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October, 1999

 Meredith Duncan's article, "Legal Malpractice by any Other Name: Why Breach of Fiduciary Duty Doesn't Smell as Sweet," was accepted for publication in the December,1999 issue of the Wake Forest Law Review. She also organized the successful program "What's Race got to do with it? How Personal Identity Impacts an Attorney's Role" held at the University of Houston Law Center on September 23rd.  On October 15th, she participated in the Pepperdine University Young Scholars Program: "The Federal Sentencing Guidelines and Relevant Conduct."

 Sandra Guerra gave a lecture on September 20th at M.D. Anderson Library entitled "The Injustice of Racial Profiling and some Remedies." The lecture was the first of the "American Cultures Program Speaker Series" organized by the College of Humanities, Fine Arts and Communications.

 Douglas Moll was quoted in the Wall Street Journal on October 13, 1999 commenting on a state court decision involving a business dispute between companies located in Texas and in Mexico.

 Gerry Moohr's article, "Federal Criminal Fraud and the Development of Property Rights in Information," will be published by The University of Illinois Law Review. Her article, "Arbitration and the Goals of Employment Discrimination Law,"  which originally appeared in Washington & Lee Law Review this summer, was solicited by the editors of the Legal Times in an abridged version for a special employment law issue. Also, her grant proposal, "Employment: A Contract or a Relation," is one of two nominated by the University of Houston for a National Endowment for the Humanities summer grant.

 Laura Oren's article, "If Monell Were Reconsidered: Sexual Abuse and the Scope-of-Employment Doctrine in the Common Law" (Symposium on Reconsidering Monell's Limitation Upon Municipal Liability for Civil Rights Violations) was published in 31 URB. LAW. 527 (1999). She also co-chaired a program of the Civil Rights Section of the AALS.

 Laura F. Rothstein's book and instructor's manual, "Special Education Law," (Longman 3d ed. 1999) have been published.  She also recently published "Olmstead v. LC: A Compass or A Roadmap" and "Supreme Court and Disabilities" (Health Law News, Fall 1999).  On October 14th, she lectured on "Current Issues for Disabled Persons on College and University Campuses" at North Harris County Community College.  On October 15th, she spoke on "Legal Issues Regarding Public School Students with Disabilities" at the Special Education Update, Advocacy, Inc. Some of her other recent lectures include "Post-Tenure Review and Disability Discrimination for College Faculty," "How to Appropriately Manage Students with Psychological Disabilities," "The ADA: Recent Trends and Decisions," and  "Legal Issues in Higher Education" (9th Annual National Conference Sponsored by the University of Vermont).  Professor Rothstein was also the subject of a feature story: "Staying Sharp: Professor Laura F. Rothstein on the Finer Points of Disability Law, Diversity and Needlepoint" 1999 Tex.B.J.3 (October, 1999).  The article cites her leadership in disabilities law and in achieving diversity in our admissions process.  On October 29th, she will speak at the American Council on Education Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, NM  on "Affirmative Action-The Impact of Hopwood."

 On September 16,  Jacqueline Weaver spoke to the National Association of Lease and Title Analysts in San Antonio regarding "When Express Clauses Negate Implied Covenants in Oil and Gas Leases."

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