IPIL National Conference

Copyright in Context (2007)
Conference Presenters

Keith Aoki Thomas F. Cotter Roberta R. Kwall Peter S. Menell Neil W. Netanel

Keith Aoki

University of Oregon School of Law/ University of California at Davis School of Law

Thomas F. Cotter

University of Minnesota Law School

Roberta Rosenthal Kwall

Depaul University College of Law

Peter S. Menell

University of California-Boalt Hall School of Law

Neil Weinstock Netanel

University of California at Los Angeles School of Law

Balancing Act: Reflections on Justice O’Connor’s Intellectual Property Jurisprudence




Originality in Context


Knowledge Accessibility and Preservation Policy for the Digital Age


Maharam of Padua v. Giustiniani: The Sixteenth-Century Origins Of The Jewish Law Of Copyright



Conference Fellows

Michael W. Carroll Christine Haight Farley Michael J. Madison

Michael W. Carroll

Villanova University School of Law

Christine Haight Farley

American University-Washington College of Law

Michael J. Madison

University of Pittsburgh School of Law