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Michael A. Olivas
                                   Professor of Law
                                   William B. Bates Distinguished Chair of Law
                                   Director, Institute for Higher Education Law
                                   & Governance
            The Law and Higher Education: Cases and Materials on
             Colleges in Court (Carolina Academic Press, 2016, 4th edition),
             Michael Olivas & Amy Gajda.

            The Accidental Historian, or How I Found My Groove in Legal History, in
             A Promising Problem: The New Chicana/o History (Carlos K.
             Blanton ed., Austin: University of Texas Press, 2016) 33-57.
            Perchance To Dream: A Political And Legal History of the
             Dream Act (forthcoming, NYU Press).
            The Last Word: A Rough Draft of My Life as a Professor, in Law
             Professor and Accidental Historian: The Scholarship of
             Michael A. Olivas (Ediberto Román ed., 2017).
            Within You Without You: Undocumented Lawyers, DACA, and
             Occupational Licensing, Val. L. Rev. (forthcoming).

                                   Robert C. Palmer
                                   Cullen Professor of History and Law

            Anglo-American Legal Tradition,
            WAALT: The Wiki for the Anglo-American Legal Tradition Website,
             Anglo-American Legal Tradition,

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