IPIL National Conference

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The ©©© Conference: Celebrating Copyright's tri-Centennial (2010)
Conference Presenters

Oren Bracha Ronan Deazley Pierre N. Leval David Zimmerman Catherine Seville Diane Zimmerman

Oren Bracha

University of Texas School of Law

Ronan Deazley

University of Glasgow School of Law, UK

Pierre N. Leval

Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

David Nimmer

University of California, Los Angeles

 Catherine Seville

Newnham College, Cambridge University, UK

Diane Leenheer Zimmerman

New York University School of Law

The Statute of Anne: An American Mythology


The Statute of Anne and the Great Abridgment Swindle


Fair Use Since Campbell


Queen Anne in the Emperor's Shadow


The Statute of Anne: Rhetoric and Reception in the Nineteenth Century


The Statute of Anne and Its Progeny: Variations Without a Theme



Conference Fellows

Shyankrishna Balganesh David Fagundes Sara Stadler

Shyamkrishna Balganesh

University of Pennsylvania Law School

David Fagundes

Southwestern Law School

Sara Stadler

Emory University School of Law


Conference Senior Fellows

Peter Jaszi Marshall Leaffer Tyler Ochoa

Peter Jaszi

Washington College of Law, American University

Marshall Leaffer

Maurer School of Law, Indiana University-Bloomington

Tyler Ochoa

Santa Clara University School of Law