IPIL National Conference

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Trademark: Today and Tomorrow (2011)
Conference Presenters

Ann Bartow Baron Beebe Greg Lastowka Mark McKenna Rebecca Tushnet

Ann Bartow

Pace University Law School

Barton Beebe

New York University School of Law

Greg Lastowka

Rutgers School of Law Camden

Mark P. McKenna

University of Notre Dame Law School

Rebecca Tushnet

Georgetown Law Center

Counterfeits, Copying and Class


Is the Trademark Office a Rubber Stamp?


Trademark's Daemons




Looking at the Lanham Act: Images in Trademark and Advertising Law



Conference Fellows

Deborah R. Gerhardt
Michael Grynberg Laura A. Heymann

Deborah Gerhardt

University of North Carolina School of Law

Michael Grynberg

Oklahoma City University School of Law

Laura Heymann

William & Mary Law School