IPIL National Conference

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Copyright Law (2023)
Conference Presenters
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Christopher Buccafusco Betsy Rosenblatt Matthew Sag Zahr K. Said Felix Wu

Christopher Buccafusco

Duke University School of Law

Betsy Rosenblatt

Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Matthew Sag

Emory University School of Law

Zahr K. Said

University of Washington School of Law

Felix Wu

Yeshiva University Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

Bayesian Copying


Putting the Fairness in Copyright Fair Use


Regulating Predatory Style Transfer


Revisiting Scènes à Faire


The Structure of Secondary Copyright Liability



Conference Fellows

Mala Chatterjee Zvi S. Rosen Xiyin Tang

Mala Chatterjee

Columbia Law School

Zvi S. Rosen

Southern Illinois University School of Law

Xiyin Tang

UCLA School of Law