EELPJ Volume 2, No. 2

Symposium 2007:  Getting  Real About Renewable:  Economic and Environmental Barriers to Biofuels and Wind Energy


Bent Ole Gram Mortensen, International Experiences of Wind Energy

Karl R. Rábago, A Review of Barriers to Biofuel Market Development in the United States

K. Shawn Smallwood, Ph.D., Wind Power Company Compliance with Mitigation Plans in the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area

Rudolph M. Smaling, Ph.D., Environmental Barriers to Widespread Implementation of Biofuels

R. James Woolsey, Renewable Technologies, Climate Change, and the Long War: A Portfolio Strategy

Congressman Nick Lampson, Government’S Role in Promoting Renewable Energy Solutions

Recent Developments

Amy Browning, The Current State of Ballast Water Regulations

John Herbig, Technical and Legal Considerations for Bio-Fuel

Mark A. Linder, Pollution v. Preemption: Vermont and the Fight for C02 Regulation

Justin Shuff, Of Slippery Slopes and Pigs: Impacts of the Prudhoe Bay Shut-In