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January, 1999

Tony Chase's article, "Telecommunications Law in the United States" has been accepted for publication in the Comparative Law Yearbook published by the Center for International Legal Studies. The book will be available in early summer 1999.

David Dow's letter "Don't Mix Religion and Law School" appeared in the New York Times on November 25th and his editorial "Senate should vote to censure Clinton without a trial" appeared in the Houston Chronicle on December 21st. His poem "The Night before the Morning" will be published in The Advocate.

John Jay Douglass served as the Moderator of the Ethics Panel sponsored by the Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division for the ABA National Conference of Legal Defenders in San Antonio.

Ellen Marrus was Program Co-chair (with Alicia Alvarez, DePaul University, Paula C. Johnson, Syracuse University and Robert F. Seibel, City University of New York, Queens College for the January, 1999 AALS section on Clinical Legal Education. They developed a role play on issues of diversity in hiring for clinical programs. In addition she and Paula Johnson facilitated a roundtable discussion which followed the role play.

Tom Oldham's article dealing with the ALI Family Dissolution project was published in the December issue of the Texas Journal of Women and the Law.

Michael Olivas spoke at the January, 1999 AALS annual meeting on "Financing Legal Education: Lessons from Life and Research".

Laura Oren and Ron Turner spoke at the January, 1999 AALS annual meeting on "Reconsidering Monell: Liability of Local Governments for Policy".

Yale Rosenberg spoke at the January, 1999 AALS annual meeting on "Perspectives on Teaching Jewish Law".

Laura Rothstein spoke at the January, 1999 AALS annual meeting on "Work, Workers and Law in the 21st Century: Workers with Mental Illness". She also will speak to the American Council on Education Workshop on "Affirmative Action: The Impact of Hopwood " in Atlanta on January 29, 1999.

Mark Rothstein was elected Chair-elect of the AALS Section on Post-Graduate Legal Education at the AALS annual meeting January, 1999.

Jon Schultz produced his final report "Understanding One Another's Law: Resources for Mexican and U.S. Judges and Attorneys" to the U.S. Agency for International Development under a $81,000 grant. He also received one of twelve Instructional Development Grants from the University of Houston to develop a Web-based course that relies on the Internet for its content and administration.

Stephen Zamora has been invited to be a panelist at an ABA Workshop for Deans and Development Officers to be held in May in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Other panelists will be Deans John Sexton (NYU) and David Van Zandt (Northwestern). The subject under discussion will be "Institutional Marketing". He has also agreed to be on the Planning Committee for an AALS "Workshop 2000 on International Business Transactions".

The editor wishes to apologize to Irene Rosenberg and co-authors Yale Rosenberg and Rabbi Benzion Turin, 2L. Their article was accepted for publication in the Brandeis Law Journal.

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