IPIL seeks applicants for a student award

The Law Center’s Institute for Intellectual Property and Information Law (IPIL) seeks student applications to determine the Law Center's sole student nominee for the Jan Jancin Competition. The Competition is operated by representatives of the Foundation for Advancement of Diversity in IP Law (the "Foundation"), formerly the American Intellectual Property Law Education Foundation (AIPLEF). The Jan Jancin Competition enables the Law Center, via IPIL, in late May, to nominate a rising 2L or a rising 3L J.D. student who is a member of "an underrepresented racial or ethnic group" to participate in the Competition. Due to the "rising 2L/3L" criteria of the Competition, the applicants during this spring semester should be 1Ls or 2Ls, not 3Ls about to graduate.

The desired student applications are for an internal competitive assessment by IPIL to determine the Law Center's sole J.D. student nominee to the Jan Jancin Competition. In making this selection, IPIL will include a local award with cash prize for recognition within the Law Center community.

The link describing the Jan Jancin Competition is here.

The internal assessment at the Law Center by IPIL will consider all of the criteria described in the application found at this link ("Click for application"), but will be limited (by the Competition rules) to submittals from UHLC J.D. students who will be rising 2Ls or rising 3Ls in late May.

To apply, send the items listed below to Professor Vetter at gvetter@uh.edu. Please send items in .pdf format only. Items one and two below should be separate .pdf attachments to the submitting email message.

1. resume (please include GPA and class rank)

2. one-page essay (single or 1.5 spacing, 12 point font, 300 words maximum) discussing your personal achievements in the field of IP law, including reference/discussion to applicable items listed in the criteria found at the link "Click for application"; NOTE: do not fill out and submit the form at this link.

3. in your submittal email, please give two paragraphs (but no more) describing why you are deserving of the award/scholarship

To be considered, email submittals must be received by Professor Vetter before 8:00 p.m. on Friday, March 10, 2023.

Should you be selected, there may be some additional items required of you early in the summer, before May 26, 2023, to help assemble the submittal to the Foundation.

If a rising 2L student wins the internal competition in a prior year, that student will not be considered for the internal competition in the current year.

For any questions about this process that you would like answered before applying, please email or phone Professor Vetter. By phone, he can be reached via his cell at 713-213-0360.