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Health Law & Policy Institute
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Health Law & Policy Institute
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Assistant Professor of Law

Joseph Quezada
Editor in Chief

Stephanie Rhima
Managing Editor

Matthew Halpin
Chief Notes & Comments Editor

Claudia Grant
Chief Articles Editor

Joshua Christopher
Head Senior Articles Editor

Robert Denzer & Zachary McArthur
Senior Articles Editors

Michael Garatoni, Simran Sobti & Sarah West
Articles Editors

Melba Melton, J.D.
Line Editor

2015-16 Candidate Class

Arturo Aguilar
Julia Bennett
Dixon Cheung
William Cooper
Zeinab Kachmar
Jacob Karam
Ricque Kidd
Ryan Logan
Jordan McAllister
Brendan McArdle
Ivan Morales
Rachel Morefield
Hamish Nieh
Matthew Nieten
Benjamin Nipper
Andrea Ortiz
Timothy Partin
Julia Peebles
Stephanie Sepulveda
Abid Steele
Dalissia Tezeno
Samual Thomas
Brian Trinidad
Dinaaz Vadva

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Pictured:  Founding Editor Mark Rothstein, Esq. (left) with Founding Sponsors J.D. Epstein, Esq. (center) and Mark Coffin, Esq., Board Chairman (right).

Board of Sponsors

Barrow P. Bogatto
Houston, TX

Mark W. Coffin
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Sam Crocker
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Bernard A. Duco, Jr.
St. Louis, MO

J.D. Epstein
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Susan Harris
Houston, TX

Ivan Wood
Houston, TX

Thomas Lucksinger
Houston, TX

J. Patrick Magill
Houston, TX

Michael Solar
Houston, TX

Debbi Johnstone
Houston, TX


Adams & Reese
Houston TX

Jerry Bell
Houston, TX

Mark W. Coffin
Houston, TX

J.D. Epstein
Houston, TX

Fulbright & Jaworski
Houston, TX

Jackson Walker
Houston, TX

Plunkett & Gibson
San Antonio, TX

State Bar of Texas
Health Law Section

Wood, Lucksinger & Epstein
Houston, TX