Internet Law Final Exam Page - Spring 2008

Announcements and messages about the Final Exam

May. 7, 2008

Posted here is the instruction portion and assignment portion of the final examination. The actual question portion (which is not included) is 6 pages, double spaced.

Please read this document before the exam. It specifies in particular materials that need to be printed and available for the exam.

Exam Time and Place

The exam is Thursday, May 8, 2008; 2-5 p.m., for 3 hours.

The exam room for those handwriting the exam is 215 TUII.

The exam room for those typing their exam by computer is 240 TUII.

Everyone must be in 215 TUII by 1:45 p.m. for examination distribution.

Responses to student questions relating to the exam or after the last class session

{ forthcoming, if any }

My standardized exam instructions and documents about how I evaluate exams

Here is a prototype of the exam instructions I anticipate using on the final examination. I contemplate that the ultimate exam instructions will be substantially similar to these instructions, however, I reserve the right to change these exam instructions in any way.

Here is a document about how to write answers for my exams and some information about how I evaluate these answers. There may be revisions to this document during the Spring 2008 "exam season."

"Old" exam materials from my other courses at UHLC

There are no prior exams for this course. However, the exam will be similar to the exams in IP Survey and International IP.

IP Survey Examinations

See this link.

International IP Examinations

See this link.

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