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September, 1999

Mary Anne Bobinski gave five speeches this summer. She spoke on "Disability Law Update," at the Health Law Teachers' Conference, St. Louis on June 3rd-6th and on July 19th to (DELAA) Disability and Elder Law Attorney Association on "HIV Issues for the General Practitioner". She lectured to the UH Health Center Staff on July 21st on "Health Law Update." On August 9th she lectured to the ABA Annual Meeting on "AIDS and the Older Adult" in Atlanta, GA and finally on August 18th she spoke to the Harris County Attorney's Office CLE Program on "HIV Issues in the Workplace". On October 22nd she will go to the SUNY/Buffalo Conference celebrating One Hundred Years of Women at SUNY/Buffalo and talk on "Health Law Access".

Sandra Guerra was a panelist at the ABA Convention in Atlanta on August 8th. The panel was entitled, "Guilty: Racial Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System." She was invited to serve as a member of the ABA Forfeiture Task Force, which will determine the ABA's position on pending forfeiture legislation in Congress. She also gave a lecture on August 14th for the Federal Public Defenders of the Southern District of Texas on the Fourth Amendment of the Southern District of Texas. On August 13th she was interviewed by Channel 13 News regarding the insanity defense in the Resendez-Ramirez serial murder case and completed work on the Supplement for her treatise on Asset Forfeiture Law co-authored with Professor Jimmy Gurule.

Gary Hartman published several essays in "The Deadhead's Taping Compendium" volume II by Michael M. Getz and John D. Dwork (Henry Holt, Owl Books, 1999).

Douglas Moll's article "Shareholder Oppression v. Employment at Will in the Close Corporation: The Investment Model Solution," was published in the University of Illinois Law Review, 1999 U. Ill. Rev. 517 and his second article, "Shareholder Oppression in Close Corporations: The Unanswered Question of Perspective," will be the lead article in the March 1999 issue of the Vanderbilt Law Review.

Michael Olivas' article "Higher Education Admissions and the Search for One Important Thing" was published in 21 University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review 993. He has also been appointed to the National Association of College and University Attorneys Editorial Board for fiscal year 1999-2000.

Ronald Turner's article "Employment Discrimination, Labor and Employment Arbitration, and the Case Against Union Waiver of the Individual Worker's Right to a Judicial Form" will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Emory Law Journal. His article "The Unenvisioned Case, Interpretive Progression, and the Justifiability of Title VII Same-Sex Sexual Harassment Claims" will be published by the Duke Journal of Gender, Law and Policy. In addition, his article "Physician and Unions was published in the August 1999 edition of Anesthesiology News.

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