EELPJ Volume 1, No. 1

Symposium 2005: Creating Competitive Wholesale Energy Markets

Symposium Articles

Darren Bush, Introduction 

Diana L. Moss, Electricity and Market Power: Current Issues for Restructuring Markets (A Survey)

Harry First, “Market Power”: Why Are We Asking? A Comment on “Electricity And Market Power”

Robert E. Gramlich, The Role of Energy Regulation in Addressing Generation Market Power

Jess Totten, Development of Competition in Electricity in Texas

Richard D. Cudahy, Keynote Address: Elephants at Play

Peter C. Carstensen, Creating Workably Competitive Wholesale Markets in Energy: Necessary Conditions, Structure, and Conduct

Mark S. Hegedus, Points Well-Taken: Comments on Peter Carstensen’s Paper 

John C. Hilke, Comments on Peter Carstensen’s “Creating Workably Competitive Wholesale Markets in Energy” 

Karen Palmer & Dallas Burtraw, The Environmental Impacts of Electricity Restructuring: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Victor B. Flatt, What is the Best Formula to Protect the Environment in Electricity Restructuring?

Paul Hudson & Evan Rowe, Mandate & Market: Texas Electric Restructuring Act of 1999, An Environmental Case Study Six Years into Implementation

Recent Developments

Zaed M. Billah, Superconductivity: The Future of Power Transmission

Sebastian J. Filgueira, Comparative Advantage: New Alternative Fuel Vehicle Labeling Requirements

Christopher P. Porter, A Place of Temporary Safety for the “Dolphin Safe” Standard

Jason A. Richardson, Increased Scrutiny on Conservation Easement Donations: How a Crackdown on Tax Fraud by the IRS Could Impact Environmental Protection