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Victor Flatt           Julian C. Garcia        Brett Wells         Alfonso Lopez de la Osa     Denney Wright
                  Dwight Olds Chair in Law   Research Assistant      Professor of Law          Escribano            Professor of Practice
                     Professor of Law           Professor         Law Foundation Professor  Director, Center for U.S.
                                                                                            and Mexican Law
                                                                                            Adjunct Professor

                      Blake Hudson             Gina Warren             Tracy Hester            Sarah Morath           Elizabeth Trujillo
                   A.L. O’Quinn Chair in   George Butler Professor      Lecturer           Director, Lawyering Skills   Mary Ann & Lawerence E.
                   Environmental Studies        of Law                                         and Strategies       Faust Professor of Law
                     Professor of Law     Associate Professor of Law                       Clinical Associate Professor  Founding Director, Center
                                                                                                                   on Law and Policy for the

                In addition to its full-time faculty, Houston Law has access to preeminent adjuncts in the field, with experience in
             private industry, legal practice, and government. Together, the full time and adjunct EENR faculty maintain a breadth of
                    experience and depth of knowledge at the cutting edge of pressing environmental and energy challenges.

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