February, 1998

Seth Chandler has delivered a speech on "Careers in Health Law" at the University of Houston Optometry School. His talk provided non-lawyers the opportunity to sample the sorts of cases and transactions that occur in health law and alert future medical practitioners to issues they are likely to confront in their own practice.

David Dow’s essay "The Humanity of Karla Faye Tucker" appeared in the Texas Observer on February 13th and his commentary on the death penalty entitled (by the Houston Chronicle) "Tucker’s Execution Begs Revamping of the Texas System" appeared on February 4th.

Jordan Paust has contributed an essay to The Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law volume 1, The Hague: T.M.C. Asser Institute for International Law. His essay is entitled "The Freeing of Ntakirutimana in the United States and Extradition to the ICTs." His essay, "The Preparatory Committee’s Definition of Crimes - War Crimes" will be published in 9 Criminal Law Forum. It includes draft definitions of war crimes prepared by the Working Group of the Committee Involved in the Creation of a Permanent International Criminal Court.

Laura Rothstein will lecture on "Affirmative Action-The Impact of Hopwood" to the American Council on Education’s National Conference in San Francisco on February 8th and at Southern Methodist University on February 27th. She will also speak on February 18th to the Dallas Bar Association Health Law Section on "Barriers to Health Care Access and People with Disabilities" and on February 23rd on "Employment and Disability Discrimination" to the Houston Police Officers Pension System Group. On February 13th she spoke at the 19th Annual National Conference on Law and Higher Education sponsored by Stetson College of Law.

Ira Shepard spoke in February to the Wednesday Tax Forum on "Current Developments in Taxation," to the Houston Chapter of the National Employment Lawyers Association on "Fact Finding in Court," and to the Southwest Legal Foundation Oil and Gas Program on "Recent Developments in Oil and Gas Taxation." He made two presentations to the Tax Executives’ Institute on "Recent Developments in Federal Income Taxation," one to corporate employees and a separate-but-equal presentation to IRS employees. He will also moderate a Texas State Bar program on February 20th from noon to 2:00 p.m. on "Ethical Issues for Benefits Lawyers." This program will be presented over the telephone to registrants; the target audience includes ERISA lawyers and lawyers born in February.

Jacqueline Weaver spoke on January 27th to the Houston Bar Association Section on Oil, Gas and Mineral Law on "When Express Clauses Bar Implied Covenants."

Editor: Harriet Richman