EELPJ Volume 1, No. 2


Ernest Smith, Wind Energy: Siting Controversies and Rights in Wind

Derek Nagel, Not Quite Off the Hook: Why There Should Be a Legislative Solution for MTBE Contamination Without a Safe Harbor for MTBE Procedures

Victoria Sutton, Wind and Wisdom


Rick Bradley, One Step in the Right Direction: An Analysis of FERC’s Reporting Requirement for Status Changes for Public Utilities with Market-Based Rate Authority

Dane c. Bruun, A Violation of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act by National Marine Fisheries Service

Emily Kennedy, Federal Regulations, Incentives, and Funding of Renewable Energy in 2006

Keith Rawlins, Gasoline Prices and the Energy Policy Act of 2005: The Decoupling of Gasoline Prices from the Price of Crude Oil