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November, 1998

.Richard Alderman published the Fall 1998 Supplement to "The Lawyer's Guide to the Deceptive Trade Practices Act" and was the first American law professor to lecture at the Universite Nationale de Cote D'Ivoire. He was elected Chair of the University of Houston's Athletic Advisory Committee and produced and hosted a state-wide call-in TV show of "Know Your Rights" aired live in nine Texas cities. He served as master of ceremonies for the Novemberfest, a fundraiser for the Center for the Retarded and spoke to the Ladies Auxiliary of the Houston Engineering and Scientific Society. Richard Alderman also conducted a program in New York City on "The Uniform Commercial Code" for the Creditor's Rights Section of the Commercial Law League of America.

Sanford Gaines was a member of a three judge panel for the final round of the International Environmental Law Moot Court Competition hosted by Stetson Law School on November 7th.

Sandra Guerra spoke on "Invoking the Fifth Amendment in Civil Asset Forfeiture Discovery" at a symposium on federal criminal discovery at Georgia State University School of Law in Atlanta on November 11th. She was also selected to participate in the 1999 Leadership Texas program, which includes workshops, attended by women in leadership positions in the state.

Ellen Marrus participated both as a speaker and panelist by invitation October 23-25th at the Juvenile Defender Leadership Summit sponsored by the Juvenile Justice Center and the Youth Law Center. Her talk was entitled "Representing Girls Across Systems: Multidisciplinary and Cross-Systems Strategies." She was also a panelist for AWIL's Domestic Violence Awareness program entitled "A Discussion on Domestic Violence" where she spoke to "Victims of Domestic Violence."

Gerry Moohr's article "Arbitration and the Goals of Employment Discrimination Law" will be published as the lead article in the Spring issue of Washington & Lee Law Review. Her article "Don't Make a Federal Case Out of It" was reprinted in November 2, 1998 Texas Lawyer 5 (1998).

Michael Olivas will chair the Planning Committee of the AALS Teaching Newcomers Conference consisting of five law teachers which will design and coordinate the annual summer workshop in July for law teachers new to the profession, all as further evidence that no good deed goes unpunished. He was also appointed by AALS president-elect Gregory Willaims to a three year term on the AALS Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure: He was appointed to this committee two years ago, when it was determined that his service as General Counsel to the American Association of University Professors would pose a possible conflict of interest. When his second term as AAUP General Counsel completed he assumed the AALS Committee position which investigates allegations of academic freedom violations and issues concerning academic tenure. Michael Olivas was also honored by the Hispanic National Bar Association as Distinguished Professor of the Year at a banquet in Albuquerque and by the Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education, at the TACHE Annual Meeting on November 16th at the Houston Warwick Hotel.

Jordan Paust's new book "International Law and Litigation in the United States" will be published by WestGroup. He spoke on "Human Rights Treaties as Law in the United States" at three United Nations celebrations: UNA-USA UN Day celebration in Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 24th; at UNA-USA UN Day celebration at Southern Illinois University, November 2nd; and at the U.H. Law Center in honor of the first Monday regarding the new Supreme Court term on October 5th. He was also chair of a panel on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Genocide Convention during the Annual Meeting of the American Branch of the International Law Association in New York City on November 14th.

Laura Rothstein's book and teacher's manual "Disability Law: Cases & Materials 2d edition was published by Michie Co. (1998). She is a member of the Law School Admissions Council Finance and Legal Affairs Committee which she attended in Aspen on October 23-24th. On November 12-13th she gave a talk on "Current Issues for Disabled Persons on College and University Campuses at AHEAD Conference hosted at the University of Houston and she will give another talk "Affirmative Action--The Impact of Hopwood" on November 20th at the American Council on Education Workshop in Chicago.

Joseph Sanders is quoted in November 28, 1998 ABA Journal 29 on the application of Daulbert to "soft sciences" witnesses referring to the 5th Circuit's en banc determination in Moore v. Ashland Chemical Inc.

Robert Schuwerk was quoted in the November 1,1998 Houston Chronicle on the conduct of the Chief Judge of the 5th Circuit Henry Politz who arranged for special treatment of a convicted pedophile as a possible violation of the ABA Code of Ethics which "prohibits a judge from lending the prestige of the office to advance the private interest of others."

Ira B. Shepard spoke on "Recent Developments in Federal Income Taxation" at the Texas State Bar Advanced Tax Course in Houston on September 10th. He spoke on the same topic to the Southern Federal Tax Institute in Atlanta on October 5th. At that meeting, he marked the completion of 25 years of service as Special Advisor to the Board of that Institute. He also spoke on "Tax Update" to the UH Law Foundation course on Real Estate in Houston and Dallas in October. At the end of that month, he spoke to the forty-first Annual Tax Seminar of the Corpus Christi Chapter of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants. On November 10th Ira Shepard spoke to the Austin Tax Forum on "Selected Recent Developments" and on November 11th, he spoke to the University of Texas Tax Conference on the same subject, both presentations were made with Professor Martin McMahon of the University of Florida Law School. He plans to speak to the Tennessee Federal Tax Institute on the same subject on December 3rd and to the William & Mary Tax Conference on December 5th. At the latter conference, he will also make a joint presentation with Chief Judge Mary Ann Cohen of the United States Tax Court on "The Role of the Tax Court in Shaping Federal Tax Law" He also plans to speak at the New Mexico Tax Institute on December 21st on "Recent Developments in Taxation" a subject he addresses each month to the Wednesday Tax Forum in Houston.

Stephen Zamora gave a lecture on "Legal Ethics in International Law Practice" as part of the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Texas-Mexico Bar Association held in Mexico City on October 22nd. He has also been asked to serve as a member of the AALS Library and Information Technology Committee and to speak at an upcoming Border Judicial Conference in San Diego which will bring together judges from Mexico and the United States. The conference is sponsored by the National Center for State Courts where as a member of the Advisory Committee on U.S.-Mexican Judicial Cooperation, he has been involved for two years in a project funded by USAID to promote understanding and cooperation between the judiciaries of the United States and Mexico.

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Joseph Sanders, Expert Advise On Silicone Implants: Hall v. Baxter Healthcare Corp. APS abstract only

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