Student Paper Publishing Resources

The Law Center’s Institute for Intellectual Property and Information Law (IPIL) strongly encourages student scholarship and publication. Toward that end, the resources below may be helpful.

This document discusses the means by which a student might select a paper topic, and provides other resources for the writing process:



The Washington and Lee University School of Law list of Law Journals:


The Findlaw Academic Law Journals and Law Reviews - Intellectual Property Journals list:


The market is fluid concerning services that allow one to submit an article to many journals via a web portal. For example, ExpressO has been a player in this category for a while:



This blog posts discusses developments in this market:

Law Review Electronic Submission Services — The New, The Old, The Free:




An important resource is a paper that is published and regularily updated by two law professors.

The title is: Information for Submitting Articles to Law Reviews & Journals

Authors: Allen Rostron and Nancy Levit, University of Missouri at Kansas City - School of Law

The July 2015 version of this paper is avaliable at this cite:



The American University Washington College of Law Pence Law Library Guide to Publishing Papers:

(this has many excellent links inside of it)


The University of Wyoming College of Law George W. Hopper Law Library Student Publication Tips:


Some "inside baseball" advice from one law school:


Common errors in English usage:


Better writing as a blogger: