Greg R. Vetter, Univ. of Houston Law Center

Supervised Writing Opportunities
This page is for students who are interested in requesting that I supervise them in a writing project, such as for Special Research and Writing, or in relation to an LLM thesis.

In addition, this page provides my document requirements and procedures for students submitting any paper to me, whether it be for Special Research and Writing, an LLM thesis, or a seminar paper.

Please note that for the foreseeable future I am not undertaking any new supervised writing opportunities during the summer. This means that I would not start with a student during the summer, although I might continue with a student during the summer with whom I had worked during the school year.
Process to Request a Supervised Writing Opportunity

This document describes how to submit a supervised writing request to me, and what you can expect of the process.

Supervised Writing Requirements, Procedures, and Evaluation Criteria

Here is the document containing my requirements and procedures for a supervised writing project. It also describes the considerations that comprise the evaluation: Special Research and Writing, and advising (not merely reading) for an LLM thesis, both require that I provide a letter grade in the evaluation of your work.

Seminar papers may or may not follow the evaluation approach in this document - I will inform seminar students whether they apply on a class by class basis.

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