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2013-14 Editorial Board
Board of Sponsors

Research Assistant Professor

Health Law & Policy Institute Co-Director

Assistant Professor of Law

Editor in Chief: 
Deena Herndon-Remy

Managing Editor: 
Leah Robbins

Business Development Editor:
Amy Glasscock

Chief Notes & Comments Editor:
Barbara Fox

Chief Articles Editor: 
Chelsea Averill

Senior Articles Editors:
Donald Green, Josephine Sorgwe, Kristina Petz, Barrett

Articles Editors: 
Casey Amsler, Ghazal Asrar, Alexis Braun, Kevin Hooker, 
Mark Mitchell, Richard Ramsey, Andrew Renehan, Mycah
Robinson, Tracey Toll

2013-14 Editorial Board Canidates

Lauren Fisher
Austin Gray
Katherine Harding
Lara Hogue
Keith Lefkowitz
Kim Lewinski
Dana Lizik
Alison Mills
William Schultz
Sarah West
Adiah Oreyomi
Clayton Suitt
Katie Hezekiah
Ryan McGraw
Estella Hefti
Emily Brlansky

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Pictured:  Founding Editor Mark Rothstein, Esq. (left) with Founding Sponsors J.D. Epstein, Esq. (center) and Mark Coffin, Esq., Board Chairman (right).

Board of Sponsors

Barrow P. Bogatto
Houston, TX

Mark W. Coffin
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Sam Crocker
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Bernard A. Duco, Jr.
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J.D. Epstein
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Susan Harris
Houston, TX

Ivan Wood
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Thomas Lucksinger
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J. Patrick Magill
Houston, TX

Michael Solar
Houston, TX

Debbi Johnstone
Houston, TX


Adams & Reese
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Jerry Bell
Houston, TX

Mark W. Coffin
Houston, TX

J.D. Epstein
Houston, TX

Fulbright & Jaworski
Houston, TX

Jackson Walker
Houston, TX

Plunkett & Gibson
San Antonio, TX

State Bar of Texas
Health Law Section

Wood, Lucksinger & Epstein
Houston, TX