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Article Submission Criteria
Journal Mailing Address

The Journal accepts article submissions on a rolling basis, at any time of the year until the volume is filled. Most submissions are reviewed beginning August 1st. Consideration for the symposium is by invitation only.

Please deliver your submission by U.S.P.S. mail or by email to All authors are required to sign copyright agreements prior to publication; our agreement is derived from the Association of American Law Schools' Model Author-Journal Contract. If you mail a submission, please mail it to the address listed to the right.

What to Submit: Please send a resume or C.V., one copy of your manuscript (single-sided, double-spaced only), a one page single-spaced abstract of the manuscript, and a digital copy of both your manuscript and your abstract in uncompressed (not "zipped") Microsoft Word format. Please include the following in your cover letter: (1) mailing address, telephone and fax numbers, and email address; and (2) your present title, degree(s) held, and any institutional/corporate affiliation. Any acknowledgments or dedications must be stated on the cover page only.

Review and Editing Process: Decisions to accept or reject papers are based on recommendations received through anonymous peer review. After a submission has been accepted, authors may be sent peer review comments to help improve the quality of final article. Authors will be updated during the copy editing stages, but will not be contacted regarding minor changes such as but not limited to grammar, punctuation, parallel structure, etc. Authors will receive final-stage proofs and galleys for review. The editors will work with authors to finalize editing decisions on these proofs.

Manuscript: All manuscripts must be typed in 12pt Times New Roman font, double-spaced, on 8 1/2" x 11" white paper. We will accept electronic submissions, but they must be in a Microsoft Word format. We cannot accept submissions in WordPerfect. Manuscripts should not exceed sixty (60) pages in length, including footnotes. If your submission is longer than sixty pages, please contact our Editor-in-Chief for assistance. To maintain uniformity, authors must use standard American English spellings.

Footnotes: Notes must be numbered consecutively in Arabic numbers. Each new citation requires its own note. If you want to refer to a note listed previously in the text, use id or supra, as warranted. Please do not place more than one note at one place in the text. The Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy adheres to the Twentieth (20th) edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, published by the Harvard Law Review Association.

Author's Sources: If you reference or cite to a source that is unavailable to the general public, please send one copy of the entire source along with your submission. This copy will remain "on-file" with the Journal. We request that you not abbreviate medical journal names in your manuscript.

Figures and Diagrams: All figures, diagrams, and tables must be camera-ready. The editors will not create figures, diagrams, or tables. We prefer them on disk as separate files. If this is not possible, submit them on high quality white laser paper. If you have questions about suitability, contact the Editor-in-Chief. Figures, diagrams, and tables are to be numbered consecutively, with Arabic numerals. Indicate in the text or margin the most appropriate location for each figure.

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