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Intellectual Property Academic & Career Advising
This page provides information for University of Houston Law Center (UHLC) students in planning their IPIL course selection during their 2nd and 3rd years at UHLC.

In addition, this page provides resources and generally applicable input about careers in intellectual property.
IP & IL Academic Advising for Law Center Course Selection

The UHLC Intellectual Property and Information Law Institute (IPIL Institute) has academic advising materials available for students interested in Intellectual Property and Information Law at UHLC.

Here is a short summary describing student options. This one-page document is a typical IPIL academic advising memo to students.

Please note that the 2014-15 academic year has one change from the historical pattern: Patent Law is offered only in Fall 2014, and will not be offered in Spring 2015. This will be the pattern going forward. It continues to be the intention to alternate offering copyright and patent law in the evening every other year for each course in offsetting years.

Please note that the 2016-17 academic year has a change from the typical pattern: Trademark Law is offered only in Fall 2016, and will not be offered in Spring 2017.

As of March 2016, courses IPIL has requested to be scheduled for Spring 2017 include: (Day): Patent Remedies & Defenses; Privacy & Data Protection; Licening; Internet Law; IP Seminar; and (Evening): Trade Secrets; Copyright; Procedure of Patent Litigation; and Int'l IP. Please note that no one can guarantee that these will all be offered until the final Spring 2017 schedule is given in the Fall of 2016.

Here are the detailed slides from an academic advising presentation from a prior year. These four slides support two audio presentations below.

The first audio presentation (Quicktime streaming) corresponds to the first two slides. It discusses career considerations I suggest students apply to their course selection decision process.

The second audio presentation (Quicktime streaming) discusses the schedule, rhythm, structure and content of the IPIL courses typically available.

Please note that this recording was originally created in the Spring of 2008 during an era when IP Survey was regularly offered each Fall semester in both a day and evening section. Since then, starting in Fall of 2010, the evening IP Survey section is only guaranteed to be offered every other year (with Fall of 2010 an "off" year with no evening section of IP Survey). Since the Fall of 2010, IP Survey has been offered twice in many Fall semesters.

Thus, the sequencing for part‑time division students might require additional planning if IP Survey is only available every other year in evening in the fall. See:
for a posting of the fall semesters when IP Survey will be taught in the evening.

Also, the schedule of rotating patent law and copyright law in the evening on alternative spring semesters is a typical, but not guaranteed pattern. Since 2008 there have been years where copyright was instead offered in the Fall, and the same thing has happened with patent law.

Opportunities for UHLC IP Students to Join IP Professional Associations

Beyond membership in UHLC's IPSO group, I recommend that UHLC students consider membership in IP professional associations. A number of IP associations offer membership benefits to law students interested in IP at very reasonable rates.

The Houston IP Law Association,, offers student memberships.

The Honorable Nancy F. Atlas Intellectual Property American Inn of Court has student membership opportunities. For information, see this link, and this link. If you are interested in membership, please email Prof. Vetter after reviewing this link.

The American IP Law Association,, offers student memberships, and their student membership includes access to a job fair held each October.

IP Employment - discussion with a student about a stalled job search

I regularly speak to students about their IP employment search. While no two discussions are exactly alike, there are common themes. In order to capture those common themes, in the Fall of 2004 I recorded a conversation with a student who spoke with me about a stalled job search. The student gave her permission to discuss her situation hypothetically. This provided an interactive format to raise and discuss issues. My hope is that listening to this thirty-eight minute conversation will be useful for other students in a similar situation.

Here is the audio track of my discussion with the student about her particular job search.

{ other materials forthcoming }

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