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Blake  Hudson

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Blake Hudson

Professor of Law
A.L. O'Quinn Chair in Environmental Studies

J.D. Duke University School of Law
M.A. Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment
B.S. University of Montevallo

Prior to joining the Houston Law Center in 2017, Professor Hudson was an assistant professor of law at Stetson University College of Law (2009-2012). He also held a joint appointment as a full professor of law with the LSU Law Center and the LSU College of the Coast & Environment (2012-2017). He practiced law from 2007-2009 at the law firm of Baker Botts in Houston, Texas.

Professor Hudson's research considers how property, land use, and natural resources law and policy intersect with environmental and constitutional law, with specific focus on the issue of federalism as it relates to land use and the environment. One branch of his research centers on "commons" scholarship and the complicated role of private property rights and government institutions as solutions to commons dilemmas. Professor Hudson's research further assesses how the issues of federalism and constitutional structure have the potential to both complicate and resolve land use and natural resource management issues at the state, federal, and international levels, with particular emphasis on forests, natural capital impacted by direct land use planning, and the legal and political institutions established to govern those resources. His articles are forthcoming or have been published in the Washington and Lee Law Review, Indiana Law Journal, Georgia Law Review, Hastings Law Journal, University of Colorado Law Review, Alabama Law Review, Florida Law Review, Tulane Law Review, Florida State University Law Review, Connecticut Law Review, and BYU Law Review, among a variety of other legal and peer-reviewed journals. His book, Constitutions and the Commons: The Impact of Federal Governance on Local, National, and Global Resource Management, was published by Resources for the Future/Earthscan in 2014. Professor Hudson teaches natural resources law and policy, water law, and property law.

Professor Hudson obtained his bachelor's degree in both biology and history, as well as minors in pre-law and political science, at the University of Montevallo, where he was a scholar-athlete. He graduated with high honors from Duke University School of Law, and also graduated with a Master's degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment.

Selected Publications

Harnessing Energy Markets to Conserve Natural Resources? The Case of Southern Forests, 44 Florida State University Law Review (forthcoming 2017)

Relative Administrability, Conservatives, and Environmental Regulatory Reform, 68 Florida Law Review 1661 (2016)

Our Constitutional Commons (with Brigham Daniels), 49 Georgia Law Review 995 (2015)

Institutional Preconditions for Policy Success, 89 Tulane Law Review 669 (2015)

Dynamic Forest Federalism, 71 Washington and Lee Law Review 1643 (2014)

Federal Constitutions, Global Governance, and the Role of Forests in Regulating Climate Change, 87 Indiana Law Journal 1455 (2012)

Federal Constitutions: The Keystone of Nested Commons Governance, 63 Alabama Law Review 1007 (2012)

Natural Resources Law & Policy
Water Law & Policy