Law Student Intern/Extern Final Evaluation

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Intern/Extern's Name:
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Attorney Supervisor:
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Prof. Erma Bonadero
100 Law Center
Houston, Texas  77204
Phone:  713-743-2531
Fax:  713-743-2097

Has the Intern/Extern's range of tasks and responsibilities changed significantly since the midterm evaluation? Comments:

Please score/rate the Intern/Extern using the following scale:

Score Rating Comments

Outstanding Performance consistently and significantly above expectations, on par with an entry level attorney.
Excellent Performance effective and strong, frequently beyond expectations.
Good Performance meets expectations, competent.
Satisfactory Performance meets minimum requirements, no evidence of particular strength or serious deficiency.
Needs Improvement Performance occasionally falls short of minimum expectations.
Unacceptable Performance consistently fails to meet minimum expectations.


Research and Analytical Skills Score =
Is the student able to bring his or her knowledge of legal principles to bear in analyzing cases? Is s/he able to recognize and properly identify legal issues in case fact patterns? Has s/he shown creativity in turning facts to legal advantage? Is s/he able to distinguish relevant from tangential issues? Is the student skilled with utilizing both computer and print resources?

Please provide comments and/or examples:


Writing Skills Score =
Does the student use proper grammar, spelling, and citation format? Does the student appreciate the differences in style among the different forms of legal writing (e.g., analytical for memoranda, argumentative/advocative for motions/pleadings)? Is the student's work well organized, concise, and clear?

Please provide comments and/or examples:


Legal Knowledge Score =
Has the student demonstrated adequate familiarity with basic concepts of applicable law and procedure? Is the student adept at grasping legal problems and at fashioning solutions to them independently? Have you seen progress in these areas? Please discuss specific examples.

Please provide comments and/or examples:


Oral/Advocacy Skills Score =
Is the student able to communicate clearly concerning legal matters? Is the student able to "think on his or her feet" and respond to extemporaneous questions? Is the student able to communicate in a manner appropriate to the particular audience (e.g., clients, supervising attorneys, staff, judges, etc.)? How would you describe his or her demeanor and efficacy in communicating in the courtroom, if applicable?

Please provide comments and/or examples:


Ethical Concerns Score =
Does the student recognize ethical problems as they arise, and deal with them appropriately? Does s/he seem properly reflective concerning the ethics of judicial decision making or practice? Has s/he properly conformed with confidentiality protocols? If applicable, is s/he able to advocate zealously on a client's behalf while operating within ethical norms?

Please provide comments and/or examples:


Professionalism Score =
Has the student demonstrated maturity, good judgment, and sensitivity in interactions with other staff, attorneys, judges, clients, etc.?

Please provide comments and/or examples:


Attitude and Work Habits Score =
Does this student seem eager to learn? Does s/he accept constructive criticism? Is s/he diligent? Have the student's attendance, punctuality, industriousness, and attention to detail been satisfactory?

Please provide comments and/or examples:


Is there any reason this student should not receive credit for the internship/externship with your office? If yes, please explain.


What advice do you have for this student regarding his/her future professional development?

Thank you for your support, supervision, and mentoring of our law student. Your candid evaluation of the student is much appreciated. Please discuss the content of this evaluation with the student before forwarding it to the Law School. Electronically sign this evaluation by entering your name in the appropriate box below.

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