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  October, 1998

Richard Alderman’s 1998 edition of "Alderman’s Texas Consumer and Commercial Laws Annotated" was published by West Group. He moderated the Houston Young Lawyers’ Association Judicial Forum televised by Channel 8, and the Family Court Judicial Forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters and the Law Center Association of Women in the Law. In addition he presented papers on "Applicability of the DPTA" at the Advanced Consumer Law Seminar sponsored by the Consumer Law Section of the Texas State Bar and the at the El Paso Bar Association’s Consumer Law Seminar. He was re-elected to the Board of Directors of the Consumer Credit Counseling Services and gave speeches to the Automotive Service Association, Wellsprings Guild, LaPorte High School, Ladies Auxiliary of the Houston Engineering and Scientific Society, St. Ignatius Church and the Credit Coalition of Houston.

Mary Anne Bobinski published an article, "The Expanding Domain of the ADA: The Supreme Court’s decision in Abbott v. Bragdon, 60 Texas Bar Journal 918 (October, 1998). She also spoke at the Texas State Bar Section in Austin on "Case Update" in September. The following month she spoke at the Thomas Street Clinic on "Legal and Ethical Implications of HIV in Health Care Settings".

Sidney Buchanan was invited to publish the lead article in the newly created March, 1998 Brandeis Law Journal. The article is entitled "Upping the Procedural Ante: A Study in Conflicting Democratic Values".

Seth Chandler interviewed on KTRH covering two legal issues. The first involved the Department of Justice antitrust lawsuit against Mastercard and Visa He observed that the defendants might face an amusingly difficult problem trying to exclude American Express from the relevant product market given their "and they don’t take American Express" advertising campaign. The second interview involved health law and the vulnerability of patients under employer-based managed care. The physician can become dissatisfied with the network as happened in Dallas with Aetna or the network with the physician. In either case, current law, including the "law of abandonment" provides patients with little or no protection. Bills currently pending in Congress address this issue but leave the root of the problem unchallenged. During this interview he crafted a plug for the Peoples’ Law School, October 17th at which he will be teaching health insurance.

David Dow’s article "The Moral Failure of the Clear and Present Danger Test" was published in the William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal. His Op-ed piece "Clinton Failures Deserve Censure, Not Impeachment" appeared in the Houston Chronicle on September 11th.

Ellen Marrus spoke at the Quinnipiac College School of Law, Center for Children and the Family Conference entitled, The Juvenile Justice Counter-Reformation: Children and Adolescents as Adult Criminals. It was co-sponsored by the Law School and the Juvenile Justice Center of the American Bar Association, Washington, DC and the Juvenile Law Center, Philadelphia, PA on September 17-18th. The title of her talk was "Lawyers + Doctors + Social Workers +Therapists + Educators…A Holistic Approach to Representing Juveniles".

John Mixon co-authored an article with Justin Waggoner, University of Houston Law Center graduate’98 and former faculty research assistant entitled "The Role of Variances in Determining Ripeness in Takings Claim Under Zoning Ordinances and Subdivision Regulations of Texas Municipalities," 29 St. Mary’s Law Journal 765 (1998).

Gerry Moohr spoke to forty community leaders chosen by the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership 2000 Program on "Federal Criminal Law," October 7th.

Tom Oldham published an article on the ALI Family Dissolution project in the Texas Journal of Women and the Law. He will also be speaking later this month at the University of Texas Marital Property Institute.

Laura Rothstein’s "Disabilities and the Law" Fall 1998 Cumulative Supplement was published by West Group. She also published a book chapter in "Bridging the Gap: Learning Disabilities, Adult Education, and Literacy" (Paul H. Brookes 1998) entitled "The Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504, and Adults with Learning Disabilities in Adult Education and Transition to Employment," and an article "Teaching Disability Law" 48 Journal of Legal Education 279 (Fall 1998). She had a Letter to the Editor, "Americans with Disabilities" published in the August 24th issue of U.S. News & World Report which was selected for publication in "We the People" (1998) and a UH website article – http://www.law.uh.edu/healthlaw posted September 16th on "Second Circuit Issues Important Opinions on the ADA: Bartlett v. New York State Bar Examiners." She  also lectured at the Anti-Defamation League, Southwest Regional Board Meeting on October 14th and at the Conference on Legal Issues in Higher Education cosponsored by the American College Personnel Association, Association for Student Judicial Affairs, College and University Personnel Association and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators at the University of Vermont on October 4-6th.

William Streng Published an article entitled "Conference on Investing in Russia Under the Law on Production Sharing Agreements" 20 Houston Journal of International Law 517 (Spring 1998).

Jacqueline Weaver prepared an article for a speech she delivered October 8th at the Texas State Bar’s 16th Annual Advanced Oil, Gas and Mineral Law Section on "The Proposed Compulsory Unitization Act for Texas".

Stephen Zamora presented a paper on August 10-12th at an International Symposium entitled "Developments in the Law in the Twentieth Century," held at the Institute of Legal Studies, National University of Mexico (UNAM). A Spanish version of this talk, "International Law and the World Economy at the End of the Twentieth Century" has been published in a special volume by UNAM. With Sanford Gaines, he attended a meeting of the representatives of the proposed North American Consortium on Legal Education on September 22-24th in Monterrey, Mexico. The consortium members are: Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia), University of Ottawa, McGill University (Montreal), University of Arizona, University of Houston, George Washington University (Washington, DC), Technologico de Monterrey, Universidad de Monterrey, Universidad Panamericana (Mexico City) and UNAM, Institute of Legal Research (Mexico City). The purpose of the meeting was to put finishing touches on this consortium that will promote student and faculty exchanges and cooperation in research between the nine law schools. After approval by the facilities and administrations, the consortium should be operational by next year.

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