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Scholarship at the Center for Children, Law & Policy

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A binational conference, to be held at the University of Houston and Swansea University in Wales

November 18-19, 2016

Practitioners, attorneys, advocates, researchers, and students in both Houston and in Wales will come together to discuss challenges faced by immigrant, refugee, asylee, and trafficked children and youth.

Professor Ellen Marrus will be speaking during the Best Interests session on Saturday.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) will serve as the conference's organizing framework. Conference speakers and panelists will examine how the UNCRC's human rights lens can inform practice, policy, and research impacting children who have been displaced from their home countries.


Children and the Law Blog

Children and the Law Blog's content is developed and maintained by CCLP faculty, staff, and law students serving as Irene Merker Rosenberg Scholars. Academics, attorneys, and child development specialists regularly provided guest commentary.

Averaging over thirty posts a month, CCLP's online publication is ranked in the top 1% internationally according to Technorati, the web's leading blog ranking site.

Recent Publications

The Center conducts policy research on numerous aspects of children’s rights:

Recent Symposia

The Center for Children, Law & Policy coordinates major gatherings for professionals from a variety of disciplines to closely examine important issues relating to children’s rights:

  • 15th Zealous Advocacy Conference, July 2016
  • 14th Zealous Advocacy Conference, September 2015
  • 13th Annual Zealous Advocacy Conference, May 2014
  • Healthcare in a Changing Landscape--Connecting Houstonians to Coverage, September 2013
  • 12th Annual Zealous Advocacy Conference, May 2013
    Zealous Advocacy: It's Common Sense
  • Beyond the Basics: Best Practices in Child Welfare Advocacy, October 2012
  • 11th Annual Zealous Advocacy Conference, March 2012
    Child Development and Juvenile Justice
  • Child Centered Jurisprudence And Feminist Jurisprudence: Exploring The Connections And The Tensions, November 2008
  • Achieving Quality In Indigent Defense - Proposals, Prototypes, And Policymaking, September 2008
  • Children's Defense Fund's Cradle To Prison Pipeline Texas Summit, March 2008
  • Gault: A 40-Year Retrospective: How a pivotal case has influenced juvenile jurisprudence since 1967, November 2007
  • Children And The Law After The Katrina Disaster: An Interdisciplinary Conference On Young Evacuees: How the legal system responded to the needs of thousands of displaced children
  • The Aftermath Of Roper vs. Simmons: How the constitutional arguments against death sentences for juveniles influence the juvenile justice system

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