March 1998


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Mary Anne Bobinski spoke in February, on "The Legal and Ethical Aspects of HIV and the Physician-Patient Relationship" at
a colloquium sponsored by the Institute for the Medical Humanities, UT Medical Branch, Galveston and on "Legal Aspects of HIV in Health Care, Nurse Training Session, Thomas St. Clinic in Houston. In March, she spoke on "HIV Ethical/Legal Policy Issues," 7th Annual Trainer Course, Department of the Air Force, New Orleans, LA and on "HIV and the Law," Pharmacy Conference '98, American Pharmaceutical Association, Miami, FL.

Sanford Gaines has published an article "Rethinking Environmental  Protection, Competitiveness, and International Trade," 1997 U.Chi Legal Forum 231 (1997). He also attended a meeting of the National Advisory Committee to the U.S. Representative (EPA Administrator Carole Browner) to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation in San Diego on March 5th-6th. On March 26th, he will give a presentation to United States and Mexican judges on "The NAFTA Environmental Commission " at the invitation of the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade at the University of Arizona in Albuquerque.

Peter Linzer spoke to the faculty and students at California Western Law School, San Diego on "Life, Liberty and Contract: Private Law, Public Obligations and the New Conservatism in Private Law" on March 10, 1998.

Gerry Moohr published an opinion piece, "Don't Make a Federal Case of Everything" in the March 2, 1998 issue of the Legal Times. The article was solicited but the editors supplied the title and cartoon. Another article "The Federal Interest in Criminal Law" which appeared in the Syracuse Law Review was selected for review in the March 1998 issue of  The Champion. She was also featured as Distinguished Alumna in the Winter 1998 issue of The Advocate, a publication of the American University Washington College of Law.

Tom Oldham spoke on March 5th at the University of Texas on "Developing Trends in Family Law." Jordan Paust's essay "The Human Rights to Food, Medicine and Medical Supplies, and Freedoms from Arbitrary and Inhuman Detention and Controls in Sri Lanka" will be published in 31 Vand. J. Transnat'l L.(1998). His book review of "Accountability for Human Rights Atrocities in International Law" will appear in 33 Tex. Int'l L.J. (1998) and another essay "The Freeing of Ntakirutimana in the United States and Extradition to the ICTs" will be published in Y.B. Int'l Humanitarian L. (The Netherlands, 1998). He also wrote two affidavits on extraterritorial jurisdiction over events in embassy housing and military base housing overseas for district courts in Miami and Honolulu.

Laura Rothstein spoke on March 6th on "Update on Disability Issues" at the annual meeting held in Denver of the National Association of College and University Attorneys. On March 13th she was a participant in a debate "Hamantashen v. Latkes" at the Hillel Foundation of  Greater Houston and on March18th another debate this one with the Federalist Society on the "Benefits of the Americans with Disabilities Act."

Jon Schultz will split his fall semester faculty leave between two universities. He has accepted an invitation to Yale Law School as Distinguished Visiting Librarian where he will work on a writing project on planning for technology in law schools. During the same semester he will be a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School working on a new edition of his book, Statutes Compared, William S. Hein & Co. On March 27th, he will speak on "Law School Intranets" at the annual meeting of the Southwestern Association of Law Libraries.

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Editor: Harriet Richman