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September, 1998

Richard Dole's article "The Essence of a Letter of Credit under Revised UCC Article 5: Permissible and Impermissible Nondocumentary Conditions Affecting Honor" will be published in the November, 1998 issue of the Houston Law Review.

David Dow's letter "The Amenability of a Sitting President to a Grand Jury Subpoena appeared in the New York Times on July 29th.

Correction: Faculty Services apologizes to Professor Dow for an error in the August Faculty Focus. His article co-authored with Scott Shieldes, a 1998 Law Center graduate and former Faculty Services Research Assistant "Rethinking the Clear and Present Danger Test" was published in the 73 Indiana Law Journal 1217 NOT the Indiana Law Review.

Sanford Gaines directed the Mexican Legal Studies Program in Mexico City in June and July. While there, he was invited by the Legal research Institute of the State of Mexico in Toluca to address an audience of 50-60 state legislators and government officials on "Legal and Political Implications of International Environmental Law for the State and State Law." He also attended the 5th Regular Meeting of the Council of Ministers of the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation in Merida, at which time he was asked by EPA Administrator Browner to assume the chair of the National Advisory Committee to the Administrator on which he has served for the past year. With Dean Zamora's approval to defer his faculty leave, he accepted this appointment. Also while in Mexico Professor Gaines participated in a traditional forum sponsored by the former Mexican Development Bank, Nafin and other organizations on the opportunities and challenges for the small and medium enterprises in the North American marketplace, including the challenge of meeting environmental management and performance standards.

Paul Janicke chaired a panel discussion in Mexico City on "A possible Exemption from Patent Infringement for Experimental Use" on August 24-26th. The session was part of the annual meeting of the Association for Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property (ATRIP).

Ellen Marrus will be a speaker at a conference entitled "The Juvenile Justice Counter Reformation: Children and Adolescents as Adult Criminals" co-sponsored by Quinnipiac College School of Law, A.B.A. Juvenile Justice Center and the Juvenile Law Center on September 17-18th.

Douglas Moll's article "Shareholder Oppression v. Employment at Will in the Close Corporation: The Investment Model Solution" will be published in the April-May issue of the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) Law Review.

Michael Olivas was asked by Provost Sheridan to chair the search committee for the new dean of the College of Business Administration. He was also asked by the Texas House of Representatives to testify September 24th on proposed legislation that would affect graduate and professional admissions to public colleges. In addition he was invited by the Spencer Foundation to apply for a research grant on college legal reform and by the Mellon Foundation to attend a workshop in New York City September 9-10th on their education funding priorities.

Jordan Paust's article "Non-Extraterritoriality of "Special Territorial Jurisdiction" of the United States: Forgotten History and the Errors of Erdos" will be published in 24 Yale Journal of International Law (1998). His essay "Breard and Treaty Based Rights Under the Consular Convention" will be published in 92 American Journal of International Law (1998), a requested piece. The American Journal will also publish his book review of "International Criminal Law Conventions and their Penal Provisions." On September 10th,Professor Paust argued before the Supreme Court of Texas in a case addressing "equal treaty rights" under Texas legislation. On September 18-19th, he was a panelist and a moderator on International Humanitarian Law at the Third Pan-European International Relations Conference and Meeting with the International Studies Association in Vienna, Austria.

Mark Rothstein wrote an article published in the Houston Chronicle, Tuesday September 1, 1998 entitled "Underlying Issues Important Part of Cloning Debate" cautioning pet lovers from cloning their dogs. He also was quoted in an article in the National Law Journal September 14th on geneticized lawsuits.

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