Greg R. Vetter, Univ. of Houston Law Center

Current Research Assistant Positions Available

I seek applications from students interested in working on intellectual property and computer law topics. Specifically, the likely subjects for my research over the next year or two are: (1) patent law as it relates to software; (2) free and open source software licensing and intellectual property (most particularly copyright as it applies to software); and (3) enterprise software licensing and procurement, particularly in the field of health information technology.

I am currently in need of several research assistants. Ideally, applicants are 2L who can provide some effort over the current and upcoming academic year. The intention is that there would be a continuing engagement during the applicant's 3L year. Applications from 1Ls in the Spring semester are also encouraged, with the understanding that there would be no assignments during the 1L year.

The typical arrangement for UHLC law student research assistants is to work for an hourly rate stipulated by the Law Center.

Research Assistantships

This page provides information for University of Houston Law Center (UHLC) students interested in applying for a research assistant opportunity with me.

I enjoy working with students in Directed Research engagements. I appreciate the contribution their efforts make to my scholarship. My philosophy is to make the experience beneficial for both of us. The close working relationship allows mentoring and professional acquaintance to grow beyond that of the class environment, which contributes to a mutually satisfying experience.

An overview of my practices is as follows. I typically meet with research assistants about once every several weeks. I usually provide written instructions for large projects, but provide additional requests and feedback during our meetings or via email. I often have research assistants write memoranda summarizing their research findings. Among other benefits, this allows me, if desired by the student, to evaluate the student's writing and provide feedback. This is also useful later if the student requests that I act as their recommender. To monitor the research, I supply a simple spreadsheet for students to record their research time for submittal to me. This also creates a record to meet the requirements for earning pay or credit. The research topics are seasonal - they depend on my current project and on where I am in the life-cycle of that project. At the start of a new Directed Research engagement, I supply a detailed document (around a dozen pages) describing these and other practices and procedures. I do this because it is important to me that the student have clear notice of how I would like to operate the engagement and what our joint expectations should be.

Below you will find a document describing how to apply. If you are interested, I hope that you will do so. I would enjoy the opportunity to meet you via the application process.

How to Apply and My Requirements

This document describes how to apply and the course of the application process.

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