Sarah Loeffler, 3L

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the Clinic. The professors challenge us and are always around to guide us. Between client interviews, home visits, and court, I have truly learned what it means to be an attorney.

Working with the clients has been a great
opportunity to work with people face-to-face. The personal interactions have allowed me to understand the complex problems in each case".

Sarah Loeffler, 3L
Civil Practice Clinic I & II, Spring and Fall 2011

Civil Practice Clinic

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Clinic Director Janet Heppard and Clinic Supervising Attorney Diane McManus.

Students in the Civil Practice Clinic work on a wide variety of civil cases, including bankruptcy, collection, landlord-tenant, divorce, domestic violence, administrative appeals, adoption, will drafting, guardianships, name changes and probate. The goal of the Civil Practice Clinic is for students to work on the types of cases they would handle in their first five years of practice.

The Civil Practice Clinic has a classroom component that meets two times a week for 1 1/2 hours over the course of the semester. The focus of the classroom component is to teach those lawyering skills that are critical to the practice of law, including professional responsibility; interviewing; counseling; fact investigation; drafting pleadings, motions, discovery and other documents; preparing for trial and trial advocacy.

The Civil Practice Clinic is a 4 unit graded course offered during the Fall and Spring semesters. Prerequisites: Good academic standing and 45 completed semester hours.

All students accepted in the Civil Practice Clinic must attend a mandatory 2 ½ day orientation held from Wednesday to Friday before the first day of school.

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“I never really understood how my law school classes actually related to practicing until I took the clinic. I got to work on a variety of cases, including areas of the law that were just starting to get litigated. Nowhere else could I work on so many different things on a daily basis.” -- Calli Baldwin, Civil Practice Clinic I and II, Fall 2011 and Spring 2012