Law school students interested in The Honorable Nancy F. Atlas Intellectual Property American Inn of Court (the "Atlas IP Inn" or the "Inn")

The Atlas IP Inn desires to receive the names of students interested in membership in the Atlas IP Inn for the upcoming academic year. The Inn receives these names from Academic Representatives from the local law schools in Houston.

Inn membership for a student runs for an academic year. Thus, at the start of each fall semester, the Inn asks each school to submit student candidates.

The Atlas IP Inn is part of a national movement over the last decade to establish Inns for the community of intellectual property law attorneys. The IP Inn movement is under the auspices of the American Inns of Court, a long-standing organization that has fostered the inn of court tradition. For more information, see the links below.


Page for the Atlas IP Inn:

Page for the national American Inns of Court organization:


Atlas IP Inn Membership for Law School Students

If you are selected to be a member of the Inn, here is what you should expect during the academic year and what you should consider if you apply:

- Five evening dinner events where you would be expected to use your best efforts to attend. If you will be taking evening courses most days of the week, the Inn may not be a good fit for you. Typically, two Inn dinners are during the Fall semester, and three are during the Spring semester.

- Assignment to a pupilage group; each pupilage group has around eight to ten members; typically, two pupilage groups combine to give a presentation on an IP law topic at one of the dinner meetings.

- There are dues for membership. The student rate is: $50.00.

- A primary purpose of the Inn is to provide mentorship to less-experienced attorneys and to student members of the Inn. Thus, there are various opportunities to learn from practicing lawyers and expand your network as a student into the Houston IP community. For example, beyond networking at the dinners, the Inn holds other networking events purposefully designed to allow less-experienced attorneys and students to meet more-experienced attorneys.

- Only a limited number of slots are available to each law school. Thus, if you apply, are selected, but do not attend, you are eliminating an opportunity that could have helped another student. Such an outcome should be avoided by you and would not be viewed favorably by others.

How to Apply

Follow the instructions listed below with the representative at your school as given in the table at the bottom of this page. After collecting the names of interested students, each school’s Academic Representative (see Contact Name column in the table below) will assess the candidates and select the students who will be nominated to the Inn.


Final Deadline

Each school’s internal deadlines in advance of its deadline to submit names will be given in its respective instructions. The final deadline from the Inn for law schools to submit names is the Wednesday after Labor Day weekend.


Houston Law School Atlas IP Inn Contacts for Application Submittals or Questions

Contact Name Application Instructions per School email phone
University of Houston Law Center (UHLC)
Institute for Intellectual Property and Information Law (IPIL)
Prof. Greg R. Vetter

Please follow the instructions on the page at this link. 713-213-0360
South Texas College of Law Houston (STCLH)
Prof. Ted L. Field Please email Prof. Field requesting the form used at STCLH for Inn membership. Complete the form and return it to him. 713-646-1770
Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law
Adjunct Professor Bert Jennings Please email Prof. Jennings for information to apply.  


This page is posted and maintained by Greg R. Vetter at the UH Law Center for the good of the Atlas IP Inn; last modified on August 19, 2019