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December, 1998

Seth Chandler published a comment on Humana, Inc. v. Forsyth in the Supreme Court Preview which resulted in several newspaper interviews. He also delivered a CLE presentation at Baker & Botts using computer graphics entitled "Beyond Stowers" regarding Texas case law and the insurer's duty to settle. He is an expert for the Internet service allexperts.com in the areas of health and insurance law, a pro bono public service.

David Crump won first place in the Byline Magazine contest for "Poem In Formal Structure." His poem, "A Miltonic Sonnet about Being Given the Game Ball after a Play in Right Field" went unappreciated by his teammates, although he has the ball with the signatures of all players, making the Byline recognition all the sweeter. The contest was "pretty far afield" from his courtroom mysteries such as "Conflict of Interest "or "The Holding Company."

Richard Dole's article, "The Essence of a Letter of Credit under Revised UCC Article 5: Permissible and Impermissible Nondocumentary Conditions Affecting Honor" will be published in 31 Houston Law Review 101 (1999).

David Dow's letter "Don't Mix Religion and Law School" was published in the New York Times, November 30th. He also accepted the invitation of The Criminal Law Forum to review "May God Have Mercy," John Tucker's book dealing with Virginia's execution of Roger Coleman.

Sandra Guerra has been invited by the Executive Director and the President of AALS to serve on a planning committee for a Criminal Justice Section workshop, 1999. The committee will meet in Washington, DC in January. She also spoke at a panel discussion entitled "Latinas in Leadership" at UH Clearlake on November 19th.

Paul Janicke represented the Law Center at the November 19th opening of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office's new south-central regional facility at Rice University. Among many other public services, the facility at Rice will provide for local filing of papers with the PTO relating to patent applications and trademark registrations as well as the interviewing of PTO examining officials by electronic conferencing equipment. The Rice Technical Library was selected by the Secretary of Commerce over competing facilities in Dallas, Oklahoma City and Kansas City and has strong support from several Houston institutions including the IP Program at UH Law Center which will sponsor a series of lectures during the spring and summer of 1999.

Doug Moll spoke on "Consumer Rights and Remedies Under the Texas Business and Commerce Code" at the 10th Annual Conference on the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act in San Antonio, Texas.

Tom Oldham completed the manuscript for the 23rd supplement to "Divorce, Separation and the Distribution of Property."

Michael Olivas has been appointed to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Houston Craniofacial Foundation, which provides charitable services for children born with deformed ears and cleft palates, and for children whose ears are severely injured or detached by accidents. The HCF provides funds for medical care and hospitalization, as well as support for family members to relocate to Houston during their children's medical stay.

Jordan Paust's article "Customary International Law is Law of the United States" will be published in 20 Mich. J. Int'l L. (1999). His essay "Non-Extraterritoriality of ?Special Territorial Jurisdiction? of the United States: Forgotten History and the Errors of Erdos," appeared at 24 Yale J. Int'l L. (1998) and his book review "Individual Criminal Responsibility for Human Rights Atrocities and Sanction Strategies," at 33 Tex. Int'l L.J. (1998). He also attended a meeting at UC Berkeley School of Law as one of a few United Nations Consultative Experts on December 8-12th.

Irene Rosenberg's article, co-author Yale L. Rosenberg "Lone Star Liberal Musings on ´Eye for Eye´ and the Death Penalty," was accepted for publication in the Utah Law Review. An adaptation of the article will be published in the Criminal Law Bulletin, a West peer review journal. She also gave a talk on the subject at the Third Annual Conference on Judaism and the Law, a CLE program sponsored by the Houston B´nai B´rith on November 12th. Her second article co-authors Yale L. Rosenberg and Rabbi Bentzion Turin, "Return of the Stubborn and Rebellious Son: An Independent Sequel on the Prediction of Future Criminality," was accepted for publication by the Brandies Law Review. She also was a panelist on the TV program (channel 55) "On the Table" dealing with hate crimes. It was taped on November 8th and will be aired in December. On November 18th she spoke at the Law Center on "Hate Crimes and Sodomy Laws," sponsored by the Mandamus Society and the following day was quoted in the Houston Chronicle on the subject.

Laura F. Rothstein's article "The Affirmative Action Debate in Legal Education and the Legal Profession: Lessons from Discrimination Law" was published at 2 J. Gender, Race & Just.1 (1998). She also was invited to membership on a Workgroup on Monitoring Testing in Post-Secondary Admissions, National Commission on Testing and Public Policy (1998-1999), a twenty-person committee for a meeting at the Ford Foundation in December.

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