IPIL seeks applicants for a student award

The Law Center’s Institute for Intellectual Property and Information Law (IPIL) desires to receive student applications for the American Intellectual Property Law Education Foundation (AIPLEF) Jan Jancin award/scholarship. The award/scholarship allows only one student submittal from the Law Center where that candidate is forwarded to the AIPLEF under recommendation by the IPIL faculty at the Law Center.

Thus, the desired submittals are for an internal assessment by IPIL faculty to determine the Law Center's sole candidate to AIPLEF. However, from the internal competition, there will be a First Award and a Second Award given to the top two submittals. Both awards will include a cash prize, and the First Award selection will be forwarded to the AIPLEF as the Jan Jancin award/scholarship candidate.

The links for the Jan Jancin award/scholarship are here and here on the AIPLA and AIPLEF websites. AIPLEF is affiliated with the AIPLA.

The internal assessment at the Law Center will consider all of the exemplary criteria described at these links, but will be limited to submittals from UHLC J.D. students.

To apply, send the items listed below to Professor Vetter at gvetter@uh.edu. Please send items in .pdf format only. Items one through three below should be separate .pdf attachments to the submitting email message.

1. resume (please include GPA and class rank)

2. one-page essay (single or 1.5 spacing, 12 point font, 300 words maximum) discussing your personal achievements in the field of IP law, including reference/discussion to applicable items listed in the exemplary criteria at the Jan Jancin award/scholarship links.

3. Complete the Jan Jancin Application Summary form posted as a link on the AIPLEF or AIPLA site here (complete as a Word document, then print/convert to .pdf).

4. in your submittal email, please give two paragraphs (but no more) describing why you are deserving of the award/scholarship

To be considered, email submittals must be delivered to Professor Vetter before 10:00 p.m. on March 30, 2020.

Should you be selected for the internal First Award, there may be some additional items required of you early in the summer to help assemble the submittal to the AIPLEF.

The Jan Jancin award/scholarship allows submittal by the Law Center of either a 1L, 2L, or current 3L. In evaluating whether to apply for the internal competition, students should be aware of that possibility. Also, students who received the First Award in the internal competition from a prior year will not be considered for any award in the internal competition this year.

For any questions about this process that you would like answered before applying, please email or phone Professor Vetter. By phone, he can be reached at his office at 713-743-3596, but if you don’t reach him there, please call his cell at 713-213-0360.


Questions from students about submittals - collected from past years

If I am a 1L, how can I show my interest in IP? Has a 1L ever been selected?
GRV, 3/15/2018
Ways for a 1L to show her interest in IP include: you are a member of IPSO; you have a 1L representative position in IPSO; you have background and experience before law school in IP (perhaps as a patent agent); you have an upcoming summer position with an IP firm or organization; you keep a student membership in HIPLA and/or the ABA and/or the AIPLA; you have attended some of the (free to students) HIPLA monthly lunches offered via IPSO. All that being said, noting that this award program began in the Spring of 2010, thus far all of the awardees have been either 2L or 3L students.
I am filling out my application for the Jan Jancin Scholarship and I was hoping to get your advice on one [of] the application fields. Under "Publications/Papers" I would like to list my paper that I am submitting to the [X, Y & Z journals]. I've just recently completed the paper and it has obviously not been selected for publication anywhere. Nevertheless, I think the fact that I have written a substantial paper on an IP issue strengthens my assertion of a genuine interest in IP and thereby strengthens my chances of being selected for the scholarship. What is your take?
GRV, 2/26/2010
It seems legitimate to me to list a paper you authored, so long as it is complete, and you should indicate that it is unpublished using the Bluebook style for citing to an unpublished manuscript. If it was written for a seminar course, that could also be annotated in the parenthetical at the end of the cite.


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