experts.

Rod Borlase, Editor