IPIL National Conference

The Future of Patent Law (2002)
Conference Presenters

Paul M. Janicke
Mark D. Janis Jay P. Kesan
Kimberly A. Moore Craig Allen Nard Toshiko Takenaka John R. Thomas

Paul M. Janicke

University of Houston Law Center

Mark D. Janis

University of Iowa College of Law

Jay P. Kesan

University of Illinois College of Law

Kimberly A. Moore

George Mason University School of Law

Craig Allen Nard

Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Toshiko Takenaka

University of Washington School of Law

John R. Thomas

Georgetown University Law Center

“Maybe We Shouldn’t Arbitrate”: Some Aspects of the Risk/Benefit Calculus of Agreeing to Binding Arbitration of Patent Disputes


U.S. Plant Variety Protection: Sound and Fury . . . ?



Juries, Patent Cases, & a Lack of Transparency



Toward a Cautious Approach to Obeisance: The Role of Scholarship in Federal Circuit Patent Law Jurisprudence



Rethinking the United States First-to-Invent Principle from a Comparative Law Perspective: A Proposal to Restructure ยง 102 Novelty and Priority Provisions


Liberty and Property in the Patent Law