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December 1999

Rod Borlase has six articles on his website, "Law Library & Legal Research Guides" (http://www.law.uh.edu/guides/):
1) West's Black's Law Dictionary, 7th Edition 
2) Legal Research Strategies 
3) Learn Westlaw & Lexis/Nexis Essentials!
4) KeyCite: WestLaw's New Citator
5) Location. Location. Location
6) American Jurisprudence Pleading & Practice Forms

David R. Dow moderated a program for the Texas 2000 group dealing with hate speech on the Internet; the program was sponsored by the Anti Defamation  League. He has also been invited by the American Culture Association to present a paper on the depiction of the death penalty in film at the Association's annual meeting. His poem, "Euclidean Mergings", appeared in the Summer 1999 issue of the Gulf Coast.

Sanford Gaines gave a presentation to the law faculty of Freiburg on December 6th on "Specialties at the WTO Restaurant: Mexican Tuna, Malaysian Shrimp, Anything Environmentally Friendly?". It dealt with recent trade environment decisions of the Appellate Body of the WTO interpreting Article XX of the GATT. In January he will be teaching and reseaching at the Center for Social Sciences and the Environment at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, as a senior Fulbright scholar.

Christine Hurt has a forthcoming publication entitled, "Interactive Citation Workstation," to be published by Lexis Publishing (Matthew Bender) Fall 2000.  The ICW is a citation workbook that is on the website at http://www.citestation.com. This past summer, her co-author presented the ICW at two law conferences at which many law schools expressed interest. Fifteen law schools including University of Houston Law Center were used to beta test. The website will be featured on the Lexis academic webpage http://lawschool.lexis.com. ICW will be revised each year for at least three years.

Paul Janicke spoke in November "On Patent Law Developments" at the California State Bar meeting in Santa Monica, at the Southwest Legal Foundation meeting in Dallas and at the Compaq legal staff's monthly meeting. His casebook "Modern Patent Litigation" is being published this month by Carolina Academic Press.

Jordan Paust's casebook "International Law and Litigation in the U.S. and Documents Supplement" by Paust, Fitzpatrick, Vyke (West American Casebook Series) will be published in 2000. His essay "The Reach of ICC Jurisdiction Over Non-Signatory Nationals" will be printed in January in 33 Vanderbilt Journal of Translational Law.

Harriet Richman's article (co-author Steve Windsor) "Faculty Services: Librarian-Supervised Students as Research Assistants in the Law Library" was published in 91 Law Library Journal 279. She is currently working on the second supplement to her book "Eurocom: A Classification Schedule & Cataloging Handbook for European Community Depository Collections" Hein & Co.

Mark Rothstein was interviewed in the November 22nd issue of the Texas Lawyer as the lead article in the health law special supplement where Laura Rothstein is also mentioned. The article is entitled "A Healthy Respect."

Robert Schuwerk was mentioned in the current Houston Lawyer as a panelist discussing multidisciplinary practice.

Steve Zamora helped to organize a NAFTA conference in Houston co-sponsored with the Mexican Consul General and the Baker Institute of Rice in early December. He was also a speaker at the conference which was held at the Houstonian and attended by over three hundred business leaders and lawyers. The meeting was entitled "Access Mexico: Five Years of NAFTA--Past, Present and Future.

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