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2 0 2                                                  1                                                       THE POWER OF

                                                                                          GENERATING FUTURE HEALTHCARE LAWYERS

             HLPI was                                                                     HLPI is

                                       HLPI has been ranked
              established in                                                        nationally recognized and              HLPI partners
                  1978.                  among the top 10 programs in                 has earned a powerful
                                          health law in the country for                   reputation.                  with the Texas Medical Center,
                                                the last 25 years.                                                   the Texas DSHS, NIH, UNICEF, and
                                         Source: U.S. News & World Report                                            Baylor College of Medicine to give
                                                                                                                      students real-world experiences.

         HLPI is home to                                                        HLPI Faculty publish

         The Houston Journal of Health
             Law & Policy and the                                                   more than two dozen               HLPI Faculty appear
           Health Law Organization.                                                 publications annually
                                             HLPI received                             in leading legal,                in top media outlets, including ABC
                                                                                     bioethics, and peer-               News, NBC News, CSPAN, The New York
                                           a grade A from preLaw                                                         Times, BBC Radio, The New York Post,
                                                 Magazine.                            reviewed journals.                     and The Washington Post.
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